DISCUSSION THREAD: List of everything CO$ charges money for

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Oct 17, 2013.

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    Interesting points regarding conflict metals and minerals.
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    This is an Epic Discovery. Thank you, Anonymous!
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    You pay for those eventually
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    The Way to Happiness is also listed, as is Criminon....probably could plop in a lot of their other schemes to see if they show up! I'll check this out more tomorrow!! I did notice TWTH had the same attorney on a doc as Glendale Narconon, I wonder if that in any way could tie them together?
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    No, because this is a many fold operation:

    1 We are gathering information to get an idea as to how the cult operates financially
    2 We want a convenient place for this information so that when the authorities want to do some research, they can see a big list of convenient information.

    Subsection 2A:
    we are discovering that this information has relevance that crosses over internationally, as well as to other operations here so other people need to see it too

    Having a big list to scroll through creates a lot of work, but it gives several advantages:

    1: there are recurring names appearing on Co$ legal dox, their advertisements, and other dox elsewhere. this is an indicator as to who may be breaking the law on behalf of CO$. Remember, you don't have to catch an organization breaking the law, just a few individuals.
    2: Based on my assessment of the OSA psychological mentality, they will find themselves trying to word clear ALL the jargon in the government documents that get posted here. That will take them out of action for a few years.
    3: It will distract DM, causing him to allocate resources for trolling, forum creeping, and away from legal operations. This may allow who ever is suing him to catch him off guard.
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    Sales tax is like all other taxes, its a cluster fuck. It varies from state to state. This gives us a huge advantage, because it gives the cult more avenues to get itself into trouble.

    Sales tax law varies from state to state, with Oregon not having a general sales tax, to others competing with each other for the most ridiculous sales taxes. Then there are special sales taxes, like on: tobacco, alcohol, SERVICES, and anything else weasel politicians can get away with putting a tax on. Combine this with counties and cities having their own sales tax, and the opportunities for trouble get even bigger. I am not sure about statute of limitations, Texas does not have a statue of limitations concerning sales tax. I am not sure about the rest(its a lot of digging, if you think the federal government is disorganized, imagine all 50 states).

    Services was capitalized because i believe this is what will get CO$ into trouble, as there was a nice dox here about a bed tax in Florida that they were not paying. There are probably a lot of taxes they are liable for, that they are either unaware of, or just plain outright ignore.

    I am still researching on service taxes, as well as taxes most churches get into trouble for. Its a lot of dox. Combine this with my ugly schedule, + my daily life, and things get messy. Hopefully i will have some good answers for a lot of the questions if have. I will post those here when i get them. This will be a useful tool, because i hope to have the legal theories laid out so that people in other states can easily translate them into their state, bring up the info to local authorities(cash strapped, money hungry local authorities) and watch the lulz/financial armageddon hit CO$. Because nothing makes a lawsuit worse then having MOAR LAWSUITS.
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    As I commented on that aforementioned thread, in Ohio, Churches can use the tax exempt status to purchase goods to use. I've been behind them at BJ's (a warehouse store) when they pull out the tax exempt papers and had to wait while a manager is called, etc. They were purchasing paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, etc

    UNRELATED to that, on yahoo answers there's 2 $cienos proclaiming that Dianetics nor ANY LRH book is considered 'scripture'. I tried to point out to one, that the CO$ considers Dianetics and a few other books AS scripture for tax exempt purposes and they were adamant that they were NOT scriptures and no LRH book was considered 'holy' by the CO$. One started PMing me maintaining that and I did try to have a conversation with them, pointing out how for tax exempt purposes some LRH books were considered scriptures and no, not according to them. Since they were unable to comprehend what I was saying (this is obviously the abbreviated version) I told them to go report to Ethics and tell them what they were claiming. They didn't like that! And they really didn't like it when I told them they were communicating with a SP! :)
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    This is why i love this project. The stupid fucktards have no regard or understanding of the law. Its amazing that they have made it this far. All it takes is for some cash strapped municipality to get some sort of back taxes from them, then like dominoes, all the communities that need money will pursue taxes from them. They don't even know which of their books are scripture, and which are not. What sort of cult is scientology? a piss poorly managed cult.
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    I even tried to explain that to them, how Battlefield Earth wouldn't be 'scripture' but Dianetics would be as would other LRH books about $cientology. They appear to answer A LOT of questions on yahoo answers and I'm gonna start going through them and screen capturing anything I feel is relevant. I know a couple people on yahoo answers isn't say, credible evidence, but if I can suss out where they are, determine the local org, etc then it might be interesting to determine what, if anything they collect taxes on for books. They are definitely a piss poor managed cult!

