Dinner at the Fort Harrison anyone?

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Dir Public Promo, Nov 25, 2017.

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  2. Don't forget the beans and rice for the back room.
  3. John P. Member

    To my surprise, I have to admit that this brochure is better than I was expecting. The text doesn't contain any typos or major grammatical mistakes. It's banal and bland and a little wordy, but it does come in well above the quality of the text from a lot of those flyers that Mike Rinder lampoons every week in his "Thursday Funnies" blog post.

    The food photography is not half bad, given that they likely didn't employ any professional food stylists to make it look better. In New York, there are tons of people that do "food styling," making some dish for a restaurant or a food manufacturer look irresistible when it's shot for a print layout or for a TV commercial. These people are massively OCD, getting every single detail just right. They will "audition" hundreds of leaves of lettuce to find just the perfect one to put in a Burger King Whopper. Clearly, the Fort Homicide crew didn't do that, but the dishes don't look too bad.

    If you look at the menu, they're innovating a little bit -- I was expecting something like the menu at Applebee's but sold at top-dollar prices to a captive audience. This is not Michelin 3-star cuisine but including duck on a menu mostly catering to Americans is a little bit of a culinary risk. I'd equate this food to the buffet on one of those Royal Caribbean mega cruise ships, which is not all that great but it's also not all that horrible.

    My point in noting something positive about this is not an indication that I'm going over to the "dark side," but to marvel that there do appear to be at least one or two islands of moderate competence in this comically inept organization.
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  4. Quentinanon Member

    John P. You have to look past the advertising and see at what is actually served.
    Think back to the grade chart "abilities gained" and you may remember the bullcrap that scientology is infamous for.
    I have had meals at the most expensive of the three food service rooms at the Fort Harrison and they will have beverage glasses with heavy calcium deposits one time, then some dried food debris on the dinnerware the next time, and then downsized portions the next because they didn't have enough food for normal portions.
    Competence has to get proven, right John?
  5. John P. Member

    Gee, what a surprise. There's a difference between what Scientology promises and what it delivers. Who knew?

    It's pretty amazing that these people who claim supreme power over MEST can't get basic restaurant operations right, even with tons of slave labor to attend to such details. It's pretty hard to have mineral deposits on glassware and dirty dishes if you have the kind of automated dishwasher equipment restaurants use, with detergents that are much harsher than consumer products.

    If the dining room execution falls short of even the modest effort at promotion in this brochure, one wonders if perhaps they're having a little trouble getting enough slave labor to man the back rooms at Flag, even with all the religious worker visas that they're getting.
  6. Quentinanon Member

    Kind of makes me wonder if they are using any detergent in their dishwashing machines. (Or are they using "quantum blue laundry balls"?)
    For lime deposits on glassware, periodically soak glassware in citric acid solution.
    For all dinnerware, rinse with a jet of hot water immediately after the table is cleared. If you let food dry on, the dishwashing machine may not completely remove it.
    For portion control, purchase a margin of excess food items. If you don't have enough for a standard portion, inform the customer that the menu item has been sold out.
    Restaurant Operations 101. Flunk. Zero Michelin stars.
  7. Brinks Member

    We're so hungry we lick our plates clean that's all the washing up they get y'know. Dishwasher detergent is not something we consider essential.
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  8. Never be on the cans on an empty stomach!

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