Dissecting the new Mark 8 E-Meter updater software

Discussion in 'Projects' started by DeathHamster, Nov 26, 2013.

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    Optimized & OCR'd PDF mirrored here:!xk9yiZBR!WvZmGiL0hJj3J9VsoVjoJRIyqtR2Vj7VqJGg04ZVS_I
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    A snip from above site~
    Oh my Lord NOOOooooo!
    Bwahahahahahaha! Good frikken-freeze-dried-babee-Jebuz-Batman!
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  6. My take on the E-meter's software:

    Don't bother analyzing the software you can download from the church website. You won't find anything. Just think about it: why would they PUBLICLY post it, when pretty much everything else is under lock and key, only available once you logged in with your IAS membership card, and after connecting your $5000 ID dongle (the e-meter) with its own serial number positively identifying you as the user?

    I think the church put it there publicly because it is a MISDIRECTION. You download it, waste your time on analyzing it, they laugh - there is NOTHING in there that will compromise them. They are not THAT stupid.

    Once you connect your e-meter, verify your identity, you (well, not you, but the sheeple in the church) will receive an "UPDATE", and THAT'S WHERE THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT with your meter and software. Spying, listening in, recording your conversations, you name it - whatever tricks they hid inside their software on your computer and in the meter - that's when it will all be downloaded and activated. We don't know if they are actually going to do anything like that (they may only use the updates to disable the meter if you lose your "good standing"), but if they do, the UPDATE is their magic key - which is only available to the verified, in-good-standing paid up IAS member folks.

    Just think about it. You are positively identified as sheeple if you get access to the password protected part of the site. You have to connect your identified e-meter to double-verify you as the sheeple entitled to use the meter. And you are forbidden by contract to reverse engineer the software - the sheeple definitely won't touch it, they have the fear of god instilled in them should they ever even think of finding out what their "updated" software is really doing.

    So don't waste your time on the publicly posted MISDIRECTOR software. The beef is in the updates, only available to the sheeple.

    So, in theory, we will have to wait until one of the sheeple in good graces with the church who owns a meter has enough and leaves the church with his e-meter and updated software and offers them up for inspection by somebody knowledgeable in electronics and software... but my posting of this theory may make the church clean up the software with the next update as they wouldn't want that to happen in case my theory is correct. And they are definitely reading this blog. So my posting of this may be self-defeating...

    If anyone catches confidential emails going out from the church in the near future, notifying Mk VIII owners of an urgent update, then that means my theory was probably correct :)
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    If they install new software on the PC at update time, under Windows it'll have to request a privilege bump, even if the user is logged in as an admin. If there's code to bypass that, then it must already be present in the software from their site that we're looking at.

    Odds all, most of them will just click okay of course.
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  9. Interesting. My understanding is that Narconon NEVER should have been using the e-meter because of the injunction in the FDA case. Does Narconon in fact use the e-meter? If so, I'm actually surprised.
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    My mistake. When Narconons first started up, e-meters were used. But that was discontinued many years ago.
  11. But what about WISE ?
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    Good question. WISE is a non-profit religious organization, or that's what Scientology told the IRS.

    Applied Scholastics uses the Learning Accelerator, a scaled down version of the e-meter, so they should have no issue with the new Super Dooper Mark VIII Wheatstone Bridge Religious artifact.
  13. Few years ago When I had a chance to look at a Quantum meter I found the ADC and the cpu looking at a EPROM? with a lookup table. The lookup table passes the value through an address on a digital resistor to pass it to the to the meter movement.

    The theory for the Mark VII Quantum meter was at high TA 5 and above, the meter reads are attenuated, so if small read make it bigger. I'm not sure if the reads were interpreted shmoozed to be something else such as a tick = read or jerky needle = floating needle.

    I guess a guy would have to build a emeter read simulator programed with all the known meter behaviours then plug it into a Quantum and watch what happens, or remove the EPROM and read it.

    Theory on Tone Arm. Low TA, the person is overwhelmed (low resistance) High TA the person is resisting. protesting or trying to stop things or has a withold.

    it appears The official COS automatic emeter read simulator box operates the same way a cpu has a lookup table in memory and passes the value through a digital resistor to the can leads.
  14. Forgot to mention I heard that when SOLO Auditing the OT levels the TA is often in the high TA range while looking for BTs. Plus the pressure to audit every day, plus Sec Checks, How could the TA not be high.

    The TA will come down when the OT can find anything real or imagined to show TA movement thus case gain. blown BTs Whew!

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