disable basiji motorcycles

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. a video tutorial on how to disable basiji motorcylces:
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  2. Kat-IRAN Member

    Worth a try!

    Definitely worth a try - easy and cheap enough to produce. If the Basiji become hung up on trying to avoid litterings of these things then it might cut down on the amount of brutality that they can randomly administer as they ride by. Not to mention that many bikes will be out of commission -I must say it - preferably with the basiji also!!!! :D
  3. TsuDhoNimh Member

    One problem ... if the protesters have to run through that area, you are going to wound and cripple them too.
  4. FreedomAgent Member

    This should be used by spotters who are usually out early trying to route the police and basij movements and also as a last resort as part of a protest
  5. Junius Member

    If using them at night, try dipping them in black paint to avoid reflection off of lights.

    Just a suggestion.
  6. those things better be deployed when motorcycles are incoming down your ass and not before, chances of ppl hurting themselves too high on these things
  7. Technically the best way to take out the Basij motorcycles is to lay out spike strips on the road to flatten their tires. What are spike strips?

    Try to make one by using a piece of wood or sheet with nails pointing out, or lay down barbed wire on the road (barbed wire is good because they can't see it easily)

    Just set the traps ahead of time before the Basij arrive. Even with flat tires, their motorcycles can't easily maintain speed and balance, but it does slow them down long enough for other people to run to safety.
  8. watsongs2012 Member

    with the right timing, i'm thinking that shoving a metal rod or strong length of wood into the spokes will cause some serious damage and possibly serious injury to the rider
  9. Violent post removed. Explosives? Come on.
  10. sajibas ----how do u SPELL that

    casting ^

    [ame=]YouTube - Motorcycle crash and splash[/ame]

    chick !
  11. Visionary Member

    Hmm, interesting ideas. I like them.
    (not commenting on the others)
  12. Thumpety-thump

    In sub-freezing weather, water can be injected quickly through the inflation valve. When it freezes, the tire becomes extremely unbalanced and the motorcycle or vehicle becomes very difficult to control.
  13. Linseed (flaxseed) oil

    Linseed oil added to the crankcase will turn hard over time in the piston rings and other areas. This was discovered in WWII by accident when a maintenance mechanic accidentally added a barrel of it into the lubricating oil supply for railroad engines. It took only a couple of weeks before dozens of locomotives were disabled.

    I've personally tested this and it works well. I had an old chevy that I was going to trade-in, so I added some to the crankcase. It barely made it to the dealer.

    Cashew nut oil is difficult to find but causes the oil to become like a chemical blister agent and renders it almost impossible to repair the engine.
  14. Paul Thomann Member

    Additional ways to disable motorcycles

    Originally posted on 60's Vietnam protest

    I've been reading/viewing/thinking about demonstrations where military on motorcycles has played a great part. The obvious thing to do is to put an iron rod between the spokes thus causing the wheel to break throwing off the rider. However if you were caught with a metal rod during a demonstration the results wouldn't be to good. However someone on crutches wouldn't be noticed and if able to walk then they could get away and dissolve into the crowd. The only thing about someone on crutches that anyone sees is the crutches; no one sees their face let alone what they are wearing. Another possibility but much more dangerous is to put cloth between the wheels/spokes. Here you have to be very careful not to have the cloth entangled in yourself; because if you are you will be dragged along with the motorcycle. If the cloth looks like a woman's headscarf then as they go down a yell of "who did they run down" might be appropriate. Ball bearings or marbles work wonders in order to bring down riders also. The smaller the ball bearings the better as they will have a greater chance of getting under the wheels.

    Please note that these tactics are not by themselves violent. Much more effective is to down the motorcyclist disarm them and NOT do violence. The aim is to convert the police/military to your cause. When you have 5-10% of your demonstration wearing military garb this will nullify the military that opposes you. It is easy to lose yourself in emotion of violence, don't fall for that as it is only weakness. Think of all your actions in terms of the end game.
  15. Paul Thomann Member

    The innate problems with ball bearings and oil

    The innate problems with ball bearings and oil are:
    That you will slip on them after motorcyclists leave.
    The way to get around the oil is to have sand on your shoes.
  16. Do unto others

    You make a good point but say one has a Basiji for a neighbor. He has to sleep sometime and you can make his ride to work the next day most interesting.

    Pour hot pepper into the air intakes just below the winshield. When he starts to drive down the road, the pepper will be blown into the vehicle. It works very well.
  17. Flattening tires of stationary vehicles

    A sharpened steel triangle of 1 mm or so thick sheet metal approximately 30 mm on a side, wedged between the tire tread and the pavement will readily puncture a tire and render it unrepairable when the vehicle rolls over it. Placed this way, they are very difficult to see without getting on the ground with a light. For truck tires, they will have to be made larger.

    It only takes a few seconds to put one in place.
  18. Fending off an attacker

    A toy water pistol filled with dilute household Ammonia solution is very effective in fending off dogs of all types, both four and two-legged varieties. a good squirt in the eyes will distract them long enough for you to escape and does no permanent damage.
  19. It is very difficult to know if you're neighbor could be a basiji. The basiji are an undercover force of individuals that enforce the strict social laws on the streets of Iran. The basiji typically where white shirts, but that is all that seperates them from the rest of the populace. The basiji use guerilla tactics to enforce their rules. You could be standing in a crowd of protesters, and out of nowhere a bunch of basiji disguised as protestors target a couple teenagers in the crowd and start beating the hell out of them. The basiji will then disperse into the chaos without being identified (usually), and then civilians will call ambulances to take the victims to the hospital. Except that when the ambulance arrives, its being driven by basiji. The ambulance will drop the victims off in an isolated area outside of town, proceed to either a) incarcerate the victims immediately, proceeding to torture, rape, and demand a ransom from the family of said victim, or b) torture the victim to death right then and there.