    I still am planning to continue investigating the book taxing issue (I think I mentioned that on this thread, or the other one). They collect taxes, as per an order form, at the Celebrity Centre on ALL the books--even 'scripture' sold there. I want to find out if their other places do that and then find out via public records if they actually send those taxes to the appropriate local and state offices. If they don't, then I want to report them. And I'd like to know about the services sold and if they have to be taxed or not---perhaps I'll leave 'services' to someone else, I have like about 10+ CO$ research/operations going on now. I'll focus on the books, though will denote if services are offered if I find fliers and if they are taxed---that would save someone else that research.
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    I noticed that as well. Yet when you look at the form 990 that was dug up for the celebrity center, i believe it shows 0 for liabilities, and 0 for assets. So i wonder what is going on there. Is it that particular government think tank that does not have that information, or do they file under something different?

    Oh well, more digging in the rabbit hole to hell.
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    I forgot to mention, that this project will take a while. So thank you for the help, but don't worry about hurrying, we are not on a timeline here.Furthermore, after the various lawsuits settle, i think more information will enter the public domain, and more questions will be answered/raised.
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    I know we're not on a time line, I still like to be 'timely' though! One of my research projects is rather involved though and I've made that my priority but I take breaks and bebop around some of my other little projects. I've spoken out about the CO$ for 20+ years but somehow just found this place, I feel like I gotta make up for lost time contributing something---aside from my usual speaking out about them!
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    I need to mention this.

    In my discussions with IRS agents, I asked the agent i was talking to about the IRS's policies on tax exempt groups, and the philosophies around the tax exempt status. Its simple: They want demonstrable public benefit. If the organization gets tax exempt status, but is not able to demonstrate public benefit, then they will probably lose their tax exempt status. You can thank the westboro baptist church for this new policy.
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    what exactly is "the way of happiness"? the googles is failing me today :(
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    The Way to Happiness is some pamphlet LRH wrote that the CO$ promotes via a TWTH foundation (in an attempt to separate it from the CO$)....that's the real 'short version''s like a list of 'commandments' or as they call them 'moral precepts'....

    Well A LOT of what they do is not for the public benefit! Heck, a lot of it isn't even for their 'church' benefit, it's for the inurement of COB, TC and maybe a few other big celebs, but probably mostly TC. Do you remember a few years ago a Senator or two had the big evangelical preachers come testify in DC, well they requested them too, I think Benny Hinn avoided that, about their multi-million dollar houses, private jets, etc I am sure they neglected DM since he's not on TV preaching salvation.
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    "it's for the inurement of COB"

    This also bothers me. There are a lot of laws on the books that limit what high and mid level church staff can get in the way of pay and fringe benefits(dox for these are in the think tank thread on squirrel busters). These came about in response to the televangelist scandals of the early to mid 90s. My guess is that the reason why COB has not been tax crucified, is because he is too little/obscure to show up on their radar.

    There is also one more thing to, The IRS is nuts for staying in budget. So nuts, that they can not work overtime with out approval. They can get into trouble for working late. they also very rarely give out approval, because that would bring them over budget. My hypothesis, is that the amount of digging and time it would take for them to prosecute $cientology, discourages them from coming after the scilons.

    Unless there was a convenient place where lots of people could look and see that the scilons are up to some shady stuff.....
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    Any chance of a machine readable versions of these *documents?

