Discussion - Maine Anons??

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by SurpressivePhantom, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Are You guys out there? Lets plan something for when I get back from visiting my Son FL.
  2. Django Member

    re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    As far a I know, there's nothing left to plan for. I was told by a Maineanon that the Brunswick org is apparently closed (though the sign was still up when I rolled by last winter). I'm not a Mainer, but I got family north of Brunswick and have stopped by attempting to raid (and failing) on my way up to visit. I believe that was the only org, but I've been mistaken in the past...

  3. Rickglass Member

    re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    afaik, the org in Maine is closed. However, my info is secondhand.

    best thing to do is visit Boston during our globals, the next one is June 20th
  4. re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Really? I had no clue that the org was closed. Thats cool Glad to hear it!
  5. re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    It is the only org in Maine. It always looked closed. I cant find any info on the org being closed.
  6. re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I was in Brunswick recently an went by the org. It is still open. I went by I saw I sign in the window and was trying to read it. It was the hours of operation. I then saw a car in the driveway with Mass Plates on it the guy who runs the org also lives in Mass. I saw some books on the dash I was trying to see what they were Then I saw someone comming out to check on me so I walked away. So guys we need to rally the troups. This is the ONLY org in Maine.
  7. re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Come on guys!!!!!
  8. anon91-19 Member

    re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    its still open. This OG mainefag is up for some enturbulating

    Anon flag- check
    music - check
    signs - check
    Other Anons: not so much check
  9. AnonIncognito Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    In the not-so-distant future..okay, September anyway...I'll be moving up to Portland for college and was wondering just that - what's goin' on in Maine? Like, evar?

    And yeah, I'm a newfag but I've been lurkin..the answer to my question seems to be "not too much" :\
  10. Rickglass Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I'd like to come up once, lemme see if I can get a group to go with me. Better yet, why not do a raid that coincides with the bel-tek festival?

    BELTEK Art & Music Festival

    Giant Outdoor rave, 3 days
  11. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    No offense Mainefags, but goddamn, Scifags really ARE everywhere.
  12. anon11235 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    What maine needs is some committed anons. All brunswick protests i have attended thus far were attended solely by myself. We need an iron-clad promise from all maine anons to attend this protest.
  13. Downeaster Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    My heart soared a little bit to hear that our state was expunged of the menace. To bad it fell through.

    I am not quite ready to advance to the protesting stage, one because I lack a Guy Fawkes mask, and two because I am not ready to end up in the eye of Big Brother Scientology style.

    I can however, offer us a banner.

  14. Naji Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I would be up for some protesting in Brunswick! Just not on a Saturday.
  15. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    This is What I like to see I just got back and I havent even Checked the email I came here first. Lets get the troops rallied and get the shit goin. 91-19 Whats up!! LEt plan something pm me andlets see what we can get goin. Nice banner! To bad we cant getthat made into a flag. What days are good for you Naji?
  16. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Cool, new blood.

    Yeah I started protesting in Brunswick Feb 10 08. Did 5 months of monthly protests there, liaised with PD, lots of flyers/hand outs cocks etc. But other than a few sporadic others the protests were mostly consisting of me and whatever friends came with me that day.

    Then my personal life reared up and had to take the front seat for awhile. But things have chilled now so I'm down for reactivating the Anon-Maine cell.

    And for those who went to Brunswick in the past I was the anon with the flag, balloon animals, + custom painted V mask.

    also: I have to check but I think I still have a few spare masks.
  17. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I did a few protests my self but like you life happended now after goingto Clearwater I need to get back on track. lets pick a date and raid baby raid!!!
  18. WMAnon Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    If you folks raid on the first saturday or sunday of the month, I can try to bring up some /b/oston /b/ackup. (Reciprocation on the third Saturday of the month would of course be appreciated in Boston, and the second Saturday is CT's raid in New Haven).
  19. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    What about the 18th of July. Ill bring the cake as my b-day is the 17th. Come on guys Lets do it!!!!
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    happy birthday surpressivephantom
  21. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Why TY. Im an old man lol
  22. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I will pass this along to an acquaintance of mine in Maine. I can't make any promises, especially if numbers are low/scifag situation looks unpredictable/risky. But I'll ask.
  23. WMAnon Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Boston will be raiding on the 18th, so we can't /b/ack you folks up. Good luck to the mainefags!
  24. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    So I can assume that there is No intrest from any Maine Annons. WTF?!!! Come on people lets wake up. We cant afford not to be out there. Lets stop the revenue Source of the mission. WAKE UP Maine!!!!
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I got a "maaaaaybe but can't make that day or that soon" from one and no response yet from the other.
  26. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    TY 612.
  27. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I see How you all are I guess Im gonna have to go by myself. Oh well such is life. I will have fun :) if anyone wants to join me feel free.
  28. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Heres the deal I am gonna be on the street corner of lincon st handing out leaflets at 11on the 18th . If anyone wants to join me please feel free. Hope to see some people there.

  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    hey there
  30. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Mainefag reporting. I would love to raid, I'm just pretty damn far away from Brunswick. I have a mask, but it's not a Guy Fawkes one. D:
    Any halp would be appreciated. Anons in Maine, show yourself.
  31. WMAnon Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Not a maine anon of course, but if you guys set a date I'll try and help spread word so any interested regional anons can try to make it. And of course if you're up for a long drive Boston and CT love backup!
  32. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??


    Masks don't have to be any kind in particular, I know people who just use sunglasses (or nothing at all, for that matter <3).

    Try the url posted above.
  33. none given Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Subscribing and making same offer.

    Also, you guys got them bigass kitty cats, right?
  34. Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    The Maine coon cat :)

    I dont hve a GF mast I use a Phantom of the Opera mask (hence my name)
  35. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    holyfuck I thought those were kittysized. WTF is that a bobcat?

    Also I did not know Maine Coons were literally from Maine. The moar you know.
  36. xenubarb Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    And post noods in the Dome...
  37. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    Don't forget to timestamp.
  38. Anon88 Member

    Re: Discussion - Maine Anons??

    I'm new. Im in the Portland area. I could potentially head to the Brunswick area for some protesting. It would have to be worth it though!!!!!

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