Dissecting the new Mark 8 E-Meter updater software

Discussion in 'Projects' started by DeathHamster, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. wolfbane Member

  2. We needs ta skin one of em. Get the spies to deliver a couple of em to the usual drop.
  3. Quentinanon Member

    24 bit ADC on an Ohm meter? I wonder what the sampling rate is. It seems to me that the transient nature of body resistance readings nullifies any significance from that sort of detail. Not to mention the quack nature of the device in the first place.
  4. DeathHamster Member

    No problem! Rip out everything except the ADCs, and replace the guts with a BeagleBoard or Raspberry Pi. Then you could plug in an HDMI widescreen TV or a projector and show the whole room what the meter is doing. And when it's not in use, plug in a large USB drive and use it as a house media server.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    How can a church sue for "business damages"? that would be one hell of a smoking ubi flag. This whole thing is very shady. I do not think that they would want this to be scrutinized in court, they may get sued by a REAL electronics company for patent infringement. Or perhaps sued by the creator of the software they stole.

    the funny part, is that they are probably giving the NSA all the useful scilon information with these new e-meters.
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  6. Anonymous Member
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  7. Anonymous Member

    So... If I am a staff member using Linux at home as I don't have money to buy a PC with Windows or an Apple then I don't get to audit at home?
  8. DeathHamster Member

    That depends on what happens when you take a new Mark 8 out of the box and turn it on. Does it just work as is, or does it immediately cry for an Internet update?

    Either way, the site claims that you can take the meter into the org for the yearly update, so that shouldn't be a problem for a staff member.
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  9. hokum Member

    It's a 16bit microcontroller with 256KB of flash memory for code storage. I'm not familiar with Renesas parts, but I suspect there will be a pin compatible modern part in their range, if this particular part was popular enough. There may well also be part in the same package that is pin-reconfigurable. Selecting the right part is an art in itself.

    A microcontroller is usually a Harvard architecture, integrated ALU/RAM/Flash unit (a self contained computer in a chip, sorta). I'm willing to bet that an intel .HEX format file containing the firmware will be in that installer package.

    If somebody could tar-up (or zip) the installed windows directory, and post it somewhere, (not interested in registry entries etc.), I bet I could find the firmware and do some reverse-engineering, which would allow me to understand how it works.
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  10. DeathHamster Member

    I think that it's safe to say that it has a battery-backed clock of some kind that's not on the patent.

    From Tony Ortega's Underground:

    "Customizable time zones"? Sounds like fancy talk for "tells the local time or whatever you set." They could sync to local time via the updater, but that's once a year.

    Meh. I'd still rather have the EZ Bake Oven.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    "Advance[d] digital technology"

    "50,000-times-clearer reads": I doubt that could even mean anything. How obscure would it have to be, to start with?

    "Order your's now!": 'your's' isn't really a word, Scientology.

    Still, good copy editing.
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. blownforgood Member

    The meters were built in 2004 with the RS232 serial interface. Once built they were stored in Los Angeles at a warehouse.
    A few years ago, all of them were opened up and retrofitted with a new back interface board that had USB instead.
    Currently, Dave is freaking out because they have sold a shit tiny amount of them.

    The next phase of non stop flyers will be on these meters are just the most awesome thing ever.

    little known fact is that Tom Cruise has had these Mark VIII meters since 2004. Dave Miscavige had CST Staff retrofit Mark VII meters with the guts of the Mark VIII's so that Tommy could audit with the new super duper meter.

    And boy did that work out well for him. He managed to make around 10 moves that sucked ass, lost his third wife, evidence that Suri is not his kid may have been obtained/leaked, and his is generally regarded and the new spokesperson for Masigil & Summer's Eve.

    Whatever the circuit, procs, or what have you, these things work great!

    Carry on Dave. You have built a masterpiece!
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  14. NOT HIS KID ??????

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  15. Suri Cruise is downrating me and Mark ? LOL
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  16. DamOTclese Member

    What is the CPU on this, has anyone acquired one of these and cracked it open yet? Is it really the ancient 68HC705 cpu?