    Rickybobby posted them here:

    Link to download the PDF:

    *one of the docs is machine readable

    1998/99 - not machine readable

    1999/00 - not machine readable

    2006/2007 - machine readable

    2008/2009 - not machine readable

    I'll find some time to compare 06/07 with 08/09 and learn about what may have changed.

    Of course, up-to-date machine readable documents would be way more better and make the analysis easier.

    Attached Files:

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    This is one problem/advantage? with this project, it raises more questions then answers. How can a simple pamphlet be so important that it gets its own foundation? How does it fit into their thinking. I have to research this now. The problem with research CO$, is that i do not like to get too close to crazy, and this cult is nuts.
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    Started a new side project today. It happened again when i was asking tax questions, i think i have found an untapped, uninvestigated tax burden that the cult will not be able to escape.

    I do not know if i should revel this or not, once i get some more information on the topic, i will post the sources here. If my hunch is correct, then the lulz will be overwhelming.
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    God, this is beautiful. You guys know how the scientology cross is trademarked right, well, apparently, there is a tax on money made from said trademarks.

    Tax Treatment of Trademarks

    "Expenditures to develop, acquire and defend a Trademark cannot be properly expensed. Since a trademark can last forever, it has no determined life period over which to depreciate or amortize its cost. Costs of advertising which in fact develop the trademark are expensible as are any form of advertising under Sec. 162 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    Further, Sec. 179 which allows the amortization of start up costs does not apply to expenditures for trademark development and acquisition. Even payments to a competitor to buy out their use of a name or to get them to contractually agree to avoid using a name are capitalizable.
    Expenditures for trademark development can only be recovered when the trademark is ceased to be used or when the trademark rights are sold. However, expenditures to challenge another's right to a trademark in litigation have occasionally been held to be expensible. Monies expended to defend a trademark are capitalizable."

    Sale and License Transactions

    "Licensing revenues represent ordinary income to the recipient and are deductible to the payor. The sale of a trademark is treated as the sale of a capital asset by the seller. Since the trademark capital account is not deductible, a question of recapture should not exist. Payments to purchase a trademark are a capital expenditure of the buyer and thus not deductible by the buyer.
    In some close situations, the grant of a perpetual right to exploit and use a trademark can be considered to be a sale. Sec. 1253 of the Internal Revenue Code was enacted to clearly distinguish a sale from a license. Sec. 1253 states that "A transfer of a franchise, trademark or trade name shall not be treated as a sale or exchange of a capital asset if the transferor retains any significant power, right, or continuing interest with respect to the subject matter of the franchise, trademark, or trade name."
    The significant rights include (1) the right to disapprove of any [further] assignment of such interest, (2) a right to terminate at will, (3) the right to prescribe the standards of qualify of products used or sold, or of services furnished, and of the equipment and facilities used to promote such products or services, (4) the right to require that the transferee sell or advertise only product or services of the transferor, (5) a right to require that the transferee purchase substantially all of his supplies and equipment from the transferor, and (6) a right to payments contingent on the productivity, use, or disposition of the subject matter of the interest transferred, if such payments constitute a substantial element under the transfer agreement. (IRC Sec. 1253(b)(2)
    In short, any retained right outlined above will be enough to characterize the payment as a license. In this case any payments will be deductible by the licensee and includible as ordinary income of the licensor."

    not connected, but relevant in other avenues for getting the scilons sued by other people.

    This is definitely UBI. This is smoking gun, UBI. They even left everyone a nice legal paper trail of lawsuits to let the IRS know to charge UBI tax on them. In their stupid narcissistic foolishness to copy write the scilon cross, they became the ONLY RELIGION IN HISTORY TO BE FINANCIALLY LIABLE FOR THEIR "HOLY" SYMBOL!!!!

    This is ANOTHER crazy thing to look into. The laws in europe on this also appear to be very strict as well. I am 90% sure that they wrote themselves into a corner with this.