    This isn't bullshit. These are very accurate accounts of whats really going on. My grandparents just came from Iran with tons of stories like this.
  20. Stick it to the Basij

    Some good points about disabling motorcycles. A steel rod will definitely get you in trouble and shoving a piece of cloth in the spokes is good to if to can keep from losing a few fingers if your hand also gets pulled into the wheel. A hybrid idea is to take a short wooden stick, something you can hide up your sleeve and light enough to not be considered a weapon. Cooler weather will be coming soon, so someone wearing a light jacket or coat won't attract attention.
    The idea is when you see the bikes coming, take off the coat and put it over the end of the stick and use that to shove the coat into the spokes on the front wheel behind the fork. If the coat catches, it could easily flip the bike or send it crashing to the curb. If the stick catches, it will probably snap. Better than losing fingers or worse.

    A group of people doing this in unison on a group of bikes could easily create chaos among the Basij and perhaps make them think twice about attacking on motorcycles.
  21. TsuDhoNimh Member

    Bad idea - the toy pistol, not the ammonia - because if it's seen, or photographed, you were ARMED!

    Water balloons full of ammonia or dye solutions, OTOH, lobbed from high places onto the motorcycle formations could be interesting.

    And has anyone ever smelled mercaptoethanol, which is a fairly common lab chemical? Lob a dilute solution of that and get it on someone's skin or clothing and they would run towards the tear gas to make it go away.
  22. I like the Dye idea. It's sort of like what banks do to mark robbers, put a dye packet in with the money. Water balloons filled with indelible dye to mark the Basiji for later identification.

    I remember an old fellow who worked in the oil field. He had two dogs: Methyl Mercaptan and Ethyl Mercaptan. He called them Ethyl and Methyl for short.

    Putrecine and Cadaverine work even better.
  23. Hell, just get a bolt cutter and cut the drive chain.
  24. make sure it's green :D


  25. Green fabric dye will leave a permanent stain. :D
  26. Using nails to stop Basiji mother f*ckers

    American police use the same kind of techniques to stop the criminals (like Basijis) but one clever thing they do is that they stick these nail balls to a string or chain rightly and lay it across the road right before the cars or the Basiji animals get there. This way, not only the basta*d Basiji mother f*ckers can’t avoid riding over it; also, you can easily pull it and take it away if you need to. Make a string of nail-balls. Get them filthy bast*rds.
  27. can you please stop spamming us with that horse head scene? you've done that in like 3 different threads in a row.
  28. punker-IRAN Member

    bassij's on motorcycles a french technic of repression

    Sorry for my bad english

    im' from france i remember in the early end of the 70's since the 1986 year we have the same police brigades on motorcycles called "Bvm" for in french "Brigades de voltigeurs motocyclistes"

    see this article in french

    in a student and protest who turning into riot in 1986 this pigs in motorcycles killed a young student called Malik Oussekine, i remember this is a big scandal in our "democracy" the french public opinion and the human rights activists, journalists, students activists made many protest after this murder , this scandal caused the demission of the education minister and also made the decision by french government to decide to dissolve definitively in the end of 1986 this motorcycles brigades cops

    somes information about Malik Oussekine

    Malik Oussekine (1964 - 1986) - Find A Grave Memorial

    im remenber this is relatively easy in some circonstances to stopped them simply whith old oil motor in plactic bottles (mineral water bottles no its not a joke)

    i remember a one demo in the early 70's approximately 100 protesters who are really organised, going to this demo whith bags full of plastic bottles , who are full of old oil motor, suddenly a the end of the demo whe see many of the Bvm's ready to charge us, one group of spotters Provoked the Bvm , and run off , just a moment after the second group of protester simultaneouslybroken all the plastic bottles full of old motor oil on the road and run slowly

    the Bvm n aturally arrived has quite speed on the protesters mass and naturally has cause of the oil , all the mototorcycle slipped automatically on the ground in a big disorder, suddenly you have 20 or 30 motorcycle which had accidents and the coppers are out of order ,and for somes of the "Bvm" they are seriously hurted this day

    this is a victory for us this days

    It is my personal experience of my early french demo's when our french cops on motorcycle existed
  29. Mirror around the corner

    At night, if you place a large mirror around a sharp bend in a road, an oncoming vehicle coming around the bend will see the reflections of his own headlights and think he is about to have a head-on collision and swerve to avoid it, usually with severe consequences.
  30. antiantihero Member

    too easy to fix, can't be done while the motorcycle is in motion

    using a slick substance to cause the motorcycles tires to lose traction, assuming you can find one that will be difficult to see/avoid, and won't cause protesters to slip and fall
  31. DPTMc Member

    Caltrops are great, but marbles or ball bearings will do the same thing. Just throw a handful in front of Basiji bikes and watch them pile up.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. xenubarb Member

    Armor All is used to make plastic and vinyl look like new. There are warnings on the product about using it on seats and tires. It is slick and slippery stuff. A guy taking a tight corner on a bike treated with Armor All or similar product will probably go down. Up to you if he gets up again or not.
  34. Kruge Moderator

    In close quarters, e.g. when a bike is moving more slowly amongst a crowd, one can of course simply stick a stick (heh) in it's wheel to immediately incapacitate it. Of course you need to consider your own safety and that of other people in the crown, since the bike could react quite suddenly to this. This could discourage them from trying to drive crowds apart by riding through them and beating running people with sticks. Al tough one has to consider what they would do then instead.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. eddieVroom Member

    The spark plug wires are usually better exposed and easy to snag. Take a piece with you if you can, otherwise the possibility remains of an improvised repair.

    Just prepare for, or better still, avoid a shock. We are talking about the ignition system of a running motor...

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