Dental hygienist claims former boss forced workers to practice Scientology

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    Dental hygienist claims former boss forced workers to practice Scientology

    Posted: Aug 28, 2019 7:11 PM CDT

    A former employee of an Orange County dental office says her former boss tried to force staffers to practice Scientology.
    Sarah Martinez says she was fired from Waldron Family Smile Center in Middletown for refusing to convert.
    Martinez says the owner of the office, Dr. Michael Waldron, requires new employees to sign a contract mandating employees to go to Florida on the office's dime several times a year for conferences, where "you will be expected to study and learn basic information about the Hubbard Management System."

    Martinez says she was told the lessons were dental seminars, but she quickly learned the books she was reading had nothing to do with dental work, but were loaded with symbols associated with Scientology.
    Martinez says she went on the trip twice because she had bills to pay and didn't want to get fired. However, when she warned new employees earlier this week about what goes on in Florida, she claims she was fired.
    "The manager called me downstairs and she said, 'Well, today is your last day because we heard you were talking to people in the office about what goes on down there,'"

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