Downstat Ethics Megathread

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Marc Abian, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Marc Abian Member

    Downstat Ethics Megathread

    I'd like this thread to be a list of ideas and thoughts that can drive down the "stats" of individual orgs, with the express purpose of sending as many people through Ethics and the RPF as possible, or at least to require Scientology to charge them their usual exhorbiant amounts. It really is meanspirited in essence, however the irony is that it is really not us being the "meanies" here, it is the cult and their practices. I could understand if others find this immoral.

    According to some ex-Scn on the old Cosplay boards, the mail was or is the MOST important item of the individual organizations. They would forego electricity and other such bills in order to mail junk to people, since the mailings were how they counted their "members". Would it do any bad to open some PO boxes, have them send junk mail, then cut them off with a stern, appropiate letter? Would their stats go down? Would they have to pay for the priveledge of being told that they are losers?
  2. an()n Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    How 'bout submitting a bunch of phony addresses to their online sites (church and front groups)? For stuff like "free personality test brochures!!!". There are several bonuses, wastes staff time (less time for them to hurt people), zero cost to Anon but material + personnel cost to Cult, flood of "return to sender" mail would probably suck for some sort of stat.
  3. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Do they count stats online in things like ARS? If so, than it would be a lot easier to remain in our element.
  4. Marc Abian Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    They do in the Sea-Org, but that is only for specialized "internet handlers", and it works in points, with a certain necessary number of points to gain or maintain all week. Apparantally the best time to do that would be Thursday mornings with frequent mentionings of how Hubbard is a criminal or that David Mascivage (spell his name right and don't acronym with DM) is "squirreling the tech" causes them to lose points, and screws their week a little.
  5. Dagon Akujin Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    This is the most fun I've had in weeks. Going through a proxy to order a bunch of Christian churches info from them. :)

  6. nzanon Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    We need a name for Thursday like 'Caturday' to motivate everyone to come online and post comments to troll OSA and ruin their week...
  7. chanson Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread


  8. sudopod Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    *Hoists a Guinness*

  9. I Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    staturday sounds great.

    I third it.

    so considering that we know the rules for the internet teams (in another thread somewhere), on thursdays people will spread out over youtube and newsites looking for scilon comments and respond to them in a downstat-causing fashion, yes?
    maybe also have people going around threads on here and other anon places responding to any possibly suspect posts with downstatting replies.

    then they can be documented in a thread somewhere for each staturday?

    also: timezones would need to be kept an eye on.

    do we know if the stats are done at 2pm on thursdays local time, or are they centralised somewhere and so are done in a specific time zone?
  10. Anonymite Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    how about just making a subforum somewhere called 'staturday board' where we just let loose the dogs of downstatting, posting as much random dirt on mascivage and hubbard as possible? in addition to running around and trolling everywhere, of course. hell, even anonymous that don't like chanology would probably join in on this if they were asked politely to troll certain areas as much as possible.

    though, in reference to my small mascivage-blasting board, would they count something like that toward their stats?
  11. I Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    probably not.

    my understanding (which could quite easily be wrong) is that when they are sent on missions (whether it's posting on forums like this, or commenting on articles/videos etc.), the responses to their actions are assessed and the points totalled up.

    so if something a sci-agent posts on here made someone else post something bad about that loony, paranoid david miscavige and his obsession with wearing women's underwear, then they would be held at fault for the bad vibes coming from that response, and so points will be deducted (the 'logic' being, I suppose, that if they hadn't posted, or had posted 'better', then the responses wouldn't have been as 'bad').

    them reading bad things might make them need to go through more auditing or something, but it won't affect their stats I don't think.

    so the idea would be to go through all the scientology related videos and articles that you can find (so, ones posted here and on a few other places, plus your own searches if you wanted), and respond to any of the obviously (or even just possibly) scilon comments with something containing the best combo for max entheta.
    also maybe make throwaway accounts each staturday to respond saying that their obviously brainwashed state has made you want to get involved in the critic movement (IIRC that's the max point reduction).

