Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Radioactive, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Radioactive Member

    Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I think it would be a better for Anonymous to not just to keep turning up on Scientology's doorstep and go to other areas to try and win the hearts and minds of the local community.

    Door to door or general leafleting campaigns in areas where Scientology centres aren't yet based and Anonymous "strongholds" could boost moral and help Anonymous' reputation.
  2. Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Bad idea is Bad.

    Getting the message out is good, but :

    1) Most people I know just throw away the bunk/junk mail/leaflets that arrive at the door.

    2) When someone comes knocking at your door with their political cause du jour, is it not just about everybody's response to think "Hmm. Someone else looking for money. Time to suddenly develop a reason to close the door on them!"?
  3. Nekromantik Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    "Anonymous strongholds," eh? And, where exactly would *those* be?????

    And, in-person leafleting isn't exactly Anonymous, now, is it?

    Wait! What's that I smell? Oh, sorry, it seems to be growing from a seed...
  4. Rotanee Member

    I am moving this to General Activism.
  5. Radioactive Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    In places where people know that Scientology is dangerous. Closely knitted communities tend to be the best places.
  6. Apalled Member

    ok, good luck with that.
  7. alsocake Member

    Door-to-door solicitation is a bad way to go. Unless you are also bearing girl scout cookies.
  8. a-non-lawyer Member

    As a general proposition, this probably isn't such a great idea.

    That said, there may be certain areas where this is more relevant. As others have suggested, areas where Scientology is well known might be more amenable to this. Separately, if you're thinking of doing this in average, Suburbia, USA, you probably need something more than "Scientology is bad" to be a positive influence. As I've suggested in other threads, the influence of Scientology in schools (particularly if you can document it in your area) is a real and salient concern to local people. That's something worth notifying people about; and you can hope that they will contact their local school boards and other local politicians to put a stop to it.

    But just running door to door to highlight concerns about what (for most) is a distant organization is probably of minimal benfit, at best.
  9. MarkSherman Member

    I think we should organize a day to hand out fliers everywhere, not just in front of Scientology centers. Like groups 3-4 Anons at bus stations, malls, subways handing out fliers. Probably won't generate the same amount of media attention but might get more fliers out there cause you'll have more foot traffic than in front of Co$'s.
  10. 2Ke Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I'm confused as to why this would be a bad idea...

    First off, Jehovah's Witnesses do it every day. And sure, they get a lot of doors slammed in their faces, but it's the one or two people that invite them into their homes that make the day worthwhile.

    Second, it would be a great way to raise awareness to the general public. Driving past 25 people in masks holding picket signs (as per our last campaign here in Milwaukee) is interesting to the common driver, but odds are they will forget they saw it five minutes down the line, and the odds are even greater that they won't remember the website name we had on our signs. By going door-to-door, you can leave a leaflet regardless of if there is no answer, or if they slam the door in your face before you have a chance to introduce yourself. And, if they invite you in, you've got a good chance they want to listen to what you've got to say.

    Now, if anyone is considering door-to-door these are my recommendations:

    - Go in groups of 2, preferrably one of you with a camera. 2 is a safe number, and is not so large that people will be intimidated when you're at their doorstep. We're spreading knowledge, not singing Christmas carols.

    - Do NOT wear masks. I'd recommend wearing a pair of nice sunglasses, a nice hat (the type your grandpappy wears to Sunday services), and nice clothing. Appear as though you're a friendly, non-threatening person, not as someone who would rob the people. If invited into the house, it would most likely be safe to remove your sunglasses and hat, but be cautious if they suddenly pull out a camera and try to take pics of your face. Bad luck would be bad in that circumstance.

    - If invited into a home, ASK PERMISSION before filming. Remember, you want to come off as non-threatening as possible, not as someone who's casing the joint for a midnight robbery. Ask politely if you may record your conversation for potential use in aiding the cause. If they say no, then don't insist. You've got two of you there, so if they tried to pull something odds are one of you would escape alive to tell the tale.

