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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ravenanon, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. ravenanon Member

    I adore DragonCon and wish I could make this into some huge post game, but I only have one parade picture of us. I looked through the net, but not much of the parade has been posted yet as well as I've not had a ton of time to hunt the net for them.

    One picture of us before the parade is here:

    We had caek after the parade. I was very hurried this year and I confess it was store bought and one anon put the LOL on it


    Carding and fliering was tougher this year. DragonCon didn't have out the amount of tables for advertisements as usual. I watched a few groups attempt to pass out info and it went over like a lead balloon. For this reason i didn't attempt it. Direct handing out of info has never really been done at Dcon.

    I do know I manged to leave about 200 cards out. I'm not sure who else did what, but I'm going to guess we still managed to get at least 500 cards out either by leaving them on the traditional advertising tables, or just dropping them here and there.

    We used the yftc traditional monopoly card and then added a some new magic cards. All the url on the magic cards redirect to yftc.



    After the parade I unbanana myself and ran around looking like this:

    We did meet several anti cult anons from around the world. Dcon attracts people from everywhere and I love meeting new Anons. I think I encountered a what is the plan anon, but I'm not sure. They sort of scurried away from me. I don't believe they made it into the parade.

    I'm sorry this is so short, but I caught the con crude and I'm still not over it. I had a blast, we got some info out, and a good time was had
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  2. Tangerine Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Very nice.
    It is very cool to meet anons from around the globe.
    I love the cards as well.
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  4. PresidentShaw Member

    Hey guys, I just had a chat with the witp anon that tried to join your protest. His version of events is that there was a WITP protest organised the same day at that parade but he was the only one who showed up. At first he thought you guys were also from witp. When he realised you were not, he says he tried to say hello multiple times but was ignored so he left.

    Smells like a misunderstanding. He's often on irc so let me know if I should send him a message. He seems like a nice person and wants to not be the lone anon near atlanta.
  5. ravenanon Member

    I can only account for the anons I was around the day of the parade. I was there early (almost first) and I only saw the anons I know from past protests. I did have people who protested else where walk up and talk to us, but they were doing other things in the parade and were not walking with us. They did not have V masks on them.

    I saw a ton of V masks at Dcon this year and I can't account for everyone running around in them :( I do know most were not us. I wore other costumes after the parade this year and so did many of the other ATLAnons.

    In regards to what he said: I do know that NO protesting is allowed at Dcon. You can drop info, but no signs or whatever. Please notice we have nothing related to protesting on us in the pics above. Furthermore, to be in the parade you must reserve the spot in advance and give them an exact number. There is no randomly showing up the day of and getting in to it. I did see the witp thread on Dcon after it occured and asked them after it what happened. I think the name I used was TheoriginalRavenanon because some one on that forum stole my RavenAnon name.

    If he had a bad time I'm very sorry, but I don't think it was from us. I did see several people dressed up as the full V in the parade, but they were not with us. Those individuals I'm guessing are much more interested in the comics and movie than scientology.

    He is more than welcome to protest the cult with us and I would enjoy meeting him. He can have my email if he wants it. I'm sorry he had a bad time, but I don't think it was us that did it to him.
  6. nucleardecay Member

    Ravenanon's bannana costume and lord xenu were pretty identifiable so I know I am speaking with the right people. Like Shaw said I was expecting to meet up with some WITP anons nearyby to where you were, and as I had never met them before it was a simple mix up.

    The idea from WITP was to leaflet the crowd for the parade. We noted that the sidewalks are public and D*Con couldn't legally stop us from doing so since we weren't going to be inside any of the private venues. Anyway when I saw your group organizing to parade, internally I was pretty annoyed as this was not what we had been planning. My response was that if you (having been mistaken for different anons) weren't going to leaflet the crowd then I would do it myself. So I left and handed out literature.

    Anyway, none of this is your fault. Its a fail on the other WITP anons for being no-shows.

    As far as participating Chanology goes, I'd come just for the socialization, but I personally just don't feel that the cult is the biggest threat to freedom so I normally focus my efforts elsewhere.
  7. nucleardecay Member

    I do know one of the full V costumed people that was in the parade quite well, and I assure you that while he might not give two whits about scientology, he is into the whole freedom thing. I suspect most people that are fans of that story are fans because they relate to the message about standing up to oppression.
  8. PresidentShaw Member

    there we go, can we all hug now?
  9. Anonymous Member


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