    I mean, people go through responding to such comments and posts all the time anyway, this would give a bit more effectiveness. If more people start using good combos in their responses (remembering stuff like typing full names and whatnot) rather than just calling fail or pointing out resources like, then this would really have a big effect on the internet teams of CoS I think.

    that's just the online stuff, of course.

    as mentioned, other things could be, after having signed up for something or taken a 'personality test' (same thing) sending an angry letter/email or phoning in to have a go at them for spam and asking to be taken off their lists, threatening legal action or something.
  12. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Great idea. Its Wednesday now.

    Tell the legion about Staturday.

    So now after scaring off all the plants we need to hunt them down again.

    What I'm thinking is start a plant watch thread and whenever we find one everyone has to bust in and talk about how David Miscavige is squirreling the tech.


    We could all keep a list of links of $ci operations we've found going on but keep them private so as not to ruin the element of surprise.
    Then, every Thursday morning we share all our links in the Staturday thread and fuck shit up good.

    The second option would be more effective at DownStat creation and being really annoying BUT it could lead to $ci propaganda getting less of a shitstorm of general "stop lying" comments than it used to.

    Also this could be very confusing to the general public.

    Maybe we should have a disclaimer above all the downstat posts explaining what we are doing and why and to look at for more information on scientology ect.

    Your thoughts please
  13. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Follow the trail from to the other blogs.

    They're all OSA blogs.

    Follow the trail and say negative things about David Miscavige and L Ron Hubbard to fuck up the OSA stats. Use there full names or it doesn't count.

    Use both at once for a mega-combo.
  14. Anonymite Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread




    Should we all put in the posts "lulz, i'm in ur blogs, crashin ur statz"?
  15. Dagon Akujin Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    I suggest also putting in "We are David Miscavige's entheta."

    "Entheta" are bad problems that you bring upon yourself and deserve. This would be a way of telling people that DM is bad for them and should be SP'ed.

  16. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    I like it.

    We are David Miscavige's entheta.
  17. an()n Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

  18. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread
    Found a weak spot. Register using alternative mail account(which every Anon participating in this should have by now and hit the weak spot for massive damage!
  19. BHX Member

  20. AnonNow Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Hehe, I'm looking forward to Staturday (genius name BTW).
    This thread is getting kinda buried though, we need to get the word out more. Mods! any chance we could rename this thread to STATURDAY and get it stickied?
  21. AnonNow Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Not my work, but I like it!

    This is the thread with the stats round up in.
  22. desu Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread


    Oh hai, inverted works better on this forum.
  23. slashteegee Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread


    I'll work on it when I get home.
  24. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    I put a downstat idea on the how to use the Internet better (in this forum) and remember, do it on Thursday :mrgreen:
  25. Peter Wiggen Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    great idea, but i see a few problems.

    Don't mention that your with anon. Anon trolling will probably roll their stats back a bit, but having what appears to be the general public respond with something along the lines of

    "I was looking into your [group] and see that it has ties to scientology. Wasn't they started by a science fiction writer?"

    They should give you some general BS about how whatever group they are in is unrelated to scientology. You would then say that you've done more research and find that them lying to you is really scarry. You could also have an anono-troll show up in the middle of this and start spouting facts about DM and hubbard.
  26. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

  27. DarkL Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    DoS meaning in this instance "denial of stats". I bet we could find YouTube videos that orgs are putting out for propaganda and put these comments on them. Would that work?
  28. r3bus Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    If yer getting scilon mailings, or know someone who is, have them fill out a USPS Form 1500, and turn it in to the post office.

    While intended for unwanted adult oriented mailings, it's up to the person who filled out the form to decide it is offensive, not the PO. They MUST take it, and notify the Co$.