    Got to wonder if the crooks used a real Operating System, embedded Linux 2.24 or something, or whether it's just a software loop.

    And yeah, there is probably an RTC in the CPU holding date/time.
  17. hokum Member

    It's an M16C architecture part from Renesas. Nothing exciting, but then it's not doing much other than shifting sampled data out the serial port (we assume) and driving that LCD display. It probably just has a main loop and maybe an interrupt handler. The thing runs at 16MHz and has 20KB RAM, it certainly won't be running a full OS (probably doesn't even have an MMU).
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  18. Anonymous Member

    something just occurred to me. Is there anyone left in $cientology that can "design" one of these? or are they outsourcing the designs out to someone else? I have seen how scilons talk, and they do not sound anywhere as technical as the people on this thread. the wonderful part about outsourcing, is that it is utterly in-secure. Chances are, we can find a lot more information about who designed them and who built them when we find out who they were outsourced to. In fact, a lot of companies will give the information out if you ask the right people. Helps them make sales and get new business.

    The questions we should be asking are:

    Who "designed" the new e-meter?
    If we find a who then:
    Are they designing a "new" model?

    Where were these made(the factory that they were outsourced to)?

    are they making "new" model?

    Are they planning on "improving" it(if they can)?

    One way we can find out who made these, is track down who made and sold the components. Then see who ordered the components for the e-meters. the problem with this is that i do not see e-meter manufacturing as being a large order, maybe 20,000 where made. If it was a small amount, then we should look for factories that make small numbers of customized electronics. This might lead us to people that would be willing to give better information, or at the least, give us an idea as to the $cientology foreign connections. This information can be used for lots of purposes, such as seeing if they are heavy metal free, if they follow California's cancer laws, and if they are conflict mineral free(lots of very lulzy lawsuits here)

    I know with new product launches, companies will already start work on the next replacement. So what will be replacing this piece of crap? Has there been any leaked documents, ex scilon speak, or anything of that nature about what the mk 9 will look like? Will there be a mk9? If there isn't any talk about a mk9 in the next few years, then something is up. Perhaps with these new price lists, and lack of innovation, as well as the money drying up, little Davy may be planning on blowing out of the cult himself. Perhaps Shelly Miscavage is dead, and he knows its only a matter of time before the authorities find out, so he wants to be in a place without an extradition treaty and have a lot of money there when the time comes.

    c:/ end useless conjecture
  19. Anonymous Member

    Jerry Coyne posted a funny video of Michael Shermer and Brian Dalton providing the basic pitch formula for doing woo:
    Skeptic Presents: Get Your Guru Going

    I screen capped the punchlines screen:

    Dalton & Shermer.png
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  20. Random Scientologists and former/indie/whatever Scientologists show their IAS Member cards all over the internet. (I'm not implying anything, nor do I condone any subsequent use of this information.)
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  21. hokum Member

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  22. hokum Member

    Cool, there's a gcc target for M16C, so one could build the cross-compiler tool-chain for M16C, and do a:

    $ m32c-elf-objdump -D -m m16c firmware.hex

    That would be educational...
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  23. hokum Member

    Somebody needs to have a poke around in the software package, looking for a file is this sort of format:

    etc. etc.
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  24. wolfbane Member


    So theoretically, since Headley confirmed there was a newer interface board retrofit in, it sounds like it could possibly enable/disable itself via the internet upgrader. I didn't think it was likely that it would not work straight out the box, and/or stop working if you didn't connect it up for the annual update. But it sounds like they could indeed lock it down that way. Which means the hardcore indies need to make their own e-meter cuz buying a used one of these newer models won't work without a valid IAS membership.

    Also, somebody with a safely excluded virtual machine seriously needs to wireshark this bitch. Please. Then we can possibly explore shit that might not be properly secured on the website. :cool:
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  25. hokum Member

    In theory, but we don't know if they've implemented a bootloader in their firmware...
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  26. Anonymous Member

    I think they came up the number for "50,000-times-clearer reads" the same way Hubbard determined the age of the universe, or COS came up with 8 million scientologists.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Kimbayah Member

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  29. Quentinanon Member

    They have since the mid-1980's. You could find at least a dozen different meters for sale now.
  30. wolfbane Member

    Indeed. But I was thinking more of the fairly common e-bay re-sales of the last model in recent years. Scilons had a shit fit over former members reselling their meters on e-bay at first if I recollect rightly. And managed to stop that from happening for a short while.

