Do the Scientology members decide who to recruit?

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by TheHuman, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. TheHuman Member

    I walked pass these red tables from them twice...
    at first they just looked at me, I smiled and they did not talk to me, they just looked after me.
    The second time (I was alone then), they wanted me to make a "special" personality test, cause they could somehow tell that I am not like the other people.
    After a few questions they just wanted me to leave...WTF?!?
    I did not act irregular or something.
    The woman wrote down something strange and really forced me to go away from them.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Yes, they use the "personality test" (as if something so unquantifiable as a personality could be subjected to a test) as a recruitment tool. You might have given a response that made you not qualified in some way.
  3. TheHuman Member

    Yea, I think I know what it was..
    they asked me for angry persons I know, I said no.
    Any stress in life? yes, but I can calm it down.

    Althought I remained smiling even if they were trying to force me into another mindstate^^

    This should be a guide to everyone, who takes those tests...
    I was very critic and waited 3-4 seconds before answering.
    they also try to interrupt you and tell you things to have control over you. (I love psychology hahaha)
  4. Anonymous Member

    If you make them wait for answers, they call this a "comm (communication) lag", and are taught that people who take longer to answer are less intelligent than those who quickly respond.

    If you were critical, you definitely pissed them off :)
  5. TheHuman Member

    Okay, haha
    But I think I should go there with a couple people and "try out" some questions and take notices.
    The strange thing is: there are these people who visit you at home, asking if you love god and such thing, right?
    these don't come to my house anymore since that...
  6. Anonymous Member

    Hmm. Good idea, but better you send someone else and stay behind, as they will remember you. Ask the volunteer to take an audio or hidden video recorder to document the encounter. Post to YouTube, link to here = LULZ :)

    No, Scientologists don't worship a god, though sometimes they will claim to do so, to seem respectable (if ignorant).

    This is what Scientologists actually believe:
  7. TheHuman Member

    I don't think it's exactly like that, but lol..
    I don't think that "intelligent" people would have ever been wanted by Scientology,
    if people believe that there was "Xenu" they would be so dumb...
    okay you CAN put it into another story or "implant" it into peoples brains (I think they actually do this)
    by telling that all the time...

    BTW: Scientology uses the same torturing techniques as governments did and do to create "unwitting assassins" to make their own "zombie army" how I call it.

    how can I talk in personal here?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Hard for a sane person to believe, but nonetheless, true. Run a Google search on "OT III".

    It's a common misconception that intelligent folk can't be absorbed by a cult. This is just not factual.

    Well, what there is not enough room for here, is for me to explain all the bullshit that Scientologists are expected to swallow PRIOR to being given the central tenet of the "faith". Google, as above.

    Hmm. If Scientology were ever used to make an assassin, that killer would be totally witting and willing, at least as far as s/he was concerned. This is the nature of the brainwashing they employ.

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