    - In the case of elderly folks, it might be a good idea to bring some more in-depth literature or even a DVD with informational videos on it. A flier with websites doesn't do much good if the folks don't have a computer. Compile a small packet of articles that are pertinent and good, the types of things that would frighten grannies, so that they don't join the cult should they be asked. (A bit off-topic, but one of my poker buddies told me that his grandmother joined Scientology a few years back, and shortly afterwards developed a cancerous infection on her lip. The Scientologists kept her from seeing a doctor, and what was initally a very treatable ailment killed her a few months later. It made me realize more than ever that the elderly are especially vulnerable to the cult, because they have money and they are often a bit more... I hate to say it, but gullible than us younger folk.)

    Sorry about long post, but I'd had this idea of door-to-door protesting a while back, and I don't think it should be shot down so quickly. A few years back I did a "Cheesecake Fundraiser" for my high school. I'm not a small guy at all, in fact I was the biggest fella in my Junior-year class, but after only going door-to-door across four blocks I managed to take second place for the most cheesecakes sold for the fundraiser. Don't deny the power of door-to-door... as long as you come off as a friendly-looking person and don't get discouraged after a few door slams, you can do quite a bit.
  11. not2old2bitch Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I googled grandpappy. last mention was 1953. Farmer's Almanac. "Beetles or Beets? Who will win ultimate smackdown?"

    it would be comical, if the poster wasn't serious.

    dome - d - dome-dome dome?
  12. 2Ke Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I fail to see the humor here... why would you request to dome this when I'm actually attempting to give some insight on an idea I've been mulling over for a while? The only reason I bumped this old topic is because my Search button is not broken.

    So, kindly, either meaningfully contribute or GTFO.

    Edit: Much appreciate the moving to the Think Tank, unknown Mod. :fuckyou:
  13. not2old2bitch Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    here's my meaningful contribution, just for the hell of it.

    Suggesting people throw their anonymity away because jehova's go door to door and you did really well in a bake off makes no sense.

    Anyone that suggests people remove their masks, operate in pairs, enter strange people's homes and once in these strangers homes remove what remaining cover you suggest they wear is lacking any sense of self preservation or is an out of touch, older than dirt, and extremely miserable OSA-troll. Well to me at least.
  14. kyranon Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?


    OP is a scilon. Thunderdome this.
  15. kyranon Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Here's my meaningful contribution - the idea is BAD.
  16. PFD Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Aussiefag here:

    In general, door to door works to spread awareness and gather support HOWEVER!

    In australia atleast, you shouldn't get start randomly doing this sort of thing. Why? People use to not mind when it was say a charity like the Red Cross etc, some get annoyed about being bug for money but generally respect what volunteers are doing. Then some pricks decided to pretend to be charities to scam money out of folks. So now, if you were to rock up at the door as the Red Cross, Guide Dogs etc, the only time the public really trust it's you is when it's been advertised as "THIS IS THE REAL GUYS THIS WEEK! Look at their badge ids " etc. Even then they'll ask if you're for real (btw, I've done alot of door-to-door fundraisers for a variety of charities so yes, people do question what the hell you're doing) as the government had a 'big don't trust those knocking at your door about a cause too quickly' message go out at one stage.

    So people aren't open their doors to well known charities these days, there's no way they'd open their doors to some people in masks. So without masks you would seem more approachable but then we miss the point of being anonymous.

    So at present time, I think you're better off fliering in public spaces than going to homes.
  17. 2Ke Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    How are you throwing your anonymity away? Simply because you have to remove your mask if you enter someone's home to speak with them?

    In fairness, I didn't mention another important tip: don't flier neighborhoods that you live in or incredibly near to. As in, don't ask to go into homes of those who might recognize you. If you're somewhere that you don't live then it's extremely unlikely you'll be recognized by anyone unless you're some sort of public figurehead. You would be in monumentally less danger than maskless anons at protests would be, because your face isn't ending up on Youtube for millions to see, and you would only have to remove sunglasses & hat for peoples homes you enter. And who said you have to give a real name either? Call yourself John Smith if they ask.

    ALSO, if you so choose, why not simply forego the entire knocking on their door part. Simply go door to door and stick a flier in their screen door, or drop it in their mailbox. Personally I'm much more likely to look at something that's been stuck to my door (that doesn't immediately come off as an advertisement/coupon booklet), and how often do you see people handing out fliers on the street that the person its handed to simply tosses it into the nearest waste bin? At least with door to door you're putting the flier at the persons disposal at their home, where they are free to peruse at their leisure and they don't have to stop to read it especially if they're in a hurry. And how much easier would it be to browse one of the websites than if you're already near a computer?