    Thus I've been interested ITT to find out if the new Ultra model has a stop-gap measure built into it for preventing individuals who want to recoup some of their losses after they wake up from taking away official cult sales.
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    Are there copies of the Covenant and Software Agreement left lying around on the disk after the install of the updater? (Knowing them, they either hardwired it into the code or fetch the latest micro-revision from the mothership.)

    I want to see what they say about custody of the meter when someone blows Scientology.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    This is a very, very interesting project. With some nasty implications on CO$.

    So, did the scilons write the code, or lift it from somewhere else? This is important because they claim that these are "holy relics" used for "religious rights" but if that's the case, then the code can not come from some place else. Furthermore, if you blow, and if you can no longer use the e-meter, then should they not pay you back for it? perhaps we can start a project to FORCE CO$ to have to pay for the return of the old e-meters.After all, you can't sell them on e-bay, so why not force them to reimburse people for the junk? If its such an important holy item, then they should be tripping over themselves to get them back.

    And about the old e-meters,

    If all the previous "tech" is now worthless because of GAT2, then does that mean that the old e-meters are no longer considered "holy", and can be sold on ebay?

    This has the potential to cause a lot of legal trouble, and headaches. I don't care about the indies at all. However if indies were allowed to operate outside of CO$, then not only would this piss off DM, but it would probably demonstrate to the public just how nuts these people are, and that would look bad.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    Why not? The meters themselves were manufactured by some place in Taiwan by non-Scientologists. They'll claim that the meters and the software were sanctified by the Holy Scientology ritual of the writing the cheque.
    Moot. Early 2008, eBay cancelled CoS's veto power over sales of e-meters, books and other junk. Meters have been sold on eBay for years now.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Legally, that might be interesting, but technically it matters not a jot.

    If you buy something that you can take apart, generally you 'own' it. Between us we have the technical chops required to remove the 'kill-switch' from this device - and I'd happily help others to do so. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I don't even know any M16C ASM, but I know it would take me about a week to figure out how to nop out the kill switch. This is a trivial microcontroller, doing trivial stuff which, with a hi-res photo of the PCB front and back (doubt it's a multi-layer board), could almost be entirely reverse-engineered.

    This is 9-year old technology, which I seriously doubt has any real sophistication in code protection.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I don't understand all of what is being said here, but this thread is ossim.
  36. blownforgood Member

    Great questions.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Its amazing how this flies under the radar because of how stupid crazy it is. Yet this is the lynchpin of their "religion"/SCAM. They claim that auditing is a sacred right, yet look at the disregard they show for the "equipment" involved. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Wiccians, Hindus, and every other legitimate religion has an ounce of dignity for their "relics", except CO$.

    Lets take the rosary for example. Sure there are some very cheaply made ones, but they are mass produced so that people HAVE them for FREE to use in their HOLY RIGHTS. I use rosaries in this example because Buddhists and Catholics have similar items, and both are mass produced to be available to impoverished people. Yet Co$ makes no attempt to bring ANY of their "holy rights" to the less fortunate. This is because they are a scam, not a religion.

    Don't get me started on holy texts. Mormons, Gideons, Muslims, etc etc, all give out their texts for free, except CO$. Because they are not a religion, they are a scam.
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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. Wordclear "rite"
  40. jensting Member

    For that we will need a recent ex-victim who is happy to suer the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology. At that point, that victim should have far more serious things to take to the court, I reckon, starting with the crush regging and the toxic Purif and so on.
    Not to say that the e-meter shenanigans would finally stand up in court, just saying that so many more obvious things would be available for a plaintiff minded to take the Co$ to court.
  41. jensting Member

    A few words : Sony, PS3, Linux, class action lawsuit
    Oh, quite right.

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