DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

Discussion in 'Media' started by Mark Cabian, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. TrevAnon Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    According to Peter Schilte, a long-time Dutch critic of COS, RR is Michel Snoeck. Roadrunner however denies that (or he doesn't, or he does, or... whatever). There are numerous posts on ARS in which the two fight over this subject. It is quite amusing.

    Snoeck has a website, of which a part is devoted to Scientology.

    Scientology Research Project Index
  2. Kilia Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    DM is still an asshole and always will be!
  3. DeathHamster Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Might want to proxy condom first.

    Roadrunner has used loads of other aliases on ARS over the years, such as Spacetraveler. He never has anything new to say, so I don't see why anyone bothers to match him post for post. A killfile works fine.
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    As long as there's even one Anon outside protesting, that is false. OTs should be able to postulate SPs away, but obviously can't. Complete fail.

    If you're trolling, 3/10. If not, just STFU&DIAF before procreating.
  5. Random guy Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Actually, is has gone out of faschion already. Things that are in fashion are spread by word-of-mouth - not by overproduced glossy publications, they are driven by enthusiasm - not duty, they attract the up and comming - not the over-the-tops. Whan a movement take to celebrate it's own aniversaries, it has generally passed it's "best before" date. Scientology has no hope in Hades of being the next "hot thing", that boat sailed somewhere in the 80's or even before that.

    How long it will take before the cult has to pack up and call it a day is anyones guess. They are however helped on their way to the grave by gross incompetence at the top. No organisation has the economic backbone to spend and spend without end. Sooner or later they will have to rein in expenses.
  6. OTBT Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Here, let me kindly give you an incomprehensible headache:

    The Real Story of L. Ron Hubbard. - alt.religion.scientology

    This ^ is why mods are needed on WWP.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    And that's why reading ARS requires ruthless killfiling of people who are unable to stop feeding the trolls.
  8. xenubarb Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    I bet it's a better mask than you or I could make out of paper mache!
  9. AbstraK Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    DM, you discust me.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    I suspect that there will still be something called the Church of Scientology around in 100 years. It will just be a declawed, toothless, gibbed cat that is a shadow of its former self. There is just too much money and they own too much real estate for them to wind down very quickly.

    I'd compare the cult now to Christian Science in the decades after its inception. The group expanded very aggressively, spreading a bizarre blend of Christianity and hostility to medicine, which made some minor sense at the time, since like psychiatry at the time of the founding of Scientology, medicine was pretty touch-and-go and many people felt it was nearly as dangerous to go to a doctor as to suffer in silence.

    Now, with medicine obviously highly effective, Christian Science is irrelevant. As psychiatry becomes highly effective as well, that part of Scientology will appear kookier and kookier. But you still see Christian Science Reading Rooms in most major and many smaller cities. You just don't see very many people in them. They don't have to turn a profit, really.

    Similarly, the cult can afford to maintain the Class V orgs indefinitely, even if they're virtually empty. Remember that if they just snag one millionaire every couple years and drain them of their money, they can stay in operation. Even with no income at all, the central cult could probably keep most of these in operation just on interest on money they already have.

    The only way I see a collapse happening is if either the dwarf actually directly sets it off by some particularly insane action, which is possible. He's ramping up the crazy. Another would be if the dwarf got deposed and there were a particularly ugly civil war over control of the cult. That would be fun to watch, unless it ended up with something shitty like Ratbomb in control.

    Part of winning any long-term game is setting reasonable victory conditions. Just eliminating the minor chance of Scientology ever becoming a mainstream religion of any sort is victory IMO. And Internet moralfags getting some practice at actually defanging an enemy of Internet freedom will be useful for future efforts. Cause let's face it, the Scientology cult is the Glass Joe of these fights. The future ones will be much uglier and more fun.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Year 2000, Enron International Staff-22,000 Revenue 101 billion dollars

    Year 2001, Enron International Staff/Revenue.... not so much.

