Did Anonymous accidentally the whole world?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    We didn't start the fire
    It was always burning since the world's been turning
    We didn't start the fire
    No we didn't light it but we're actually finally fighting it for a fucking change
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  2. Anonymous Member

    For what it's worth.

    I'm work for the government of a european nation and have A-clearence.
    This means I am allowed to read/glance over documents marked State Secret should I come across them in my work.
    I cannot retrieve such documents in any way, only when I'm working on an project that leaves no choice but for me to open databases etc.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hey, get back to work.
    Regards, your boss.
    Sounds like you're using "reality" more in the Scienotology sense of the word. Which is actually pretty appropriate, because Anonymous - while being anyone and noone - is also subject to constant re-definition. People are and are not Anonymous from one minute to the next, depending on what they are doing.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Individually, we are only anonymous. Only when there is a dire peril do over 9000 of us form together into a giant fighting robot called Anonymous.
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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. veravendetter Member

    This thread is going in circles. I began expressing my disquiet at the degree of credit people who class themselves as Anonymous (at the particular moment they were commenting *sigh*) were claiming responsibility for sparking action in the Middle-East. Then I gave an opinion on what I believe is the cultural dynamic of Anonymous, then people rebuffed with their opinion. 'Reality' is subjective, and an attempt to grasp it must be taken to offer such an opinion. Now you're telling me my 'reality' is wrong, and your 'reality' is right. To kill what is becoming the aching boredom of replying to these semantics, I'll re-state what I think is my core point here. I believe that whatever lofty 'concept' you wish to tag the entity of Anonymous with; universal, all-encompassing, global etc. I 'believe' through my experience of 'reality' through my senses, that it is a cultural phenomenon that attracts in the main (although there are always exceptions) computer-literate, white, middle class people from the West. Nothing said in this thread has budged me from this opinion. What those who disagree with me here seem to be projecting is what ideologically they would like Anonymous to be, and it can be that (technically), but if that was the grass roots 'reality', then why are the sample 'members'(sic) you see at raids etc all startlingly similar in social terms. Young, white, liberal. If it was such a cornucopia of social and cultural backgrounds, why, when anonymous shows its IRL face is this group so dominant? Because in my 'opinion' those who gravitate towards classing themselves as 'Anonymous' are identifying with more than merely free-speech. It has its own culture too.

    P.S. My country is UK- When anon ventures IRL, where are the blacks, the asians, the chavs, the middle aged, pensioners etc etc. I'm sure you'd be able to provide me with exceptional examples, but in the main, they're just not there.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    They have to be recruited. Doing so requires that you understand them, and show them that Anonymous' 'values' are consistent with theirs, and that Anonymous is capable of producing positive results in line with those values.
  8. veravendetter Member

    Can't you see how this contradicts nearly everything you were portraying Anonymous as?
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  9. Anonymous Member

    OP here (or one of my socks). You can't claim you accidentally anything if you don't even understand what it means. So I doubt very much if any non-Anonymous are going to claim or reclaim that they accidentally ... That is all, but ...

    I doubt if there's anyone who do not respect those doing the fight IRL. If it helps to build up some Anonymous myth, so be it. Colbert is doing it. If people like to wear V mask IRL, so be it.

    On another note, if the tank guy (6/4 China) knew that he would be watched for the next 20 years, a lot would join him for a lot less coverage. (For some it's worthwhile to go off with a spark than stay as slaves.) It will all be different. So perhaps just by watching videos, copying and commenting on your mom's basement, you are helping a lot.
  10. agent156 Member

    eh I know what know.

    My beef with CoS started in 2004. I first heard of anoymous a few days after WBM asked us anonymous to knock off the DDoS. I followed chanology as closely as I could.

    But my beef was personal, and trolling CoS was just making be kinda tinfoily so I layed off once it felt like I was beating a dead horse.
  11. agent156 Member

    You talk pretty. Genetically I have seen diversity IRL in the US, but ethnically/culturally... monolithic.
  12. veravendetter Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    It sort of depends what the OP thinks Anonymous is in the first place. Anonymous might have accidentally it, but maybe not that particular anonymous poster. Or maybe (s)he did.

    Well, first of all I think we can agree that there is an objective reality out there, right? What I was objecting to, is that you were claiming that your opinion was more valid, without being able to offer any evidence for it "in reality". Also, I was pointing out that the very concept of Anonymous is subject to constant re-definition.

    I think you would be right to say that participation in Anonymous is skewed towards people who are educated and computer literate, but the reason you think they're mostly white and western is that you are white and living in the west yourself, and haven't looked into the roots of Anonymous as a cultural phenomenon. In Malaysia, Egypt, Japan, South Korea, Tunisia, etc. - countries where they also have the Internet - there are rather few white people in Anonymous. Many of them post in their native language, but some also come over to 4chan and other English language boards.

