Derail of Portland Opening Lions and Tigers and IPs Oh my!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HOC, May 17, 2013.

  1. sue Administrator

    Hey it looks like a convincing story to me, I'll let you decide what you choose to believe. I'm not going to bother refuting any of her many allegations made since she ragequit along with sang and swell. It's an absolute waste of my time as the spindoctoring is vicious and quite honestly: I'm not convinced that arguing any of what is said would change anything. Those who want to believe what they have to say will do so no matter what, for the simple reason that they want to somehow believe it. Arguing against it would only corroborate the concept of "zomg sue is the evil".

    So it's up to you to believe whatever. Savvy?
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  2. HOC Member

    tl;dr Instigators trying to distract 'sides' from continuing their good work by playing them off one another. I hope WWP and DBZ can go back to focusing on their efforts and projects. User information is safe. :)
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  3. but, is it true?
    not Miranda
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  4. LOL yeah, it is all OSA. Don't pay attention to the sue, cough, man, behind the curtain
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  5. HOC Member

    Trying to dox him as part of your argument completely defeats your agenda. Users can see what you are made of now. Complaining about your security yet using the name of other posters in your guest name. Goodbye. :)
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  6. sue Administrator

    Oh cool you know my name. Please post a picture of me next, you know to further validate you having concerns instead of having it in for me.

    I think I don't need to expand any further as you're only here to stir drama.
    Have a good evening and get well soon.
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  7. TangerineDreams
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  8. TangerineDreams
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  9. I didn't follow that, but I hope that asshole has concerns for the truth and not for who you are.
  10. Miranda's post on dbz:

    Dear, dear "not tangerine": Asking sue whether something I said is true is ...well, pointless. Feel free to pm me here, or to post here, if you would like to discuss it. I only know what I have seen and heard, but I am stating that as clearly and plainly as possible.
    not Miranda
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  11. For the record, "not miranda" is not Miranda.
    For the record, "not miranda" is not Miranda.
    For the record, "not miranda" is not Miranda.
    For the record, "not miranda" is not Miranda.
    For the record, "not miranda" is not Miranda.
    For the record, "not miranda" is not Miranda.
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  12. Then who am I!!!
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  13. You are Not Miranda!
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  14. All of the negative posts are from OSA !

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  15. Yes, if you criticize Karen or Rinder or Rathbun or the mods, you are OSA!

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  16. Hi sweetie !
    Karen.png Karen.jpg

    mod edit: dox removed
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  17. fun-dp.jpg
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  18. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Please do not derail the derail thread. It makes me dizzy.
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  19. [IMG]
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah, right.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I heard it was Miranda who leaked the IPs. Why isn't anyone talking about that?
  22. It's OK, I post my phone # and email on as many websites as I can to help make it easier for me to assist people !

    Karen.png Karen.jpg
    LRH trained Class XII CS


    • Crew member aboard the Apollo
    • Flag Service Org (FSO) Class XII auditor and CS
    • L’s auditor CS ~~ one of only 7 Class XII CSes ever made
    • NOTs auditor and CS, advanced Solo NOTS auditor
    • Specialist in fixing bogged cases and Reviews
    • Entire Bridge
    mod edit: removed dox
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  23. rickybobby Member


    I am a newbie, one who is coming into this drama after it happened and am trying to form an opinion just witnessing the fallout. I would like to suggest that you consider addressing some of the questions raised here for the benefit of those in my position, rather than trying to remain above the fray.

    Did someone in the past demonstrate irresponsibility with IP addresses (no names necessary)? If so, what action did you take?

    Do you believe that IP addresses were leaked to Marty, or is that just bullshit?

    Are IP addresses safe today?

    Frankly, I don't give a shit if Marty has my IP address, or even shows up on my front porch tomorrow, but there is a mystery created by alluding to a backstory without addressing the questions directly. I think it is worth a post or two to clear the air. I feel like I walked into the middle of a family feud and have no point of reference to make any sense of it. I would love to hear your executive summary of this obviously contentious episode of WWP history, without flinging poo at anyone specific.
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  24. TinyDancer Member

    Hi guys. What's going on in this thread?
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  25. Asheera Member

    ^ Shitstirrer
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Best done in pm's Id imagine. It being fleshed out here just adds to the drama some instigators are trying to create.
  27. HOC Member

  28. TinyDancer Member

  29. Hey TD. I don't post here any more (except to say hi to you) but am around on skype or via PM me on DBZ. Nice to see you and hope all is going well.

  30. Oh hai everyone.

    I'd like to take time to address some of this, as well as other things that were said about me in this thread.

    When I left WWP to start DBZ, it was partially because of things like this. Sue had made a decision that there was to be no dox allowed, ever, anywhere on WWP. Several of the mods and I thought that this was a poor decision, because sometimes dox can actually be helpful in the fight against Scientology. Case in point: at the first ever raid in Feb. of 2008, I went to Cincinnati, OH to join up with several other anons. On the way there, I called Chuck Beatty to ask him about how to handle things at the raid, because I'd been told that he was from the Cinci area. One of the things he told me was that the Org President there had a nervous twitch in her eye, and that I should ask her if she'd gotten rid of the thetan there yet. Things like this were useful to help us start breaking down the barriers of the cult mindset. It was a way to confront them with a personal example of how Scientology wasn't working for them in the way they were claiming it was. This kind of dox was useful. I pointed this out to sue, and even used this exact same example. His response was to say that the discussion (there never was any discussion) was over. Additionally, we were told not to inform users of the new rule right away, but begin enforcing it immediately. At this point, based on statements that Sue had made to me in the past, and his behavior towards those of us who disagreed with him, Miranda, Tangerine and I began to wonder if WWP was the best place for Chanology. I never actually had any complaints with sue personally, and I still to this day wish I could have remained friends with him - it was just that we felt like he had begun making unilateral decisions without any regard to the community, or his moderators.

    I believe that attitude is still on display here. Anyone with a legitimate question about something that Sue doesn't want to answer is labeled a 'shitstirrer' and their voice is drowned out.

    I'm not trying to stir up more shit, here, or get more users to DBZ. I simply want to clear the air about why those of us who started DBZ did what we did.

    This is probably the only post I'm going to make in this thread, because like I said, I'm not trying to stir shit, just provide some exposition on things from my side of the story. If anyone wants to contact me and ask me for further explanation, you can PM me or send me an email at
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  31. TinyDancer Member

    Hi Miranda. I just went to DBZ and couldn't remember my username. Doh! Can you email me from there?
  32. Don't have your email! Just make a new account?
  33. You should be getting an email about now. :)
  34. How so?
  35. Anonymous Member

    How so in this case? From what I can see a poster who derailed and antagonized throughout this thread, was asked to stop. They then descended to guest posting under Sue's real name. It seems pretty clear to me that their intention here was to shitstir.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Sarcasm seems to be lost on you.
  37. HOC Member

    Hi swell,

    I hope you're keeping well. While I respectfully disagree with some of your points, I'm happy to see that you are still alive and kicking. I respect your post as it is your right to share your viewpoint publicly. Anything after this, I feel would be pointless as it is feeding the trolls who are trying to relive drama that is almost 2 years old. These topics have been discussed to death.

    Anyways, good to hear from you.
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  38. TinyDancer Member

    Much love to you all, esp. sue, the mods and former mods and those kind peeps whose IP addresses were disclosed to Marty by someone, but who took it graciously.

    We're all on the same team, which is those committed to bringing the &quot;church&quot; of scientology to justice for its crimes and stopping further abuses.

    So, as they say in the classics:

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  39. In that case of Asheera calling TinyDance a shitstirrer the sarcasm escaped me.

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