Did Anonymous accidentally the whole world?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. The written form is virtually identical for over 99% of speakers of Chinese languages. I think the only problem would be some of the puns would not translate, for example, from Mandarin to Hakka.
  2. Anonymous Member

    The term to search is jasmine flower 茉莉花, same for both simplified and traditional font in Chinese. Within China, they all speak Mandarin, except the new acquisitions Hong Kong and Macau. The first fans page has >10,000 likes. The number #313 means they will be turning up to celebrate LRH's birthday, in possibly over 100 cities as in the map. They have been doing this every month (who's idea?). There's not much news because they just turn up in major plazas to shop, and to watch the secret police. But there's a long way yet to #604.
  3. annon21 Member

    May be we should collect the puns they use, and make an Anonymous Chines pun translator. I don't know if it would be a good idea to have the translator all over the internet, but just make some for the ones doing the translating. It would be like a cipher key but for puns.
  4. Unfortunately, the only Chinese I know is found on a menu or a Xiang-qi board. I suck at that just like I do Western chess.
  5. annon21 Member

    How is anonymous searching for people who speak it? I have this funny picture in my head of American Anons in Guy Fawkes masks hanging around Chinese restaurants asking workers... "Do you speak Chines"..."Anonymous and China needs you." lol

    Maybe if we post it around the internet that Anonymous would like Chines speaking recruits... Is there a plan already going on about this? Or is it just talk up to this point?
  6. Anonymous Member

    A question:
    how is 人肉搜索 responding to 茉莉花?
  7. I'm sure we can lure them in with some Egashira vids. After all, Japan and China are all one country, right?
  8. Anonymous Member

    人肉搜索 means human flesh search, what 4chan have been doing. Finding out the real name of cat abuser/child molester/fail loser/pretty girl sitting next to the ambassador, and doc/expose/harass/date them.

    Yes Egashira vids - all ?chans are all one chan.
  9. If I'm a fan of Egashira 2:50, does that make me a weeaboo?
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    If most can read it we are good.
  12. Anonymous Member

    expatriots: lots of native Chinese people live in the West. they speak both languages; mom & dad make sure they learn Chinese. they understand "Western" values of freedom. they have forums.
    They are the corpus callosum that will unite the two halfs.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Now there's a pair of words you don't often see on a forum. Bravo!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Chinese guys all look the same, so why do they bother with masks?
  15. Consensus Member

    I've used the corpus callosum on these forums (and others) before, describing it as analagous to this or that...
    Curious who this anonymous contributor is, seems they 'n I have some thoughts in common...
  16. gigarath3 Member

    Deathnote references are always good!
  17. Anonymous Member

    This thread is starting to understand what I was talking about. As for translators to get in touch with Chinese anons - not really all that necessary, in my opinion. The Chinese are learning English in a big way, and are already among us.

    If you're asking about which Chinese is relevant, it's the Simplified Chinese used on the mainland which is most useful (Traditional Chinese is used on Taiwan) - but since we're speaking about puns, some puns only work in Mandarin, while other puns work in Cantonese. Most Cantonese speakers know Mandarin.
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  18. Nancy Beazley Member

  19. Clever Name Member

    Also, interwebz is a visual medium so maybe pictomemes will develop to hop the language barrier.
  20. wilson4268 Member

    I've already declared war on my penis and this bottle of soco.

    p.s. i only bought it cause its 8 bucks a pint. it also makes me VERY gassy.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I haven't read most of the thread and I probably won't, but there is one part of this post I'd like to refer to:

    "If you pay a tiny bit of attention to the in-depth articles about this wave of democratic uprisings, the Internet, has been instrumental. Some of the named activists in Iran, Tunisia and Egypt have credited Anonymous (as in us, the empty suit mask faggots) for essential help, while anonymity online in general also has been credited. But even those anonymous activists who have been arrested, beaten, and had their identities revealed continue to speak out. So you don't have to be anonymous, but it helps."

    I believe that being Anonymous and anonymous are no longer the same thing. You can be Anonymous, part of the hive mind, and reveal your identity, lose your anonimity as such. The two are not interdependent. It is no longer the fact of being anonymous that counts, but the idea of being Anonymous. And as we do so love to quote, ideas are bullet proof.

    They may know your name, your face, your telephone number, your street address...and that means you are not anonymous. But it does not stop you being Anonymous.

    Just a thought.

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