    Because you live in a place where there are lots of white people and go to IRL raids which young liberals care about?
  14. veravendetter Member

    Everything you say is totally, 100% right, no question. I'd never considered there was land out past the water we call sea. You obviously have the inside scoop on the objective reality of everyone who aligns themselves with anonymous, and how could I ever compete with such a dazzling and thorough wisdom. Keep being awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
    Disclaimer: sorry for the sarcasm, but I'm obviously not conveying the nuances of my position here very well, and am already sick of this debate. Short of writing a dissertation on the subject, I fail to see how my points can be passed on
    Any links showing how it's culturally there's as equally as westerners would be greatly appreciated
    Remember I said culturally though if providing. Not some Tunisians saying 'we is anonymous'

    Edit: the reason I think this debate goes nowhere and should cease due to crippling boredom for others, is that it is built on 'definitions' on both sides, that until we have a consensus on, can never support a productive debate. Plus, I'm replying to people not knowing if previous points are from them or others, which is tiresome. I 'feel' as if I'm talking about something on a wider scale culturally/historically, but with a narrower definition of Anonymous than others care to accept. I find this an interesting topic, but my frustration arises from my inability to express exactly what I mean without launching into even more wallotext. So for the sake of everyone, please just accept that you're right, I'm wrong. I'm ok with that.
  15. WhiteNight Member

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  16. AnonymousNow Member

    Al Jez credits anon for aiding in middle east, in the least, of course.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Anyone thinking Anonymous has had no part in the events in Egypt and Tunisia is retarded, frankly.
  18. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I remember a blog post. Anything else ?
  19. veravendetter Member

  20. Speaking of chavs, I understand a very famous one will not be attending the Royal Wedding: Sarah Ferguson.
  21. none given Member

    Oh, the irony.
  22. Evil Evil Evil pawn
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. veravendetter Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    This is assuming we know ALL of the facts, which we don't and won't have unless someone dumps the databases of every intelligence agency in the world, which isn't gonna happen.
  26. Anonymous Member

    @ this thread, It's always a good thing to see debate going on. When everyone agrees all of the time, then I will be very afraid. It's been a long time since the MKUltra project. I'm in no hurry to see how the techniques have evolved or what the Government has been up to.

    I also know there is a possibility that "Anonymous" could be easily subverted and used as a tool. Don't kid yourselves guys, we're still human. I think a lot of people get on some kind of ego trip or self-righteous attitude being in this collective. That's not saying what's been going on is a bad thing, I'm just saying... Entire nations have been brainwashed by misinformation. Just a thought. What if Governments fabricated a leak and used Anonymous to spread misinfo?...
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    Context please. :)
    Location? raid?

    (ie, is this a chanology raid or is it something of the recent political themed events?)
  29. Anonymous Member

    looks like a bunch of azns..
  30. Moneyman736 Member

    Compared to when I go out to dinner and leave Anonymous, before the check comes.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Good job Captain Obvious.

    However due to them being azns I need said context.
    azns are everywhere and looking at the background this could easily be a chanology raid somewhere in europe.

    ANyone got a clue as to where and why this is?
    landmark in background may help.
  32. Anonymous Member

    That looks like it could be the pro-democracy raid in Hong Kong
  33. none given Member

    That my brother is China.

    They pioneered graphic communication independently of us. Google “river crab” and “mudgrass hourse” for details.
    They learned the value of egoless/nameless community from the Japanese 2chan about the same time we did. Lurk QQ for details.
    This is not the Chinese/Anonymous community’s first tribute to the parallel evolution that is us. They have often expressed their appreciation for us. Lurk QQ moar for details.
    They appear to have about 150 to 300 thousand active participants.
    The language barrier is formidable. Because we both seek to use visual puns, memes and subtle allusions to circumvent censorship and trick AI mechanical translation is worst than useless. Bablefish would have more luck with facial expressions.
    There is a way for us to work together but it requires a good number of Chinese/ western language bilingual sympathizers. That ain’t a stock item. I would rather look for an albino dwarf. And we need like fifty.
    This is what I dream about. Sino-Anon and Western-Anon in an alliance that would make God pee himself a little bit.
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  34. Orson Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    Good for them! I really hope they stay safe.
  36. Mark Cabian Member

    Please start a work group! Do you already have something in place to find the number of translators you need?

    EDIT: yes, the entire
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  37. none given Member

    Again, here is the situation;
    They all have a gun to their temple. The 2nd, 3rd generation western Chinese have a gun to Grandma's temple.
    This is not Chanology. They will not be stalked and harrassed they will be murdered. Not the cat, the people.
    We have a language/meme/Great Firewall barrier to climb that would (does) confound the best human/AI minds out there.

    To date: 3 facebook pages (none started by me) totaling <700 members.

    We have to be smooth, smart and quiet. You know, Anonylike.

    One does not simply walk into Shanghai.

    As far as;
    Well, Boris, that may not be an option, This could be worse than Libya. Way worse. Fuck I wish I could be there to divert four tanks with sheer force of will like that anonymous man in the photo.

    I am open to suggestions.
    I am mostly open to Chinese speaking people willing to confront the most repressive superpower that still lives.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    The intelligence & power of free thinking (and Anonymous) Asians can never be underestimated. Given the will, I believe there will be ways.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    The game in China is much more advanced. For Arab style revolt, there was one some 20 years ago. That's why there is the Great Firewall of China. Facebook and twitter is banned. There's no need to cut off from the Internet like Egypt did. Still FB has many more than 3 related pages. There's not much coordination on FB because the bulk of people cannot use FB. From inside, there's obviously a paid army of commentators watching every forum. They outnumbered Anonymous many times to one.

    They resort to "hi-tech" suppression because they can't just murder people any more. Perhaps they still do but they can't do it openly. Majority of population is homogeneous - language, race, religion, even politics as there is only one party.

    As for the economics - a PhD candidate once told me, if you are entitled to a dollar, and they give you a dime, will you be happy? For sure they are not as stupid as the Tea Party as some TP opponents put it, fighting the dime with unions or whatever.
  40. annon21 Member

    There are multiple varieties of the Chines language, what variety are we looking for? Are we fine with just Mandarin?

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