Did Michelle Stafford quit The Young and the Restless because of IS Michael Fairman?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Did Michelle Stafford quit The Young and the Restless because of Independent Scientologist Michael Fairman?
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    Mike Rinder really has to stop telling lies . . .

    L Ron Hubbard set up the IAS to avoid paying tax. This has all been detailed by Denise (Larry) here and here.
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    Let's see - Isaac Hayes leaving South Park due to people criticizing Scientology, Michelle Stafford leaving Young and the Restless because Michael Fairman is speaking out. What's next - a Simpsons voice actor learning about the abuses of Scientology and Nancy Cartwright leaving? I'm going to have major respect for Matt Groening if he just fires her. Given they can't kill off Bart Simpson, voice actors can easily be replaced. I'm sure someone out there can do Bart's voice as great as Nancy.
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  4. Random guy Member

    Rinder's Rinder, but there's still some interesting number reporting going on:

  5. [IMG]
    Launched with enormous fanfare — it was “Jenna Elfman’s Mission” and Miscavige flew in to conduct the Grand Opening along with a “Who’s Who” of Scientology according to Celebritymagazine: “In the front row were some of Jenna’s closest Scientologist friends, including John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Catherine Bell, Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Aspen, Lynsey Bartilson, Denice Duff, Michelle Stafford, Eduardo Palomo, Danny Masterson and Christopher Masterson.”


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  7. She's shooting herself in the foot if that's why she did it. When Isaac Hayes did the same, he found himself struggling financially. And I can't see any casting directors giving her a major role if she's going to drop out as soon as someone badmouths Scientology. As Leah Remini learned recently, being a prominent Scientologist doesn't give you a leg-up in Hollywood these days.
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    What about Stafford's other scilon cast mate, Sharon Case, who plays Sharon on the show? Wonder where she fits into all this, other than being the character who pushed Stafford's character down a flight of stairs, causing Stafford's character to become comatose.
  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    “Young & Restless” Star Leaves Show to Make YouTube Series with Scientology Pals | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman

    EXCLUSIVE: You’ve got to hand it to the friends of Xenu: they are a clubby bunch. Earlier this summer Michelle Stafford, a top celeb Scientologist, left her Emmy winning role on CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” after 16 years. No one knows why exactly. Stafford told the soap opera press she was “done.” Her role will likely be recast.

    So what did Stafford leave for? To make a YouTube series with her Scientology pals. “The Stafford Project” so far is just two episodes, each around 9 minutes long. The “project” is a reality series in small installments, all about Stafford’s so called real life as a single mom of a baby delivered by surrogate.

    But what “The Stafford Project” hasn’t addressed yet is that everyone involved in it is a Scientologist. No less than two of them actresses named Paige– Goodman and Long. They are all well-versed students of L. Ron Hubbard. They write and produce the show with Stafford. Goodman (then called Paige Dorian) was ex-member Lisa Presley’s assistant and minder for eight years according to reports.

    So far all the male actors are members of the cult, too – Sevier Crespo and Robert Filios, as well as actor Eric Matheny.

    Continued with open comments at
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  10. RightOn Member

    The Old and the Relentless = DM's show
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Michelle Stafford’s Strange New Scientologist-Filled Project

    By Tony Ortega

    Roger Friedman over at Showbiz411 has a fun piece this morning about the odd new career direction for Michelle Stafford, a longtime Scientologist who recently ended her run on The Young and the Restless without much of an explanation for it.

    She subsequently has put out a couple of web videos that make up a sort of reality show about herself, but as Friedman points out, everyone in it is also a member of the Church of Scientology. Here’s the first episode.

    Continued at
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Friedman also notes the reason why she quit -- i.e., Independent Scientologist Michael Fairman:
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Michelle Stafford

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Michelle Stafford

    Stafford in a promotional image for The Young and the Restless
    September 14, 1965 (age 47)[1]
    Chicago, Illinois
    Years active
    Natalia (born 2009)
    Michelle Stafford (born September 14, 1965) is an American actress, best known for her role as Phyllis Summers on The Young and the Restless.

    The Young and the Restless

    Main article: Phyllis Summers
    In October 1994, Stafford began a short term role of Phyllis Summers on the American CBS Daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, however, her work impressed the producers and she was placed on contract.[2][3] In 1997, Stafford left the series to pursue other career opportunities, and she was replace by Sandra Nelson.[4] In July 2000, Stafford was brought back to the soap opera by former head writer Kay Alden.[5] From December 2006 to February 2007, Stafford played dual roles on Y&R, playing a woman claiming to be Sheila Carter, formerly played by Kimberlin Brown (Sheila apparently had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis).[6] In May 2013, it was announced that Stafford would be exiting the soap opera after sixteen years in the role.[7] Stafford later confirmed that her final scenes would air sometime that August.[8] Stafford exited the series on August 2, 2013.[9] She subsequently launched her web series, The Stafford Project, based on her personal life and struggles, with the first episode premiering on her YouTube Channel on August 5.
    In 2004, Stafford was a hockey correspondent for The Best Damn Sports Show Period. In 2007, Stafford appeared on Tyra Banks' talk show to help Tyra through "soap opera school."[10] And also stars as Lauren on The Grove: The Series created by Crystal Chappell
    Personal life

    Michelle had a daughter, Natalia Scout Lee Stafford, via surrogate on Monday, December 21, 2009.[11]
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    “Young and Restless” Star’s Web Series Produced by Scientology Film Company | Showbiz411

    By Roger Friedman

    Scientology is trying to dig in more and more in “mainstream” entertainment. I wrote about their latest effort, “The Stafford Project,” a few weeks ago. The web series on YouTube stars former “Young and the Restless” actress Michelle Stafford as a ‘kooky’ wannabe Lucille Ball meets Carrie Bradshaw in a scripted reality setting. But it’s really just a front for Scientology filmmakers. Stafford is a long time member of Scientology.

