Denver (Englewood), COlorado March 14, 2009

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    Denver (Englewood), COlorado March 14, 2009

    COanon will be raiding on March 14th, 2009 at the Colorado Org in Englewood. We were thinking about doing it on the 13th, but decided against it for safety and turnout reasons.

    As always, local planning takes place at

    Basic monthly protest plan is as follows:
    Earlybirds meet up at Cushing Park by about 11am, at which point they march to the Org and the actual protest begins. There isn't much foot or vehicle traffic there so after Anonymous makes his presence known, the legion marches up the street to the corners of Broadway and Englewood Parkway where there is moar foot and tons of vehicle traffic between downtown Denver and the wealthy southern suburbs. We usually stay there until about 1-3pm depending on weather and boredom, then go pass out fliers on the 16th street pedestrian mall downtown. If we split up for whatever reason on the way downtown, we typically meet at the California Street lightrail station on the mall. We march up and down the mall passing out fliers, educating the curious and generally acting like morons until we run out of fliers, get bored or it gets too damn cold. Keep in mind that The Pavilions (at the east end of the mall, south side of the street) does not liek us and does not permit anyone wearing a mask on the property. If they even think you are Anon, they will boot you from the property. The security guard has even tried to tell us that she will have us arrested for filming the Pavilions from public property. Denver PD has told us that she's full of crap and if she tries it, they will tell her to STFU.

    Be aware that while the local scilons have not gotten very physically aggressive with us, they are known to stalk, film and bullbait those they suspect of being Anon around the Englewood lightrail station, Cushing Park and anywhere in between there and the org/protest intersection on protest day, so make sure you have your mask in place as soon as you are in the area. They have occasionally followed us to 16th street. When they do, they tend to hang out around California St.


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  2. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Denver (Englewood), COlorado March 14, 2009

    COanon will be attempting a new plan for meeting up and marching to the org on monthly protest days.

    the change is depicted in the pic below. Blue indicates the old meet up location and parade route, Red indicates the new plan. Note that we will be meeting at Miller Field Park. someone will probably hang out at Cushing Park to slap slopoke in the right direction.

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