"Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by kaos, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. kaos Member

    "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    An "ex" and I were talking at ESK about how things seemed so acceptable while he was in. I asked if there was any kind of written confidentiality agreement when it came to audits and sec checks and he said no. But he felt that might be a good theme for an upcoming raid. Hell, I know I wouldn't belong to a "church" that took my private information to use against me whenever it felt threatened.

    Signs and flyers could tell potential new members to demand a written confidentiality agreement before any auditing could take place. That would be a perfect opportunity to explain black PR, fair gaming, etc. I'm suprised in the age of the internet with all the information available that any fresh meat is showing up but there must be some.
  2. travolta Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    At our last large raid we had a OSA member and his croneys talking to an exsci while bringing up 'confidential' auditing materials. Bastards.
  3. anonymusicz Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    In the US, and I'm sure other parts of the world, there is a thing known as "Parishioner Clergy Confidentiality". Since they are claiming to be ministers, this would apply by default.

    I don't know how legal standing this would work. Normally it's used to prevent ministers from testifying against their parishioners...
  4. AnonOrange_ Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    ""Demand Confidentiality" is a good topic and I think this is why many celebrities are not blowing out because it would ruin their career. Actually, this applies to just about everybody.

    I would like the September topic to be about the Scientology schools and the poor (and very expensive) education they are giving to students. Read the ExScientology kids web site for more details about the Delphi schools.

    September would be great because it coincides with Will Smith's opening of his school in Calabasas California. We need to protest this opening to the MAX as there will surely be lots of stars (and consequently) media at that event.
  5. unidentified Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    This sucks as a theme. Imagine telling the public 'well when they audit them...erm yeh that's a bit like confession.. well when they audit them, strapped to an e-meter...not important what that is.. anyway when they do this then they keep a record of what was said...they say that its to teach other auditors how to audit properly, but there's no agreement in place saying they'll keep it when you give confession the priest doesn't sign anything guaranteeing confidence either its just we don't know of any circumstances where they've given the auditing information to anyone else BUT THEY COULD'

    Seriously bad theme
  6. Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    and not even her own info. Apparently this was private information that had been shared with her, that they only had access to through the non-confidential records kept of the auditioning sessions. I didn't even have to dig.

    Yeah, if we present arguments as well thought out as yours, then it would be a fail protest. Mind you, I do think it would be better served as part of a larger theme. It fits in so well to so many cases (including spy vs spy)
  7. Sargo Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid


    jebus not gonna do a whole shit theme around it

    put it on ur sign n be done with it
  8. Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    That was actually my point. I was just irritate that he had posted an argument against the idea that was so blatantly ignoring the facts.

    It's going to be a good example to bring up on the 12th
  9. travolta Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    Dood, as I said in the first reply to this thread, an exscientologist was bullied using 'confidential' material gathered from auditing less than a month ago, where I live. They were talking about the mastubatory habits of her preclears that she was auditing and blaming her for their suicides (the PCs were mentally ill when they started on the 'bridge', by the way).

    It doesn't matter about who they give it to, they're willing to speak about information that is assumed to be confidential in a public situation simply to intimidate exScis. That's a good enough reason for me to support this theme.

    Oh wait, looks like Educatedrodent already linked to what I was talking about.
  10. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: "Demand Confidentiality" possible theme for raid

    OP is excllent concept to include in Spy vs Sci--or any event. Good way to handle Sci bullbaiters. "Your pc folders are not confidential" Then just walk away.

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