Did Anonymous stop Karl Rove from Stealing Ohio again?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Nov 18, 2012.

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    No, actually I think the success of the auto bailout dashed any hopes of the Republicans taking Ohio this year.
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    This article is chock full of links that tie the story together.

    Did anon do it or not? Of course we will never know for sure, but seeing Rove meltdown and Romney and his wife and friends weeping and gnashing their teeth after being so sure of their victory brings sweet, warm fuzzies to my soul. Even if anon or the white hats had nothing to do with it, the mere speculation is almost as lulzy and bolsters the reputation of anonymous as the final boss of the internet.
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  5. DeathHamster Member

    I don't know if I believe this cool story, but I do know that around 11pm, the numbers that the Canadian Broadcorping Castration was reporting for Ohio and Florida suddenly did a strange flip for Romney. The news anchor looked at them and basically said "No, these numbers are poo. Can we get the correct figures?" Eventually they corrected it.
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  6. Can anonymous produce dox on this "vote flipping scheme?" This could be of great interest; proof that Rove has engineered election results? Juicy if true....

    DOX or GTFO I´m afraid.
  7. Anonymous Member

    True or not, the story is very cool, very, very coool.
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    In way sensitive and tricky Ops .. People have to tread carefully..For all the obvious reasons
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    gather up some grains of salt, over @ OCMB, a link showed up about the formula for flipping that Retired NSA analyst Michael Duniho has worked for nearly seven years. (also, see who else is mentioned in article, you'll lol)
    Example: [image] 2012 GOP primary Arizona [The bigger the precinct (x axis) the higher the number of votes for Romney and corresponding decrease for Santorum and Paul when all lines should look like the Gingrich line.]
  11. If you don't read Daily Kos, you really should. They have an article on this: Not Even Wrong. I could spoil it for you, but that would be kinda bitchy.
  12. It could also be that Santorum appealed most to people in smaller areas, while suffering among more urban voters. Ditto Paul, but with more fail because he and his hell spawn are as crazy as shithouse rats and dumb as a bag of rocks.
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    To get to the relevant part of this 58-minute show, skip ahead to 47:09.

    Full Show 11/19/12: Did Anonymous Save the Election?

    Published on Nov 19, 2012 by TheBigPictureRT

    Thom talks with Earth Policy Institute's Janet Larsen following the World Banks warning of a 7 degree temperature rise by 2100. Also discussed: the spreading Wal-Mart strike and what it means for Black Friday, what the growing shadow banking system means for our economy and in tonight's "Daily Take" Thom discusses how the group Anonymous may have prevented Karl Rove and the GOP from giving Romney the presidency.
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  14. Thank you for reminding me why I don't watch RT. They're conspiracy theorists and moonbats. Thom sarcastically asked if they didn't have access to Nate Silver. They did, and they explicitly hated him. Instead, they came out with bullshit sites such as Unskewed, the founder of which has since apologized. Also, they paid attention to Gallup, which was completely horrible for a third consecutive presidential election. They cherry-picked the polls to find a result that got the Gaynigger From Outer Space out of the White House, ignoring the significant amounts of evidence to the contrary. As Republicans are often wont to do, they ignored reality, science, and logic, and then were shocked when reality didn't conform to their insanity. Karl Rove had drunk his own Kool-aid, and was shocked when reality forced him to foam at the mouth. Jim Jones reference... too soon?

    In 2004, Nate Silver was still working on PECOTA as a baseball statistician. However, neuroscientist Prof. Sam Wang at Princeton was getting started. I would call him a prominent neuroscientist, but his presence at Princeton makes that redundant. Here's an interesting link. Scroll down to the Tuesday, November 2, 10:00PM area. The exit polls had a 59F-41M breakdown, which far exceeded the percentage of voters who were female. Since Kerry's win among women was so narrow, a +10%F skew, as shown by a 59F-41M poll sample, is significant and could easily have caused this problem. The actual electorate was 54F-46M. Interesting, Prof. Wang had a problem with Florida, not Ohio, and even that was convincingly refuted by Jim G. Prof. Wang could be forgiven, because this was an early attempt at poll aggregation. He's gotten significantly better since then. He pegged a final EV total of 303 as very slightly more likely than the actual total of 332, and the difference is Florida.

    Tl;dr: There was no smoking gun in 2004. Hell, there wasn't even a firecracker or a sparkler. America was just that fucking retarded that year.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Somewhere in his mom's basement, enjoying pizza and pron, this guy is wildly fapping because he knows he just made this shit up and people are swallowing it and calling it chicken cordon bleu.

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  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

  17. I was hitting FiveThirtyEight, Prof. Sam Wang's election website, and more in the buildup. Obama never trailed in the aggregated numbers in Ohio. I was completely unsurprised by the results. His Crossroads GPS had an abysmal night, and that made me happy!
  18. In the closing days of the campaign, the Ryan/Romney strategy was basically saying "nigger nigger nigger, spic spic spic, slut slut slut." They veiled it, but not very well. When an increasing amount of the populace is black and Latino, and the women are pissed off by things like the "legitimate rape" comment, that's does not help your odds of winning.
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  19. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    If his GPS misdirected him, I'd hope it'd send him to Hell, Michigan, Hell, California, or Hell, Arizona. That would be funnier than... well, Hell.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    I always wanted to steal (or buy) a roadsign from Climax Michigan. "You are now entering ..."
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  21. That would be even funnier if it said "Thank you for coming to Climax, Michigan." lol
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  22. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Well, I kind of feel bad for the people in Fucking, Austria. They get their fucking "Fucking" sign stole all the time... but does that come as a fucking surprise to anybody?
  23. DeathHamster Member

    They have to turn that frown upside-down! They need a store by the road that sells the damned things! Profit!
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Did Anonymous stop Rove from stealing the election? -

    Even without Anonymous’ alleged efforts, it is unclear that ORCA had the sophistication to rig votes. Although perhaps nefarious intentions behind the project account for its failure as a GOTV system. Again, we can only speculate — the onus is on Anonymous to provide further proof before we can believe these (albeit delicious) claims.

