Did Anonymous accidentally the whole world?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. veravendetter Member

    You get a life dude. I've yet to see you post anything that isn't a pile of shit
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  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  3. Herro Member

    It also stretches the idea of Anonymous well past the point of meaninglessness.
  4. veravendetter Member

    Exactly. Anonymous is not a human condition of someone using a computer and deciding to withold their identity, as much as the idealistic ones among you may like this to be the case; it is a cultural phenomenon rooted in the West whether you like that or not.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Shows how much you know. It's more rooted in China and Japan than in the West.
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  6. COREarg Member

    ...This is so bipolar and schizophrenic that it's funny.

    Just a small penny... watch out from wtf,m'kay?

    We're not goddamn heroes... we just go around posting information,and that actually helps. Apart of that,nothing more.
    I want to think that we kind of help on, but only sharing information. Real Anonymous Heroes are those who die at the parks and the streets, getting shot while trying to defend their right to live. THOSE are important...not us.

    This is not a generation or an era or something. It's just a change of tide.
    Now we have information,and ways to share it in any way possible. Wikileaks, Failbook,Twitter, e-mail spam, imageboards, art sites, news sites, blogs...I can keep going.
    But, sharing this makes us only the tool of changes, not the change itself. We just help,and if you want to take charge of the revolution on Egypt or Tunisia...go ahead,be the fool of the town. But you're a tool,as much as I, to bring either freedom or repression. So do everyone who is right now risking their damn guts in front of soldiers that are threatened to kill or be killed.

    I want to think that we are just tools, because it would be SO DAMN selfish to think that you're the maker of all this changes. I don't think every Anon here was just at the streets of Libya trying to avoid the bullets, or was at Egypt in the giant river of people that was there,showing how tired they were of all that crap.

    We just help, a small little david miscavige sized help, but we do. But that must not allow us to be such...a douche. Our help is nothing compared to the sacrifices that had been done.

    So stfu,and gb2protesting,you morons. WE HAVE A CULT TO TAKE DOWN,AND INFORMATION TO LEAK,GODAMMIT!

    p.s: But...maybe I'm wrong. I'm a noob on all this. Sorry.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    COREarg: Anonymous does not equal Chanology does not equal WWP
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  8. veravendetter Member

    How so? Physical networks or Weeaboo software?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Not just physical networks and software, but culturally. It's not like they invented anonymity, but due to the culture frowning on individuality and sticking out from the crowd, expressing oneself as part of an anonymous identity is ironically a form of individuality - at the same time as being part of a mass identity.
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  10. veravendetter Member

    Again, it's all a question of definition. Your interpretation of what the 'entity' of Anonymous is, is obviously cast a lot wider than I care to agree with. (and no, I don't think it's just chans and WWP). Following your definition, the people here could claim credit by proxy for half the things that happen in the world, which was my original objection ITT.
    Also, starting replies with, 'Shows how much you know' only makes you sound like a 14 yr-old dick. Go eat your Pocky.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    So what is your requirement for being a "certified" Anonymous? Does one have to own a V mask? Live north of the Mediterranean? Own their own computer? Attended a Scientology protest? Posted dick/boobs on /b/?
  12. COREarg Member

    Again,I said that maybe I'm wrong. "I'm 12 years old and what is this"

    Now,if you were gentle enough to tell me EXACTLY what Anonymous equals too, I would feel honored to know. Just sayin'
  13. veravendetter Member

    None of your sarcastic defintions apply; and I don't have a definitive profile, but it stops way short of your idealistic 'anyone at a computer' assertion. My 62 year-old mother uses a pseudonym online, and is a fundamentalist Christian. Does her weekly online prayer group mean she's Anonymous. Maybe I should tell her that's what she is, so she can become self-aware.
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  14. veravendetter Member

    apparently its anyone who can get online and doesn't use their real name
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  15. I've eaten Pocky once, but found it a less than cost-effective and less than effective delivery method for chocolate, nuts, and pretzel/cookie stick. I also enjoy Botan rice candy every now and then. Does that make me a weeaboo?
  16. veravendetter Member

    Yes ;)
  17. YATTA!!!! OH, and I'm having a DBZ marathon at my house. It's funny to watch when you have some herb.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I think it's a hazy border between anyone who identify as being Anonymous, at minimum, and anyone who is anonymous, at maximum. A computer isn't even necessarily involved.
    If you ask people who you would characterize as "true" anons, I think you'll find that this "idealistic" definition is the one that has the most consensus. The media has sometimes tried to portray Anonymous as a secretive cabal and definite group, but it isn't that.
    I posted before you edited your post. I didn't mean to offend.

    The reason I posted about this is that Anonymous culture in non-English speaking countries isn't as well known, but it's there, and even people who are Anonymous by the narrowest definition are in the middle of what's going on now. As in they even post on WWP.
    Even if you personally might not be involved, some are.
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  19. veravendetter Member

    This doesn't even make sense.
    With such an enormous demographic, who are these people you're asking, and getting a consensus from?