    Look, I apologize that you feel so strongly against my idea. If you don't like it, that's totally fine and I don't mind you arguing against it. But I really, really do not appreciate these attacks against me. I've been to the last two protests, I've been trying to contribute as much as I can to this movement, but being told that I'm an OSA plant or that I'm "out of touch" is really frustrating.


    Thank you for a meaningful and contributing comment. I would say in that case you still shouldn't have much of a problem doing door to door, but either don't expect many (if any) to answer their door or be very welcoming, or else simply place the fliers without knocking. My original thought on the whole fliering idea had the entire knocking thing as a more... side note, as it was. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on it early on. I think if you knock and people welcome you in to talk it's a much more personal, easy way to communicate with them so they understand where you and Anonymous are coming from. But honestly, if you don't want to you don't have to. The whole idea with fliering homes is a) they're more likely to read since they've got time and are at home, not on a busy street/sidewalk and b) their computer is easily accessible (see: right next to them, probably) so they can hit websites right away. A person might shy away from two strangers at their door, but they won't mind a piece of paper in their screen door. Keep in mind door to door also leaves no evidence or address, unlike mailing stuff.

    Also, I didn't say you should walk around maskless, I said you should wear something like sunglasses and a fedora. I attended the April protest with a baseball cap and sunglasses, and for a while I was the balls of steel anon for having the least covering on my face, but I had no problem keeping my ID hidden. People do it in casinos all the time. But if you're walking around with a Guy Fawkes mask or a ski mask on, people will be much, much less likely to consider your intentions pure.

    You know, I suppose the biggest reason I even thought of this was because in Milwaukee our protest location has literally no foot traffic. We managed to hand out a total of -maybe- five fliers the whole time, and three of those fliers went to little kids who biked past us and probably had no idea what we were doing. When people drive past a picket they may honk in support, but what are the odds they'll remember that website on your sign and then punch it up when they get home? A flier at their doorstep would give them the ability to research our cause immediately.
  18. PFD Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Yeah fair enough, I wasn't expecting anyone meant going maskless meant not to wear *anything* to cover up ie sunnies. Though like you said, sunnies and fedora bam! you're pretty damn covered, + it would be good as the public when they see us the media will pick up on that "image". Even though some are a tad scared of anonymous due to the masks etc, it's better to have something that's becoming familiar and they can recall later instead of forgetting entirely XD So if you hitting your 'hood up, maybe suit up, much better than looking like randoms in your usual casual attire. The sooner a curious neighbour can associate you with something- positive or negative pov- atleast it gives them abit of clarity and overall calm that you aren't a completely strange and foreign character to them, then just work it from there.

    Personally, my local chapter has been doing 'letter drops' around suburbs closest to our Org for a few months now. We made "neighbourhood cult' fliers, and left them in their post boxes, if they didn't have one, they missed out (just so we knew the fliers were 'protected' instead of sitting somewhere it could get blown away/rained/accidentally become litter etc).

    Though when we approach homes were the owner was outside and looked grumpy etc we just let them be. We figured they've probably seen us up the street, know we're just fliering the neighbourhood and the evil look they give us is a FUCK OFF- I DONT WANT YOUR MAIL! look :p So in and out quickly, the fliers are very word heavy so really chatting to anyone isn't needed. If they want more, the protest dates + URLS are there for them to refer too.
  19. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I think I've been reaching just as many people by posting youfoundthecards in the local grocery stores and book stores. The websites tell all, you don't have to sit on someone's sofa. Every few days I go to a different store and most every single card I've put on the bulletin boards is gone the next time Im there. Its bad enough everyone gets scads of junk mail and sales calls during dinner, but what people hate most of all is having their homes invaded.
  20. D... Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Door to door is annoying. Nobody likes people coming to their door and trying to push shit on you. Bad idea.
  21. kyranon Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I'm sorry anonymous, you don't get to tell me when to leave a thread. I'm sorry you don't like my opinion, but I hate to tell you - must of America has the same opinion. Unless you are selling girl scout cookies - get the HELL off my lawn.
  22. highoverlord Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    hes right man. i rember how i treat mormons and the witness people i answer the door in my boxers with a huge erection if all possable........ and blame moring w00d
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Don't go door to door, that is fucking annoying, and wont do any good.

