December: San Diego, moist and delicious

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by xenubarb, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. xenubarb Member

    December: San Diego, moist and delicious

    Alas, our Scilons are so meek and tame! With a storm predicted, they stuck their hidey panels in the front windows instead of setting them up out front with cinderblocks. Upside for them, no danger of them blowing over. Downside, we could see everyone coming and going thru the front door.

    What they did, they hid. I saw a teeny digicam being held up over a panel. When I spotted it and pointed it out, it went away.

    One newbie chap with an Aussie accent stopped to ask us wut up. He'd just started taking courses and wanted to know wtf we were protesting. Three of us gave him the $5 overview. I gave him a YFTC and told him to show it to those inside. See if they try to take it away, or say we're all lying criminals.

    Told him to ask about Op Snow White. They will say they were busted for stealing govt xerox paper. Told him the xerox paper just happened to have stolen govt. dox printed on them.
    And some other stuff, Lisa McPherson, Jeremy Perkins, Linda Waliki, Mario Majorski.

    We pretty much predicted what the scilon response would be, and told him about the OT levels and the cost. He agreed that it was pretty expensive, but he was still at the bottom where the courses are like $30 or so. Hope we at least gave him a look at what he's in for if he stays on course. Didn't see him come out again before we headed downtown to Broadway.

    Lotta honks. Lotta ppl wanting to take our piccie. A few fascinating conversations with passersby, thumbs up, horn love.

    We finally headed down to the Horton Plaza fountain on Broadway. Moar piccies taken, cards handed out. Then, it started to mist. We hung. Then the mist turned to LRH (bigamist) and then, rain.

    We really weren't much dressed for rain. So we canned our usual downtown march and dispersed.

    No cop confrontations, no evil Scilon aggression. Vanity plate on a vehicle is the name of the realtor trying to flog the downtown org. Been seeing his vehicle a lot lately.

    So, we had YFTCs, signs, anon flag. It was good. Hope that Aussie wises up! That'd be sum win thar!

    Now I gotta figure out how to make teh video footage into a thingie for the internest. Watch this space for general SDanon enturbulation, dancin, and nonsense.

    Ah, here we go:
  2. Re: San Diego, moist and delicious

    I <3 you delicious faggots, you make me miss my hometown so very, very much.
  3. Re: San Diego, moist and delicious

    i lawled
  4. xenubarb Member

  5. anoninoob Member

    Re: San Diego, moist and delicious

    San Diegofags rock the enturb. They discover a new $ci Tech... WORST. CLOAKING DEVICE. EVAH!!!!

    YouTube - raidvid 0001

    (thanks to WBM for finding this one)
  6. fotoanon Member

    Re: San Diego, moist and delicious

    I miss San Diego!
    You guys rock.

    SD and LA must do another event soon.
  7. TheBitch Member

    Re: San Diego, moist and delicious

    Wot's this? $cilontololligists finding the "store front tech" a disadvantage? Say it ain't so Skippy, say it ain't so! LRH himself commanded their creation for all the world to see! Why not just close your doors and put up a for sale sign, eh? Easier to go out of business orderly liek, instead of forced liquidation, amirite?

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