    Also, loling at 'I think you'll find . . .'
  20. veravendetter Member

    Although you obviously won't agree, your argument grows weaker with each post, so; toodle-pip, nighty-night, farewell old bean
  21. Anonymous Member

    Darn, just when I found out we are Chinese and Japanese. Just when they were about to give irrefutable dox, too. What - MODS! We need a Chinese forum!
  22. uncoerced Member

    Ooh. I have this mental image of nanobots in "Prey" (Michael Crichton) and Anonymous... Sometimes you are Anonymous if what you're doing or thinking benefits Anonymous and sometimes you're just anonymous and sometimes you're Anonymous when other Anonymous are doing or thinking things that you don't like and and sometimes you don't even know what Anonymous is and you are Anonymous and sometimes you're just an anonymous cheerleader lending virtual support for something WAY bigger and badder than your little life but man do you wish you could be a part of it because you would, you know, you really would.
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  23. veravendetter Member

    i lol'd :D
  24. Who is the leader of Anonymous? May as well ask "Which molecule is the leader of a cloud?"
  25. SOJOA Member

    I think its pretty clear we rule the world now.

    Caekz for all.
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  26. annon21 Member

    We didn't start the fire, It was always burning Since the world's been turning

  27. We did not start anything, we provided the means for people to act.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Did Anonymous accidentally the whole world? Yes. Yes they did.

    Look busy, God is watching.
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  29. agent156 Member

    Do you really think anonymous has gotten anywhere by being humble?

    We are legion
    We never forgive
    We never forget
    Expect us

    None of us are as dangerous as all of us.

    Those are the words of an ego maniac, someone inflamed with power, riding the highest horse this rock has ever seen. The beauty of anonymous is, the Whole will never hand the keys to the One.

    Those who participated in the original chanology raids were taking a very real risk. Arrest, job loss, law suits, thetans.

    People got V&, people got served. Anonymous was the target of sophisticated frame up. No one had the faintest clue how it would end. Only arrogance kept the Whole strong.

    When I posted the Jan 15th Dallas rally video this was the first comment.

    "hello anonymous!i found today 18 january on youtube a new video with important information for tunisian people who is fighting for his freedom and dignity.this video was deleted from youtube before i can share it on facebook so everyone can pass the message,please help us to find it and reveal it to people.i have the link:watch?v=yituDqL9WVs

    you are the freedom knights!please send it to me asap

    If those people dieing in the streets are heroes... and they think we are the Knights of Freedom, then who the fuck are you to deign them?

    And if Al Jazeera thinks we had something to do with it... I think we did. (2:45 if you are totally lazy)

    There are still plenty of chances to get party v&, or lose your job, if that's what you are into. And none of us will ever get a gov job that requires even the most basic security clearance.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    View attachment 163484_156033681112623_154025524646772_282936_2666

    Tunisians. Wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Your move.
  31. I'm not saying there are Anons with clearances, but there are Anons with clearances.

    That is all.
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  32. veravendetter Member

    Your move would be to re-read the thread. I never claimed ANY of these countries contained no anonymous, or were helped by other anonymous in their struggle. I was reacting to the over-enthusiasm that was implying that Anonymous was somehow the original catalyst for the Middle-east revolutions. Then I got embroiled in a debate that ended up with my opponent claiming 'everyone' is anonymous, (even if they don't use a computer?!!; dunno how that works?) I'll make my 'move' when you're playing on the same chessboard as I am.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Which one's the horsey then?
  34. veravendetter Member

    You better ask those Tunisian students in the above picture. They're the ones that masterminded the whole revolution.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    It's funny to see how the Anonymous concept seems to go over the heads of even a few of those who consider themselves its fag masters and batmen.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Ever heard about Anonymous having live protests, flier raids, hiding YouFoundTheCards, hanging a poster on a billboard, drawing a mustache on a picture of Mubarak, calling their friends on the phone to spread the word of a protest? That's examples of anonymous Anonymous actions not using a computer (except maybe for the cell phone, which is technically a computer too). Sure, some computer support may be invovled, but each individual doesn't have to own or even have access to a computer to call themselves Anonymous and do things anonymously.

    Then there's even people who call themselves Anonymous and do things non-anonymously, like apply for protest permits or speak to the press non-anonymously. Quite the paradox.

    Colbert: "By the way, are you Anonymous?"
    Greenwald: "'We're all anonymous' is their saying."
  38. agent156 Member

    Its funny how much nicer people are in the meat. The nay sayers, and can't mongers, and people that debate against every attempt to actually act like activists are all keyboard jockeys, so they don't show up to protests. Or stick their necks out for permits, or risk being the first one v& cause they take it upon themselves to tell people where its ok to stand.
  39. veravendetter Member

    The 'concept' of Anonymous is very different to the reality of Anonymous.
    You seem to know a lot about everyones actions/motivations.

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