Derail of Portland Opening Lions and Tigers and IPs Oh my!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HOC, May 17, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    why are you here?
  2. Anonymous Member

    OMG. Waiting for the lawl suit 3 ..2...1
  3. Anonymous Member

    "Ultimate Victory" LOL!
    If COS calls pissing off all the locals, the people in the gay bar across the street, the other people in the other building, wasting the police's time (as always), lying to police and lying about how many people showed up. oh! and having to turn down theThe Chairman's microphone so he couldn't be heard if someone was recording him, (pussy) an "ultimate victory"..... I have a bridge to sell you! oh wait.....
    Damn right Victorious! BWA HA HA
  4. Anonymous Member

    lol! maybe Charlie Sheen (or now Carlos Estevez) would be interested that COS used his trademarked catch phrase. Well I know he filed to have "Duh, winning" trademarked along with 22 other phrases, but I don't know if he was successful?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Nah, retards are all allowed to use the "Winning" Sheen slogan. It's in the rules of Tiger Blood and OT's
  6. Hey Karen, stop trying to derail this thread into something anti-Scilons. This thread is anti-Karen, so get with the program. Other threads are already being censored by mods when posting against you or Michael Hobson. So let's keep this one as it is :)
  7. Marty needs more IPs, this time of people attacking Karen de la Carrier.

    Plz Deliver.
  8. YOU can't possibly be my beloved husband!

    Before LRH:

  9. Holy Mother of God.

    This woman is horrendous!
  10. Tell Herro to come back.
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  11. Asheera Member

    No. Just no. Not even for all the Hershey bars and Lay's in the country. Just no.
    Did I mention the NO part?
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  12. Anonymous Member

    we could use a little herro around here some days
    moonbat antidote
  13. No such thing exists
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  14. Anonymous Member

    I have to confess, I never knew if Herro was related to "Hero", or "Hello".

    I guess I will never know. :|
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  15. If Herro comes back I will make Karen de la Carrier do a naked dance...maybe not. She might audit me and write a "KR" on my actions! Mrs. Class XII, lol
  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Just the thought............made me throw up!
  18. Anonymous Member

    You really don't want Herro to come back, do you? If you don't like the guy just say so but ffs you don't have to threaten us! I'd rather see goatse or Lemon Party.
  19. Asheera Member

    Does anyone actually remember how awful Herro was? Like really remember the pain-in-the-ass those postings represented..?

    His defenders always refer to the 6 or so times he was right, not that arguing against complete moonbats wouldn’t generate some hits every once in a while, but how many other threads did he destroy/derail/defecate with this brainless repetition, shallow word-play, blind-to-dox moronship?

    The real damage that Herro did was managing to convince so many gullible posters that his/her/it’s brand of thread-shitting was somehow “just playing devil’s advocate”.

    You’re like the Russians who, when asked to rate their past leaders, put Stalin high up on the pile:
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  20. Anonymous Member

    I thought part of the Herro-love was the "kill 'em with kindness" strategy --you know, when someone is obviously trying to provoke you, you start referring to him as, "my learned colleague." The obvious exception would be Paroxetine whose man-love seemed always sincere.
  21. A.O.T.F Member

    Some of you used to be good friends, and it's a god damn shame because the wise and intelligent would work it out. This infighting is draining, boring, and disheartening, when there are so many pressing & important issues that require attention.
    How great it would be to see people being honest and straight up with one another. .. ... c'mon people get the fuck over yourselves. life is way too short

    For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. ... He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.

    Sun Tzu
  22. What you say is right of course.

    However, it was Herro who gave me the best advice I ever got on here when I was just a noob.
    "Don't take yourself or this site too seriously" I never forgot it and I have not made a post that is of any importance since.

    True Story
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  23. ^Herro^
  24. Random guy Member

    Herro was sometimes useful, but mostly a pain in the butt. When he was the latter, he taught the very valuable lesson Golden Age of Protest referred to above. I stopped caring for Herro when he argued bashing Tom Cruise was useless and morally wrong though. Kate Holmes taught us Herro was dead wrong on both counts.
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