Derail of Portland Opening Lions and Tigers and IPs Oh my!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HOC, May 17, 2013.

  1. HOC Member

    The usual suspects teaming together again. I hope you realize that mods can see you.
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  2. lol like those guys do not have the right to express their point of view just cuz it is different that yours?

    fuck you big brother

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Before not B4.jpg
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Is this a threat to dox me? Or are you a tool for Rinder? Or both?

    If you can truly see my posts, I've made it clear over some time now what my position is about the cult AND on Rinder. Fuck the scilons. And I think Rinder is one of the biggest assholes of them all, both by his actions before and after the cult, and by his personal profiting off of going after "corporate" scientology while many of us are doing this on our own dime.

    I choose to remain Anonymous so I don't get doxed and fair gamed by the cult. And yes, that means by Rinder and his band of mindless sheep as well.

    But if you're going to play the "I know who you are card", then maybe there was some truth over a year ago to the mod abuse on sending IPs to Marty. Despite mods saying earlier that they CAN'T see who the users are.

    Come on HOC, care to explain - can you see who I am or can't you?
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  5. tigeratbay Member

    Would you please give me a link or reference where it talks about mod abuse, sending IP's over to Marty?
  6. Random guy Member

    Can we please not turn this into another R&R clusterfuck?
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  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Why did you respond? You're not the poster HOC was addressing.
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  8. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Not to worry, they can't because there was an accusation with absolutely no proof.
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  9. OTeleventy Member

    Pithy, and so fucking LOL! (Seriously.)
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  10. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Thanks, it's a gift.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Ersatz, that confirms something that was asked about maybe a month ago. The mods CAN see who the users are, even when posting anonymously. You argued otherwise earlier, correct?
  12. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Not that I recall. Got a link?
  13. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Unless of course you mean can mods see IPs?
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  14. OTeleventy Member

    Wouldn't YOU like to know?

    ML, Samki. [Secret moderator who can see everything. (Yep. Everything.)]
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Right. There definitely isn't any proof if it's been wiped from the board. Yes, sorry, I don't have screen shots. But maybe someone from that time period who took some can come back to give the proof.

    But you surely remember about Tiny Dancer (also good friend or Rinder) giving Marty IPs since you were there are the time, right? Or are you going to just keep denying it as you "proof"?

    Hey, I figured it was all taken care of when Tiny Dancer's mod privileges were taken away. And I thought the mods abilities to see IPs were taken away too because of that (well maybe they have, but we now have proof that you can minimally tell who is posting anonymously).

    I've been all along because I want to take out the cult despite some of the pains Enturb/WWP has gone through over the years. And I don't trust former OSA boss Rinder at all.

    So if there was earlier footsies with Marty (and thus also with Mike), and then some MOD starts trying to censure critical posts about Mike or implying whatever about it to stop it - well, sorry if my radar starts going up on if there's still some funky connections. I'd just like full disclosure.
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  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Don't you always? LOL, silly boy, there is no proof because there was only accusations but you are such a cute little thing for trying! The funny thing is that even if it were true, which again, there is no proof only accusations and I was a mod during the time in question, wtf would it have to do with anything? Wait, I know, absolutely nothing. We're still taking down the cult and in the end, isn't that what you want? Why does what you allege matter? Hmmm?
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  17. Random guy Member

    I hung around here when the debacle you mention went on. It was then as now a whole lot of bruhaha and very little substance. So the evidence hasn't been wiped, whatever you are looking for wasn't here in the first place. I'm not saying it never happened, but if anything like that occurred, nothing resembling dox ever surfaced here on the forum.

    As for TinyDancer being a "good friend" of Rinder, she appears to have met him once in connection with a meeting with Senator Xenophon and TV-interview Rinder did, and bought him a cup of coffee (see ). If not automatically wanting to rip peoples innards out and chew on them makes them good friends, then she's a friend of Rinder, but so are millions and millions of people all over the globe too.
  18. Bullshit. There was a fucking HUGE leak of IP addresses from TinyDancer to Marty from posters that were anti-Marty back then. YOU know it because from that point on Sue removed the ability of seeing IPs from the moderators so it wouldn't happen again.

    There are screenshot somewhere and you guys tried to convince the posters that there was no leak to avoid mass leaving to DBZ. I will find the screenshots but you faggot will lie and say it wasn't true. but you know it is. Carry on lying like the fucking scilons do.

