December 12 - Seattle WA

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by anonseatac, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. anonseatac Member

    December 12 - Seattle WA

    I got home after a nice day of raiding those nutbags. Had a nice little crowd of anons out there, and the Scilons like crying like the bitches they are. The cops didn't stick around that long today. I had things to do after the raid, so I left early.

    One thing I can say about today is that we had a ton of horn love. People honking for us left and right and that was quite awesome.

    I forgot my video camera at home today, so you'll have some grainy video this time around from me. It sucks that I did that, but we had a lot of nothing coming from the culties today.

    Here's the video.

    [ame=""]YouTube- December 09 Seattle Scientology Protest[/ame]
  2. fisherman Member

    Re: December 12 - Seattle WA

    Way to Go Seattle Anons! Good Job and Congratulations!
  3. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Seattle WA

  4. caekanon Member

    Re: December 12 - Seattle WA

    tl;dr: Today was a cold day. Pretty typical though. We show up, play OT3. Then the cult scatters like roaches when a log is turned. They call the cops. Cops show up, have a short chat then wait around a while and take off. All in all, just another good day enturbulating the cult.

    Short conversation with the Sergent:
    He pulled up and spoke to me over the megaphone, I'm guessing since it was much warmer and comfortable in the cruiser. It was hard to understand exactly what he was saying, but he said something to the effect of don't have the music "blairing" and something about amplified sound and the volume. Not wanting to appear non-cooperative by not understanding... did he want me to turn it off or turn it down? I just pointed to it and gave the "cut it off?" hand gesture and he said "that's fine if you turn it off". I'm sure the cult exaggerated their claim that it was unbearably blairing amongst who knows what else. As you can hear in the video, my wimpy shout is considerably louder than that little radio, but of course they just went into a tizzy over hearing OT3. Fun stuff.
  5. FUCK Member

    Re: December 12 - Seattle WA


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