"Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by arturoui, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. arturoui Member

    "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed


    I'll be seeing Tomcats newest movie tonight at 8pm at the CineStar Berlin SonyCenter.
    Before the movie starts, I want to address some quick words to the audience while wearing the mask.
    Maybe one or two sentences in the style of "Did you know that Co$/TC ..."
    What would have the most impact?What would be most absurd? Looking for ideas/brianstorms/buttsecks.
    Will check on this thread at 1800 again.

    Thank you!

    P.S.: Excuse me for cross-posting, but since this a rather spontaneous thing and I'm at the office right before I go directly to the cinema, I wanted to generate a little more exposure.

    If this is the in wrong place, be free and put it where it belongs.

    Much appreciated.

    Es grüßt
    Herr Ui
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    Did you know that:
    Scientology has an intelligence gathering branch called OSA, a secret security force?
    The Office of Special Affairs was created after its predecessor, the Guardians Office, was caught committing domestic espionage in the United States.

    They have prison camps to "reeducate" members who wish to leave?
    The RPF, Rehabilitation Project Force, subjects people to a degrading and mean existance of long work hours, little sleep and substandard care, sometimes for years.

    They would eliminate 2% of the population if given the opportunity?
    Hubbard taught that only 2% of the population was insane, criminal, or didn't agree with his Scientology teachings. He felt they should be 'disposed of quietly, and without sorrow.'

    Scientology has an agenda to take over the world?
    It is true! Hubbard even outlined how such a plan would take effect. Scientology infiltrates and influences. It even pretty much succeeded in taking over Clearwater, a smallish city in Florida.

    There are a few talking points that should resonate with Germans, particularly those who survived the 30s and 40s.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    I see two issues with this plan:
    1: You or somebody on your behalf is paying for a ticket. Ah well, if it turns out as epic win, that should be fine.
    2: You'll get facefagged.
    3: You might get thrown out of you make a nuicanse of yourself. If you're lucky the audience will be resceptive. Rather than going for the "raving drunk lunatic" approach; you are in a theater, so if you act it out in a theatrical fashion, perhaps with a friend, it might be good.

    Since you're getting facefagged anyway, you could do something like pass the mask between yourselves, not strap it on, but hold it in your hand in front of your face, and only speak when you have the mask there. This might even be turned into audience participation, where you can pass the mask to other people and they get to say what they want.

    Performance theater for the win.

    Of the points xenubarb raised, I like the 2.5 percent one, and the RPF one the most, but the others are good too.

    4: Cinema advertisements might.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed


    4: Cinema advertisements might drown out anything you plan to do.
  5. CultFragger Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    You may only have a few seconds before the security people throw you out so make it very short such as:

    "Did you know that some of the ticket money for this film Cruise will give to the Scientology Cult?"

    "Thank you for supporting Scientology!"

    I don't know which language you will use, but you need to get the soundbite really short as you will have only a few seconds at most.
  6. Pacifist Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    If you're American, tell them how Scientology, through litigation, infiltration, and blackmail, received a special tax exemption that no real religion enjoys in 1993, breaking the separation-of-church-and-state, and essentially turning the nation into a Scientology nation.

    You could also tell them how it's been documented on video and on investigative journalism programs that Scientology deprives children of proper educations and uses child labor.
  7. Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    People in a theatre aren't going to listen to more than a sentence or two, and you'll have to shout, probably. Try: "Did you know that some of your ticket price is going to fund human rights violations? Tom Cruise is a Scientologist - look into Scientology's abuses on google.", or something to that tune.
  8. arturoui Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    Didn't get facefagged. Stirred up a little commotion, talked to some people afterwards, didn't get thrown out. Concerning the ticket issue: Bought one for another movie and went into Valkyrie right at the beginning of the credits.

    Mediocre win, since no one else was fighting the same ground.

    Es grüßt
    Herr Ui
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    Write a longer report. This is relevant to my interests. What did you say, did you wear the mask the whole time, how did you feel etc.
  10. arturoui Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    I went into the theatre without wearing my mask, took a seat that wasn't taken when the movie reached its end. Then I put on the mask and was waiting for the credits sequence.
    Right after the last caption about the death of one of the Nazi's generals, I stood up, took a quick glance around and said something about the RPF and how the money will be used to fund it and other human right's violations.
    Since I was all on my own, I felt nervous and a little bit nauseous, but delivered my two sentences loudly and clearly.
    Most of the audience were quite dumbstruck at first, only a few were making stupid remarks and giggling about the mask, but no scifags, just regular jerks.
    I went out into the theatres lobby after my little speech, still wearing my mask, where some people asked me a few questions about what I exactly meant etc.

    Any more questions?

    Es grüßt
    Herr Ui
  11. Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    Any more questions?

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    (gratz on win btw)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    You are an officer and a gentle(wo)man, arturoui.
  13. CantPickaName Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    If said woodchuck happened to be a scientologist then he would chuck as much wood as he was told to
  14. Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    How does audience care what scientologies is?
  15. Lorelei Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    If you do this again, take an anon of the opposite gender with you and tape fliers in the stalls of the loos and drop biz cards everywhere (don't forget the smoking area ash cans outside the theatre).

    The points above are good. You might also wish to use the "tear strip" fringe method at the bottom of the fliers with web addresses.

    I'd also add something like "What do WISE, Applied Scholastics, Narconon, etc, have in common?
    They are posing as secular entities in order to recruit new members and to funnel money into Scientology, teach FAIL Hubtech, and often choose names deliberately similar to respected entities such as Scholastic (the book company) and Narcotics Anonymous.

    Did you know that Scientology has a "military" branch known as Sea Org?
    Members sign billion-with-a-b year contract pledging themselves to the cult. (Insert some Sea Org scandals here.)

    Did you know that Scientology spends a lot of time trying to censor the free and open exchange of information online?
    Mention the censored Tom Cruise video that started it all, and add the sporgery attacks, poll jacking by non-Aussie IPs in Australia, comment section spamming, YT trolls, Wikipedia edit wars, and so on.

    Hope this helps.

    Congrats on your brass balls for standing alone and making a statement spontaneously. Good job!
  16. FUCK Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    keeping your message short and sweet would be the key here if you don't want the theater ushers to throw you out. Perhaps deliver your message during the credits. Reasons being: 1. much quieter than the rest of the movie
    2. no one really cares about them (attention will be on you)
    3. ushers can't/probably won't throw you out for disrupting them
  17. mrfyde Member

    Re: "Did you know that..." -some quick help needed

    Yes, and if the woodchuck chucked wood and left Sea Org then he would be paying for the wood that he had chucked for years to come...

    And if that wood chuck left Sea Org to join the freezone the wood chuck would be a squirrel.

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