    Now you fucking attack anyone that goes after Rinder or Rathbun. Maybe, just maybe because you still in bed with him.

    That's why some of us post under guest posts instead of real accounts, so as not to be fair gamed by some fucking loser mod that has nothing better to do that watch posters because they attack Rinder or Karen or whatever.


    yes, i want to take the cult down, in all its forms. so do not leadefag me and tell me who i can or cannot like -- btw, this is not the prior poster.
  19. Big Brother is watching, careful. Next thing HOC will reveal all your IPs and give them to marty or Rinder lol
  20. They know who the guest posters are!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Well the questions you ask is the first thing that matters - basically your attempts here and before to "silly boy" and poopoo this away. But OK, since you ask, I'll spell it out for you and anyone else reading.

    If a mod was giving Marty IPs of those critical to him, even if no other mods agreed to it, THAT is a problem. IPs of anti-scientology critics being given of one of the former heads of OSA and the head of the indie scientologists? Are you REALLY wondering how this would matter?

    And the criticisms of Mike have continued especially with his blog to "forward the goals of Independent Scientology". There are many here doing the criticizing and some obvious supporters also posting back otherwise.

    But then HOC has a problem with some criticisms of Mike, stating that the same sets of people posting Anonymously are the ones doing it. Well THAT could also be an indication of a similar problem to what happened with Marty. Not saying that it is proof of the same problem. But at least a possible situation of some sort.

    Now here's something even more pointed. If you were a mod "during the time in question", then you have admitted you already know the situation that I'm talking about. For Anons who were not there at the time, there was dox put up on WWP about IPs which had allegedly been given by a mod over to Marty. Later, it came up that the mod was Tiny Dancer. I remember posts on WWP showing screenshots of the IPs in question with usernames to Marty. I've searched on WWP and can't find that thread now. Maybe I'm just not searching correctly, but maybe it's just not there anymore.

    Anyways, right after this there was an exodus of WWP users, some existing users changing their usernames and a not so public change of mods - although it was not too hard to see something had happened because, well, the mods changed right afterwards, including Tiny Dancer.

    And yes, despite all this, I'm still here. Why? Because, yes, I'm here like most to take down the cult. The bottom line is that I just want to make sure participants here have an open forum to go after all scilons, including M&M. Anyone here has right to think differently, including Anons who believe the indies are of some use, as well as Mike, Marty, Mike Hobson and any of their followers who are posting. But when a WWP mod is trying to control or censure M&M criticism, well, then there's a problem, especially based on past history.

    So Ersatz, are you now going to just keep saying that these are "accusations with no proof", "what's it got to do with anything" and "what does it matter"? Or are you going to announce flat out that there was no exchange of IPs by Tiny Dancer to Marty and that we have an open forum to criticize all scilons including M&M?
  22. Anonymous Member

    So you didn't see the numerous posts of IPs allegedly given over by Tiny Dancer over to Marty? Because if you didn't, then you actually missed the "debacle". And if you did see them and call that "little substance" then you're just trying to water this down for some reason too.

    How do you know the extent of how friendly Tiny Dancer was to Rinder? There was dox of her on other boards revealing her real name (I'm not going to write that down here) doing a lot more than buying a cup of coffee. Even think with it - she's one of the driving forces against scientology in Australia and Rinder is one of the biggest scientologist to come from there. Pretty badass team against the cult, you would think - except for why would she turn over Anon IPs to Rinderburn???

    I'm going to keep saying this until I turn blue. I don't trust Rinder. He's still a scilon and RAN INTELLIGENCE as the head of OSA.

    We run this. Not Rinderburn.
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  23. sue Administrator

    I call post hoc ergo propter hoc. Logically fallacy: since that event followed this one, that event must have been caused by this one.
    There were allegations made years ago (3, maybe 4 even) that TD leaked IP adressess to marty. There never was enough proof provided that she in fact did. While those events also spurred the consideration whether IP addresses should be available to moderators the latter does not prove the former to be true. The only thing that can be deducted from it is: Oh this might be a thing that could happen, let's make sure it doesn't.
    There is two my knowledge a gap of give or take two years between DBZ existing as a forum and TD being a moderator. I'm not sure where you're getting these ideas from, you do seem passionate about it.
    How cool that guest posting is possible.
    Cool story.