    If the Co$ is stupid enough to send out more mailings to the same person, forward the violation to the Post Office, and the USPS will go after them. There are penalties involved.

  29. AnonNow Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Get posting Anon!
  30. Unlisted Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Gmail does not like Tor :( does Tor even work with 56.6? (I don't have that but omg I would grow a beard waiting)
  31. DarkL Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    I sent a couple mails, one to the Cult Awareness Network (that was rather long winded but definitely a downstat on it own) and to the CCHR. Just under the wire, I think.

    EDIT: I just got a notice from Yahoo that it couldn't deliver my message to, but I had cc'd it to the webmaster as well.
  32. chesirecat Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Ok, I spread some enturbulated comments on blogs.
    Staturday feels great.

  33. Lizardcoolz Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Apparantly the Scilons are getting their weekly lulz delivery, they were running low on them. Should restock on them more on those blogs, lulzs are running quite low there.
  34. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Apparently, there is someone out there who posts responses with OT-whatever material for the Scilons to read when they're responding. It would be funny to post something from OT VIII everytime. LOL

    (Or when we get our hands on OT IX, that stuff!)
  35. LordXenu.Net Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Even better sign up government agencies for there stuff, I am sure the FBI/CIA/ATF/DEA/MI6/DOD/White House/IRS/MI5/Local Police Department/Mayors Office/What Ever Other Government Agencies You Can Think Of/ would be greatly amused to get there stuff, also you could send them to fabricated addresses and they would get there stuff back with "Address Unknown" stickers on them, also get the addresses of abandoned buildings as well, that should prove pretty lulzy when they get there stuff returned to them WITH NO REFUND. (where have i heard that before? oh yeah, it's on the papers you sign when your turning over your bank accounts to them! i knew that sounded familiar!)
  36. An0nand0n Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    OCMB gives you... Operation Brickroll

    To summarise:

    1. Get Co$ junkmail
    2. Parcel up bricks, rocks, psychology textbooks, old junk, any heavy shit you don't want.
    3. Attach postage paid envelopes to parcels (see
    4. ?????
    5. Profit!

    Legal in the US, don't know about the UK. The post offices' freepost service contract doesn't specifically forbid it. Also I've never been on the receiving end of UK clam spam so I don't know if they use freepost or not.

    In the UK, assuming they get the cheapest deal from the post office, this is going to cost them £3.85 (about $7.70) per kg. A clay brick weighs about 2.5-3 kg. Breeze blocks weigh more. Even if you have to buy bricks they're only about 20p each from most big DIY shops. Parcel with 4 bricks in it? £15 ($30) they won't be sending to Davey.

    TL:DR? Mail them bricks they have to pay postage for.
  37. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    Staturday >9000
    April 9th

    Step 1. Go to a site OSA uses for their stats

    Scilon Users:
    Jefferson P. Clark
    John Wood
    Dave Stone
    Matthias Fosse

    Step 2. Produce more negative comments than they can handle
    • The Church of Scientology wants to make this battle about Anonymous. Do not let them. This is also not about dianetics, this is about scientology's crimes.
      The Church of Scientology has much to answer for. We do not.

    • Have fun, just troll :p
    Step 3. PROFIT
    Spread The Word!
    Original Downstat thread:

    Discuss Operation Staturday >9000 Here:
  38. Re: Downstat Ethics Megathread

    It looks like you're missing some of the ARS $cilon sockpuppets, like "Angela Gupta," and the open defenders of Co$, like Barbara Schwarz (and all her many sockpuppets). Someone familiar with that group should compile a list of the people who post boilerplate anti-psych screeds, which should be quite numerous today. I don't claim to be in the ARS Central Committee (there is no ARSCC), but I do claim to be in the Cabal Obsidian Order (TINCOO), so I might do the job if an ARS regular doesn't volunteer. That might take a while, though. I have other COO business to attend to right now.

    Also, would the mikebert you name be this fellow?

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