    More at
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  25. Anonymous Member

    That explains so much
  26. Tl;dr: OFA built their database from the ground up and made sure it met all of their needs. ORCA was an attempt to buy something off the shelf. OFA had a fuckton of servers. ORCA had one. OFA worked. ORCA went down because the ISP initially thought they were being DDoS'd when it went live. OFA was treated like a business that wanted to win. ORCA was treated like Romney ran his other companies into the ground. I only hope OFA is given to the DFA or the Democratic House Campaign Committee.
  27. Thank you. I'm glad you agree that I'm part of the reality-based community.
  28. muldrake Member

    ORCA didn't have the fucking sophistication to even stay up for more than 10 minutes at a time. It was a failure because it was designed by Microshaft and Accenture, which you might remember under the name "Arthur Andersen," which had to change its name to innocuous sounding meaningless corporate-name gibberish after this little thing called "Enron."

    What's funny about ORCA is that it was designed to do GOTV activities that have been being done by local Republicans and Democrats alike for over 100 years, quite successfully, with a new-fangled technology known as a "pad and pencil." Just have a list of your known voters, with a checkbox next to their name and info, and when they show up at the poll, check them off. Then throughout the day, look for who hasn't shown up and give them a phone call.

    Price of ORCA: millions
    Price of failure: the whole election

    Price of a pencil: a nickel
    Actually working: priceless.
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  29. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I know I'd buy a few... dozen.

    Most of what killed Romney/Ryan was the simple fact people thought he favored the wealthy and was Karl Rove's official cock cleaner. Nothing those two could do could shake that image and it is going to be way harder to convince people they weren't. Right now the GOP can't shake that image either since retards like Rove and Limbaugh are the major faces of said party.

    Now as for "legitimate rape" boy Akin: First, I fucking hate my local CBS affiliate. They cut out the CBS news feed in favor of their own brand of herp derp. What really butthurt me is that their sister station played Akin's BAWWWQuit speech but the main channel didn't.... So, had I not accidentally found it, I would have missed out on the whole deal. Needless to say both channels actually cared what Akin was going to do since he lost. Obviously DIAF was not on their list officially. So they herp derped about possibilities. I didn't care, I was too busy LOLing at him and in the same breath RAEGing about missing the good bits of it. Such as blaming McCaskil and her "liberal" groups. (Forgetting that the GOP leader, Karl Rove threatened to murder him.)
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  30. Did we watch the same tape? All i saw was Rove arguing that when 75% of the votes are counted, and the difference between the 2 candidates is 900-something votes, it might be too early to call....not exactly a melt-down!! In fact i was seriously disappointed by the obvious lack of melt. The title of the video was selling something that just wasnt my eyes at least, i havent seen Rove freak out before, so maybe he always looks really calm and reasonable when he has a "melt down."
  31. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    It is because:

    1) Karl Rove is the GOP "Godfather" and his hopes of getting Romney in office got dashed. Magnifique!

    2) Fox News. LOL!

    3) He was in denial. He couldn't believe that he was watching his hopes and dreams get set ablaze in front of his very eyes.

    4) Oh he didn't have a naked meltdown like Jason Russell, but wouldn't it have been hilarious if he did? All on Fox news too no less? Be the first time in it's history it actually did something useful...

    5) Seeing the light dim in his eyes and the tears start to well... Beautiful and tasty!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Rove needs a haircut. With all his money and what he got from everyone else you'd think the man would get a decent haircut.
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  33. So you basically have to bring what you already know about the guy AND your imagination see the actual meltdown... Cause honestly, I didnt see his hopes get set ablaze, I saw a guy presenting an argument for being cautious.

    Al Rove, naked masturbating in the streets? Dude, no...please no...AAAARGH MY FUCKING MINDS EYE IS BLEEDING
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  34. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I guess I was too giddy about the trolling I was going to do to my GOP friends. Ahhh... I'll say it in a picture:


    That aside, you are correct: He was trying to be cautious. However, in the end his cautiousness was for naught.

    I aims to please :D
  35. Anonymous Member

    My city has a "Gay" street, and, well, back in college...
  36. Appreciated...and thanks for bringing Jason Russel back into the mix, brought back good memories.
  37. eddieVroom Member

  38. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Troll Science in action:

    1) Steal "Get" one of these signs from Fucking. (Protip: Use a magnet for faster getting)
    2) Attach the Fucking sign to the Gay street sign. Order doesn't matter. Use what sounds good. Use duct tape to attach.
    3) Hilarity ensues! People think the street name is either "Fucking Gay" or "Gay Fucking".
    4) ???
    5) Profit
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Well you, sir, win the internets!
  40. SOJOA Member

    Just watched this. Interesting.

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