    That would be a problem, thank god that's not possible.
    I frankly doubt HOC has problems with that, nor should it be a problem if he did. Free speech and all that jazz. That being said it's entirely possible he pointed it out because of: idk: posting multiple times in a row with inflammatory content?
    I recall the thread where allegations were made directly at TD, not "later". Thought I'd correct you on that. As for search, it should be somewhere in the dome, search and mysql is painful when you're using a relatively large data set.
    I frankly doubt HOC has problems with that, nor should it be a problem if he did. Free speech and all that jazz. That being said it's entirely possible he pointed it out because of: idk: posting multiple times in a row with inflammatory content?
    You seem upset, is that the reason why you repeat the same argument several times per post but phrase things slightly differently? Or do you happen to have another axe to grind? Legit question because it seems like you're grasping at straws, and I don't quite grasp what it is you want except for seemingly discrediting either the site or some of its mods. Which, as you likely can imagine -- if true -- would draw anything you say into question if only because of the bias and motivation.

    In other words, maybe take a breather so that your posts don't read as you being upset with something, if you have legitimate concerns feel free to bring them up once you did. Otherwise you kinda sound like OSA which, I assume neither you or anyone else wants.
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  24. Dome this shit!
  25. Random guy Member

    Clean up thread and put the IP-debacle in own thread?
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  26. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Derails moved. I left this upstairs so as to prevent the cries of censorship.
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  27. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  28. HOC Member

    You have a unique knack of twisting sentences to fit in with your own agenda. Mods can see behind anonymous posting, that is true. Mod's seeing IP's is absolutely false. I must say that that is an interesting reaction to a post of mine that wasn't even directed at you. :)

    If you would like to start a thread about how much you hate Indies and/or exes, feel free to do so. But do not do it on threads that have nothing got to do with your agenda.
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  29. HOC Member

    Y u mad tho?
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  30. DeathHamster Member

    Holly crape! No one needs you see your IP address. Your posting style is obvious. You're that one that posts starting 5:30ish EST, right?

    I don't need a traceroute to see that.

    I've been identifying people by their posting style possibly before there were IP addresses.
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  31. sue Administrator

    To further clarify as has been said before but worth reminding as I can see the above causing some concerns to some: mods can see who posted anon depending on the forum they moderate. i.e an AVS mod can see who posted anon in the anon section but an FOI mod can not and vice versa.

    I'm working on getting those distinctions to be more clear for the end user, as will in time the anon posting addon be modified to provide more privacy in the long term. One of the considerations is to wipe the anon log automatically after a certain post age, instead of having to do this manually. It's not a huge modification but enough that it needs some rewrites at how data is written and output.
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  32. I am one of the people that posts around 5:30PST. To clarify, that;s when I am let out of The Hole ... I mean, that's when I get home from work in my neck of the woods.

    If that makes me OSA then be it.

    I am concerned about what mods can or cannot see though, very concerned.
  33. The funniest shit about this is that is not true LOL
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  34. Random guy Member

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  35. Initially at least, the only person who ever alleged that TD gave IP numbers to Marty Rathbun was SUE. In fact, he spent an evening trying to convince me and turn me against TD over this and claimed to have proof. I kept saying, "I just don't believe she would have done this." I remember him referring to screenshots, which of course he could easily have forged or misinterpreted.

    Until sue accused her, TD's reputation was above reproach.

    And who, between sue and TD, is the more treacherous, dishonest, and disloyal? (Hint: Not TD.) Have we seen sue spread disinformation before about people who have fallen out of his favor? Well... yes. Many times. When hasn't he done that? Having received similar treatment after several years of service to his causes, and having watched him gleefully use the forum to do it to others, I don't advise anyone to believe a damn thing he says about anything.

    Again, just to make sure history does not get once again rewritten: SUE started the false allegations about TinyDancer.

    While sue was slandering her, she was taking real action to bring down Scientology. Sue appears now to be trying to blur what really happened. I was there, sue confided in me, and I also discussed it on more than one occasion with TinyDancer. I know exactly what happened and who said what.

    Among the people sue has driven off are the very ones who, behind the scenes and on another website, orchestrated the massive Australian efforts against Scientology and brought Nick Xenophon into the picture. Sue does a better job than OSA at messing with chanologists.
  36. sue Administrator

    Thanks for establishing your motives.

    All the best to you.
  37. Random guy Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Miranda trying to get DBZ some attention is hilarious.
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  39. Is it true what Miranda said?
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  40. sue Administrator

    I think it's quite sad really.

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