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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dominus75, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Pardon my lack of knowledge -So, pedo's still "safe" as i can see. Well, the bright ones. Kudos sick MOFOs.
    Surprised to be backheeled over not only content but structure. Well, lack of it. Any tips where I'll find some on metasploit, Kali etc? I'll trade and share my shit of course. Experienced in Ubuntu 10-16.04 but Kali Tools I'm like a six.
    (Oh shutityouknowitvhscale)
    I have been loyal to our principals, for several years now. but today I must beg of you:
    Look at the CPS (Child protective Services) under the Social Services of Norway. The Government is kidnapping our children every day. Look up the word, 'cause I sure as hell have.
    YES, some of these youth and children might be in need for help and intervention. But look at foreign press, and Norways 9 cases in Strasbourg for only the LAST YEAR. No other country is close. And we are about 4.6 million people here. WHAT THE FUCK?
    I'd appreciate any help regarding Dark Web. The CPS will be OK! :)

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