    Once a pattern of aggregious fraud and greed has been sufficiently exposed, assets beyond scientology's wildest wet dreams can vaporise overnight. It's only a matter of the rats realizing beyond all doubt that the ship is sinking whereupon they line their pockets with whatever they can before disappearing into the night.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Not so minor difference: The Church of Scientology is not and has never been listed on any major stock exchange. There are no bonds issued by them and rated by major investment consulting firms. It was ultimately the downgrade of Enron's bonds by Moody's and Fitch that hurt their stock and pretty much nuked the company in a two to three month period. In contrast, the CoS is about as private as they come, and that gives them a lot more freedom than companies that have shareholders to hold their feet to the fire. They're in danger at their rate of real estate expansion, but even in the worst case, they're not going to implode like Enron. That said, any organization that weren't run by insane gerbils would have sold or shuttered most of their buildings or tried to get tenants, instead of building new. Businesses in dire straits look at each of their least profitable locations and KIWF, focusing their remaining efforts where they are strongest and where they have a greatest chance of maintaining or gaining share. Of course, to do so would go against the KSW ethos(?). I guess ethos is the best word, though there's almost nothing ethical about their leadership from LRH to now.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    OTBT, I can truly say I wasn't trying to troll you (or anyone) and that viewpoints I've stated - in sum, that Anonymous has not been all the effective and that the CoS is far from keeling over - are truly my honest viewpoints as a critic of scientology (anti-tech and anti-CoS). Yet I must admit I'm amused by your incessant need to categorize me as a scilon because I verbalize an opinion that angers you.

    And picking out a specific scilon (RR?) is all the more impressive...?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Sine it's my quote you were responding to (where I state that I think the CoS will be around for at the very least another ten years), perhaps I should state in regard to the part I've boldfaced, that in my opinion there was never, ever a slight chance of Scientology becoming a "mainstream" religion, in the sense of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.


    Because there is an inherent anti-success mechanism in the Scientology tech which makes it virtually impossible, in the scientific age, for Scientology to reach extraordinary popularity.

    Here's the mechanism: The fact that there are no real OT powers/state of Clear means that, were Scientology to become mainstream, the religion would reach a "tipping point" whereby the global scientific community would rapidly disprove the existence of OT powers, and everyone in the Western world (and then some) would know that Scientology is inherently full of shit.

    Imagine if Christianity could be disproved by some scientific discovery. The news would spread far and wide, and the religion would die (or at least lose its mainstream status).

    Scientology has avoided such a catastrophe by remaining too small for the scientific community (indeed the world in general - the vast majority of US citizens still don't know about Xenu) to give a shit.

    In short, if Scientology grows, it dies. If it remains small, it lives. Therein lies the paradox of L. Ron Hubbard's cult. Had he achieved the sort of global domination I think he wanted, he would have died in a more embarrassing fashion than just some Vistaril needles in your butt. He would've been the first living "messiah" figure to be disproven by science! (Or one of the first?) And that would have been glorious indeed.
  15. Random guy Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Well, Christinity has managed to hang on by downgrading their claims. End-of-world scenarios are fairly much off, litterary reading of the Book of Genesis is supported only by a small fringe group (that just happends to by somewhat largish in the US), the most silly laws (slavery, mixed fibre clothing etc) are universally disreguarded, not "suffering a witch to live" is only done in rural Africa etc. If scientology can mellow like that, they may have a chance. However, there mere fact that e.g. creationism exists disproove your point of scientific consensus being able to stop a religon.

    I think Scientology will die, but the killing mechanism is Miscaviges insane management. He is too greedy for the cult to have much survival potential. Had the cult focused on getting and keeping members, they might have been in for the long run, in stead they focus on flaying the few people they have. It won't last.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    You sir, are retarded.
  17. Intelligence Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Just a matter of time. "Not If, but When.

    Sooner the better.
  18. Darkduck Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    oh well, guys this is over we lost, can someone get the lights on the way out???

    but seriously, this is just a pr push by him to make the scilon masses feel better about themselves. Historically this sort of postering is typical of someone who is either on the ropes them selves or their org is on hte ropes.

    whats the chance of Scientology getting rid of DM cause he has not put an end to Anon?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Well now that we have lost, I need to go take a Hubbard, and wipe my Miscavaige
  20. xenubarb Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    What happened to Enron was, as you say, the company was nuked. Yes, Scientology is private, but neither Enron nor Scientology could survive a sudden massive financial impact.

