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Discussion in 'Iran' started by littlejinn, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. littlejinn Member

    I'm not sure if this will work, but these links are set to refresh Iranian ministry sites every second. Everyone click on these links and keep them open. It should at least slow things down, if not cause a DoS. Someone with more technical expertise please let me know.
  2. Good! Hit them basterds!

  3. Anyone know Joomla?

    I noticed one of the sites on the list uses Joomla ( Problem is, I don't quite know what Joomla is let alone how to use its bajillion security flaws to actual do something amusing. Any suggestions?

    P.S. I read here ( that the page rebooter site is down due to costs - makes sense, they were getting DOSed every time any site in Iran was.
  4. Anondelivers Member

    In (D)DoS centralization means everything, you won't do any harm with 10 people refreshing their page.
  5. Member

    You're not DDoSing the Government

    You're DDoSing ALL OF IRAN

    This includes THE PROTESTERS's already limited NETWORK CONNECTION

    Want to help? Use your brain and perform a more precise, clever hack then taking out the entire Iranian network
  6. ARC Member

    your are slowing down internet into Iran. Please don't do that. If you must DDoS, do it from inside Iran but be careful.
  7. his0 Member

    We've been DDosing for 3 days now, doesn't seem to harm the iranian twitterers, however most the governement websites were down yesterday in the afternoon, I think we should continue, check this out :
  8. DDoS only harm te targets

    I don't think that the bandwidth we need to take down a few sites is relevant compared to the available bandwidth of irans backbone uplinks .. further opinions?
  9. his0 Member

  10. lonestar Member

    Please dont make anything stupid which could lead to a backfire!

  11. his0 Member

    As I said... we've been DDOSing for a couple of days without harming the iranian users, they even ask us to continue.
  12. Member

    Did they specifically ask for a DDoS? All the twits i've seen asked for "hacks".

    Also, the fact that one requests for something does not mean they know what they're asking for.
  13. Add more to that list!

    Add two more site to the list that has to be shut down.
    One is
    and also
    these are mothpieces of Ahmaghinejad.
  14. his0 Member

    also DoS IRIB - all hacks IRIB - #Iranelection

    Here's one from the most known iranian twitterer, you can find a few more. This was posted about 10 hours ago, considering that he wrote about 20 messages since, I think it doesn't harm them very much.

    Besides, most of the gvt websites were taken down yesterday with no repercussions on iranian user, this is why i support DDOS.
  15. Blue Goo Member


    This is what happens when people that know nothing about Iran try to get involved.

    By attacking these gov sites you are HURTING the protesters cause. Now the gov can say that they are fighting against foreign interference and that Mousavi is being supported by western hackers trying to undermine the Iranian democracy blah blah.

    Foreign intervention is a massive issue in Iran, since the colonial days Iranian leaders have always justified their authoritarian rule by saying that strong leadership is necessary in order to fight the western powers that are trying to reconquer them.
  17. See, I like this. This sounds good. DoS a server without using bandwidth.
  18. Call the Guardian Council and show them your support for the democratic process in Iran : 00982166401171

    Do not call if you are inside Iran!
  19. I agree... the little use over networks and communication they have (the protestors) should be protected at all costs
  20. I don't take marching orders from some baby boomer dipshit on DailyKos or anyone else.

    If you want to do something a little deeper than DDOS (and shutting down their propaganda arm is a great tactic, IMO) I'd suggest focus your attacks on the Ministry of Interior and Basij servers. Grab text files, if one ends up being a list of plainclothes or undercover cops or informants, that would EPIC.
  21. I got tweets from sources inside Iran about constant outages of the internets. To many people are using the shitty multiframe DDos and its starting to melt their net, not just the iran govt sites, lol.
  22. his0 Member

    Actually the governement lost all of it's legitimacy when they started repressing then shooting at the protesters, also the foreign influence argument was so much overused in Iran since the islamic revolution that it lost most of it's credibility, people won't be fooled anymore.
    Last but not least, I won't be sitting in my armchair trolling this forum while a revolution is going on, I want to do my part, so I'm being creative and I try to consider all the possibilities to help the iranians.
    So far DDOSing seems harmless to them but effective against the gvt, so I'm supporting it, give a proof that I'm wrong and I will reconsider my opinion.
    And btw if you know so much about iran (which i doubt), try to come up with something instead of just criticising.
  23. Is there middle ground?

    I didn't seem to have much trouble looking at most of the sites on the list yesterday - except for Fars News - so in my highly uninformed opinion I didn't feel like either the country's bandwidth or the sites themselves were under much real stress. (I don't think I was just accessing some local cache at the cable company either, because I was playing around with script parameters trying to learn Joomla)

    But my question is: does simply a mass look-and-see, something far short of an effective DDOS attack, have positive effects? For example, all that traffic probably gives more room for encrypted connections to hide in. All the hits on those sites means it ought to be harder for the operators to spot the one person who might actually hack in and find out something that incriminates the regime. All the harried computer professionals trying to keep the network up are not available to do traffic analysis and track down IP addresses. Isn't all that useful for something?
  24. Yes but it's not politically correct to say so. The uninformed (rightly) tend to associate DDOS attacks with cheap vandalism and script kiddies.

    Blind DDOS sprayed in the general direction of any available target is clumsy and pointless but it can be a useful tool.
  25. Don't believe everything Austin Heap tells you since he a) has become the public face of this and b) owns a business. Iran's internet isn't "melting down." It's not a DDOS issue, they have 2 out of 3 backbone routers out of service and the last one is heavily filtered. The bandwidth issue isn't DDOS coming in from the outside but aggressive traffic shaping by the gov't.

    Besides the Iran gov't DDOS'ed this site, the gloves are off now.
  26. qft. Do not ddos!
  27. Stop the DDoS attacks you morons, you slow the entire internet down over there, and it's spotty enough as it is.
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