    Its Thursday, i hope this doesn't ruin somebody's stats...
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    It seems EVERYTHING ends up raising more questions than answers and leads to additional rabbit holes. I always try to keep a detached demeanor while researching this stuff, but it's difficult to do at times!

    I had no idea they trademarked their cross! WHAT?! Wow! And they left a paper trail....very kind of them!
  25. So... is it possible they might somehow be liable for taxes on the "DONATED" cross on top of the Superpowerz Building, which the Garcias were conned to pay for? Anybody know if that was bought by Co$ International, or by some other entity which may be liable?
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    Some more copy written material.
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    "the Scientology cross is a copyrighted and trademarked logo, and therefore is inherently non-free. The use of any other image would fail to convey the proper" ...

    this shows up under google search for scientology cross trademarke underneath the wikipedia png entry.

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    I have no idea the extent of their liability. The laws concerning trademarks appear to be very strict. It has some serious ramifications. IF i am interpreting it correctly, they may owe taxes on EVERYTHING with the cross on it. Regardless of the religious context. This wont be something that the irs would budge on. At the very least, its a bunch of UBI.
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    This is pretty damning. The Scilon defense in the Rathburn lawsuit is that they were protecting "trade secrets". According to the dox supplied earlier, that means that they can not write off the legal fees from this case on their taxes, amongst other things.

    This is nothing but a huge legal mess. If we get the feds on them for this, they will be tied up in court for years.
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    GOD, We have no idea. Trademarks are a very big deal, and the taxes on them are pretty serious. When i get a chance + the correct up to date sources, i will see what the corporate laws and taxes, as well as the individual taxes on them are. Because of the revenue generated by trademarks, and because the laws affect a lot of companies and individuals, there will be no leeway for CO$, none at all.By trademarking their symbols, they have to follow the same rules apple does with their stupid ass apple on everything. This will not be pretty for anyone and everyone involved.

    That's not the end of the LULZ either, because they are NOT a corporation, but a church, the UBI generated MAY not get any tax breaks. this is going to take a ton of research. I am going to see if any other church/non profit symbol is copy written as well, and how they treat their materials for tax purposes.
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    Is there a safety reason why cult links have to be labeled? does the cult track ip addresses? Or am i being overly paranoid.
  32. Yes, they can and do track IP addys. If I'm using a cult link I mask my IP addy.
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    This is an article from the IRS, about a church that lost its tax exempt status because it put a rattle snake into someone's mailbox. I am going to review this when i get the time, and see if there aren't any Co$ actions that can be viewed in similar context. While it has noting to do with UBI, doing multiple attacks on their tax exempt status might bear fruit quicker, as well as being a pr black eye.

    I think this incident also happened in Texas, where the rathburn lawsuit is occurring.
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    Hello, how can you check if a business is part of "wise" or any of the other scintology fronts. Is there a website we can go to that is not cult related, or is there something on the wwp that i have stupidly overlooked.
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    A very long list of scientology-wise-members exists but it is dated 2006.

    It's a text file. I'll upload it if you need a copy.

    AFAIK, there is nothing current available at this time.
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    Please upload it here. I would like to get an idea bout how big he "web of scientology" really is. It gives me something to do while I am waiting on some books to become available. It seems that i am not the only one who wants to check out a 400 dollar law book instead of ponying up the cash on it.
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    Here's the file:
  39. Concerning California Board of Equalization BOE-230 Resale Certificates
    These are issued to businesses for the purchase of items that may only be resold.
    Per section 6094.5 of Revenue and Taxation code, an issuer of these certificates is not allowed to use any items they have issued certificates for- "for anything other than retention, demonstration or display, while holding for resale."
    There are some indications that the church has been misusing these certificates for items they don't intend on reselling.

    If someone wants to look at the BOE regulations in depth and/or look up permit numbers and check compliance, I have an applicable permit number. PM me if you'd like it. Once you have a permit number, you might even be able to look up records online.
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