    With Scientology, it won't be downgrading of its stock. What could happen to crash them would be the sudden launching (and winning) of scores of lawsuits, a demand that they pay minwage, the implosion of their lucrative and fraudulent drug treatment program Narconon, and the continued decline of raw meat.

    There are apparently a handful of obscenely rich idiots like Jensen, the Duggans and the Feshbecks Keeping Scientology Afloat. The Duggans were mentioned as having supported the purchase of the San Diego Idle Org, and idle it is. These rich aphids are being milked by DM to artificially enhance the purchasing power of local orgs who can't possibly maintain these big buildings. And yet, they are expected to do just that. In a crap economy, they are buying things they cannot afford, and I've heard that they're putting the bite on the few noobs wandering in the door too hard too early. They're squeezing them prematurely, rather than donate, they're walking because the indoctrination hasn't quite taken hold yet.

    Northumbria has already lost its Ideal Org. They never even got a chance to use it.

    This is the scenario I would wish for. It's not implausible and it'd be fun to watch.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    It is not the opinion that you verbalize which angers me.
    It is your failure of grammar (resembling such failures that Teh Teck instills) which guides me to categorize you as a worthless clod. Neither embrace nor disavowal of LRH will save you, sir.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    That's better than DM, you discussed me.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    ^^^ITT grammar nazi lurks^^^
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    By posting anonymously you are putting only your words and they value or lack of that they might contain out there for your post to be judged by.

    When you cannot make an attempt at spell-checking the verbalization of your ideas, or simply previewing it and reading it over for grammar mistakes before mashing post button, then the merit of what you have posted may be reduced in other readers' eyes.

    Failure to understand the above, leaves you with what we have here.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Proving myself right because I did not preview I mashed post and look at that typo.
  26. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous


    Onward Anonward!
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

  28. Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Even at that, though, the various appeals would take a while, and who knows? They might even pull out a victory, just like Westboro Baptist. Granted, the cases are in almost no way analogous, and it was with very deep regret I found it necessary to back WBC's right to be bigots. Still, in court, anything can happen. The CoS will fall, and could even be said to have fallen already. However, the death throes will likely take on the order of years, just as it did for the much smaller Oneida Community in the mid-19th Century. Its own institutional momentum will allow nothing less. Inb4DMhasorgieswithTC.
  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    [ame=]YouTube - Party At The Church Of Scientology[/ame]
  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    I just met a person whose whole family got out of Scientology, and this person credited Anonymous for having helped. This person said that at first the protesters didn't seem to know what they were talking about (eg, Scientology is a Cult) but then when the focus shifted to David Miscavige Beats His Staff, it seemed like they had information that the people on the inside didn't have. How did the protesters know about David Miscavige, etc? After this person started reading the internet it was all over...for the whole family.

    Well done, Anonymous.
  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Oh yer so welcome Anon! I loved that vid and tune when it first appeared, doesn't get near enough play time imho!

    Be a hoot to play that on a wall opposite an not-so-idle-org and crank it up.... well, one can dream can they not? :)

  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    That is so fucking awesome!

    Cheers to them and their freedom!!!
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

  35. CarltonBANKS Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Oh, people have most definitely left because of anon. There was a guy in Manchester, for example, who "admitted" talking to Anon during an "ethics amnesty". Despite it being an "amnesty", they did not take kindly to his admission. He could not stand the pressure. He 'blew'.

    Many Scientologists, like Minie Elias, are thoroughly indoctrinated. It seems that nothing will change their minds, but they have noticed. At least they are looking at some banned material (a.k.a. entheta, a.k.a. the truth), even if they dismiss it as a big-pharma conspiracy.
  36. Intelligence Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    DM, that son of a bitch, (metaphor only of course); it will be interesting to see what he says in 2011?

    They're going to start taking some big hits; beginning on January17, 2011; and non-stop for the next two years or so.

    Start making out the lawyer checks Davey Boy'


  37. xenubarb Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Yeah. The last thing you want is that little bitch monkey discussing you!
  38. Intelligence Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    LOL,..., I think he may discuss me. But I find him and his cronnies discusting!
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: DM Declares Victory Over Anonymous

    Victory? They haven't won, because all of us never fall.

    All 6 billion of us.

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