Democratic reforms

Discussion in 'Iran' started by DutchShaman, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. DutchShaman Member

    Will there be democratic reforms in Iran after the uprising?
    There's a new Irenean revolution going on right now.
    My question is,will there be any democratic reforms.
    Will there be a seperation between state and religion
    Will Iran have more right for woman and for instance homosexuals.
    Who can enlighten me ?
  2. IranPetition Member

    I seriously doubt it...but who knows. The fact that the Ayatollah has decided to review the election results is unprecedented news. Maybe all those brave Iranians in the streets finally forced the clerics to realize they no longer understand their own country.

    Or, alternatively, maybe there is some sick machievalian reason behind Khomeni's election review, and ultimately nothing will change, and Ahmadinejad will remain in power

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