    Hell, I would get pissed if an anon showed up on my doorstep yappin on about anon and scientology, it's just in poor style.
  24. kyranon Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Exactly. I don't like the shit in my email, I dont like the shit in my snail mail, and I sure as hell dont want the shit on my doorstep.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Bad idea is bad.

    This would greatly detract from the overall mysteriousness of anonymous, as well as generally pissing everyone off.
  26. Kilia Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

  27. churchlady Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    This is the most stupid idea I've heard in a looooong time. Let's say we drop by scilon's neighbors in the strip mall, etc. What the heck are they supposed to do about it? Knock on random doors in our own neighborhood? Do we want to give anon a bad name?

    Be patient. The World of News will catch on, look at TMZ and the National Enquirer, they're catching on with our former buddy Will Smith. What a different world it will be 6 months or a year from now.

    In the meantime, talk to your friends and family, do flash raids, and hold on to your hats.:woot:
  28. timthephoto Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    my 2 cents says, it's only worth leafleting and trying to shit stir concerned parents etc up where there is
    direct local involvement (LIKE NARCONON)
    see my other rant

    anon should consider this leafleting very carefully - as was said much^^ above, Local Issues to Bring the big issues Home.
    Nothing is gonna concern the good citizens like Public Funds & Cults Getting theirs
    leaflets & posts in local community websites -To know them is to feel outrage, just make sure everyone knows.

    nice easy regional URL's for fliers, enturbulating html (auto) Page Names for posting
    now we just need some data... = Anon Intel - Scientrollogy Div: NARCONON - Calling Research Anon Board Top = Canada NARCONON - Public Money Goes into Scientology Cult sub forum = USA NARCONON - Public Money Goes into Scientology Mind Control Cult sub forum = Europe - NARCONON - Public Money Goes into Mind Control Cult sub forum = Australia NZ S. Pacific NARCONON - Public Money Goes into Mind Control Cult

    when it's done, a flyer should always carry "you have only been given this leaflet *because* there is an issue very local, on the web-site. If you live in this town it should concern you - this town is listed" because it be true, no anon is gonna give out leaflets before *making sure* that the entry for the locale will have an effect. is she/he?
  29. MellowDee Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    I had put a huge banner on the front of my house (it spanned the entire length of my house) that said www. xenu .net on it. I live on a fairly busy street and thought it was a fab idea. But then I got fair gamed at a protest and got scared took that shit down coffeetalk_verysad.gif
  30. Anondelivers Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    We could leaflet the scientologists at their homes? With info on how to escape the cult and help if need be?
  31. Happy Cat Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?


    Neat as that would be, there's a 99.99% chance they'd tell you to GTFO. It could also be construed as harassment.
  32. churchlady Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    We don't want them to come to our houses, and we shouldn't go to their houses.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I didn't make that up.
  33. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Please dear heart, OP use your energy in flash raids or writing postcards.

    Two words on door to door: Dog curtains.

    On to fliers: Do you read all the stuff people leave--menus, carpet cleaning ads, coupons for tree trimming? I dont I throw it out. WASTE OF TREES! If you leave it on my car, I may call you up and explain the municipal codes involved before I throw it out. But then again I have a lot of spare time.

    Please go to the post card threads and maill some cards to the folks locked inside Gold.
  34. Randomness Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    Keep it simple and stop overcomplicated.

    Knock on the door.

    "Hi, we thought you would need this information but didn't want to just drop it in your letterbox"

    *Hands it over*

    "Feel free to have a read whenever you have a free moment"

    *Leave or answer questions*


    Nonconfrontational, not intrusive, not offensive and will get a better response.

    Also takes less time than talking to EVERYONE.
  35. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Door to Door Leafleting and other Campaigning?

    In WNY, what we do for monthlies is split off some people to flier the local area.

    Also, flier raids wherever they happen to operate, or may operate (College Campuses, Main Areas/Squares, etc).

    Door to door is bad. At least here.


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