    “The Stafford Project” is produced by New Slant Productions, named for an L. Ron Hubbard book called “A New Slant On Life.” Hubbard was the Kilgore Trout-ish science fiction writer who invented Scientology in the 1950s. Before he came up with the pay for play religion he was a writer of pulp fiction paperbacks. (More on that in a minute.)

    Continued with open comments here:
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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Kilgore Trout?!? WTF?

    I could carve a better man from a banana.

    (IIRC, Trout was actually based on Phillip Jose Farmer...)
  18. Mr. Magoo Member

    On the episode 6 video, a few people have are stating that their comments have disappeared. Typical scientologist, can't face any criticism.
  19. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Confront and scatter!
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Today, Tony Ortega wrote:

    Also, we actually have a little celebrity news for once. One of our commenters pointed out that Michelle Stafford has joined the cast of General Hospital. Why is that important? Well, Michelle’s a very dedicated Scientologist, and there was some speculation that she left a prominent role at The Young and the Restless because fellow cast member Michael Fairman had defected from the church and has been vocal about it. (We made some calls, and we think there’s something to that speculation, or we wouldn’t bother with it.)

    After she left the show, Michelle put together a few episodes of a web series, and Roger Friedman pointed out that everyone else working on it were also Scientologists. (Which might explain why they were wooden and unfunny, for the most part.)

    But now Michelle is back to a paying gig at GH, and good for her. Except, oops, we brought you news last year that the writers at General Hospital had come up with a great running gag, bestowing the name “Miscavige Hospital for the Criminally Insane” on a mental health facility in the show.


    We have asked our elves over at ABC to let us know what happens when the writers who came up with the hospital name (who are based in New York) collide with the well-known actress when she begins filming in Los Angeles. Something’s gotta give!
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member


    Scientology rewards the celeb who bolted when her co-star went rogue

    By Tony Ortega, September 25, 2018


    Our thanks to Nottrue for sending us the latest Celebrity magazine, which features Scientologist soap opera actress Michelle Stafford on the cover.

    Now, before you scoff we just want to say that we have a lot of respect for soap actors. They might have to slog through some dubious scripts, but these are folks who labor day in and day out, and we really admire their work ethic. In fact, one of our favorite Scientology defectors is a former staple of the soaps, actor Michael Fairman, who was a star here at the Bunker in its early days.

    Fairman was a regular at The Young and the Restless for many years, but after he ditched Scientology and went public with it in 2011, it caused one of his Y&R co-stars, who was still a Scientologist, to quit the show and move to General Hospital.

    That was Michelle Stafford.

    So, loyal soldier that she is, it doesn’t surprise us that she’s getting the Celebrity cover treatment. And ever since Laura Prepon’s loopy interview went viral (sample line: “When you really cognate that you are a thetan and you have a mind and body, and that the MEST universe does not control you – it puts things into perspective”), we love to scan these profiles for Scientology lunacy.

    Alas, Stafford’s interview is about as bland as one could possibly imagine.

    Besides the expected fawning over her Y&R and General Hospital spans, it also notes her attempts at a YouTube series and a skin care line.

    Continued at
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

    Soap Opera Chaos as Scientologist Actress Michelle Stafford Exits “General Hospital” As Show Does Cult Storyline

    By Roger Friedman , Showbiz 411, March 31, 2019

    The world of soap operas aka daytime dramas is really, really crazy. Only the movies “SoapDish” and “Tootsie” have ever addressed the madness.

    Now “General Hospital” actress Michelle Stafford is leaving that show and returning to “The Young and the Restless” after a not so successful stint on the former show. She was on the latter for 16 years.

    Stafford is an avowed member of the Cult of Scientology, which “General Hospital” knew when she joined them. (She isn’t the only “Y&R” actress deep in Scientology. So is Sharon Case, who’s been on the show for eons.)

    But here’s the soapy twist: a few months ago, “General Hospital” started a story about a cult called Dawn of Day. (Dawn of Day, not coincidentally, is a is an 1881 book by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche that would drive Scientology creator L. Ron Hubbard crazy.)

    The soap cult is very similar to Scientology: members are being roped in to pay big fees for “classes,” they have a charismatic leader who’s insinuating himself into various characters’ lives. This isn’t the first time “General Hospital” has attacked Scientology. For several years they featured a clinic for the criminally insane called Miscavige, obviously named for David Miscavige, the real life Napoleonic leader of Scientology. There are no coincidences here.

    As the “GH” cult story grew, sources say, Stafford’s appearances on the went into decline. She has rarely been on screen as Dawn of Day was put on the front burner. Now Stafford is exiting “GH” over contract negotiations. Could “GH” have been using the Dawn of Day story to oust Stafford? It sure seems like it.

    Stafford’s return to “Young and the Restless” means the much more talented actress who succeeded her five years ago, Gina Tognoni, is out. Tognoni was not in a cult, but she did win an Emmy award in 2017. She should really go to prime time TV at this point, she’s too good for this stuff. Stafford, meanwhile, will be reunited with Case, who’s been in Scientology a long time.

    Only in Hollywood, kids, only in Hollywood.

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