December 13th - Manchester, UK - Post Game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. strobe Member


    Ho ho ho

    A very cold merry Christmas raid was had by all. No banner or fliers this month, but all the more dancing.

    We had some Quays News (University of Salford) journalists stop by at the start, here is their coverage:

    Photos from Quays News:






    Photos from strobe/Red:










    Charming. One of these months we'll learn to hold the flag the right way round...

    A few more photos can be found here and here.

    Miss this protest? Join our next raid this Saturday, 10th January 2015.
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  2. strobe Member

    I'd also like to offer a few comments to the Quays News coverage, especially since we didn't get a chance to respond to the quote from the unnamed Scientologist.


    This isn't true.

    Only because they've tried and failed to 'move us on' many times.

    Regarding the 'death threat', I can only imagine this came from some 4chan fuckwit in 2008, or another party interested in making us look bad. It's an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of Anonymous that from the outside it's difficult to understand that Anonymous is not a 'group', and that whoever made the threat has absolutely nothing to do with ourselves. We protest every month in part to try and help those affected by Scientology. We're against the organisation, not its members. If this did happen recently we'd of course want to help get to the bottom of it, but I get the feeling the Scientologist in question won't be willing to come speak to us any time soon.

    I might have said "not for human consumption" myself. The 'Church of Scientology' is a dangerous and abusive organisation hiding under the guise of a 'religion'.

    Some of the editing and paraphrasing of the interviews is unfortunate, but it's a difficult topic to cover and it's a good effort by the journalists. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to get our message out there.
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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    You guys frikken ROCK!


    Thanks for the reportage Strobe, fantastic that y'all have persevered and persisted!

    Have an awesome 2015!

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  4. RightOn Member

    very nice
    love the masks.
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