December 12 - Chicago, Ill

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by ArnieLerma, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. ArnieLerma Member

    December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    [moderator edit: It turns out that there simultanous raids going on in Chicago today.

    Here's the Lincoln Ave report from Arnie and Maureen. Report from anons in Millennium Park follows in post 20]

    2 of us picketed (Arnie and Maureen) Scientology with blow up Xenu dolls and a Warning Entering Greedy Cult Zone sign... in front of the Borg facility on Lincoln, borg told us we needed to be 150 feet away, we called bullshit... Cops came.. and then left.. as they left the sargeant was heard saying that

    WE knew more about Scientology than they did...

    I managed to get a parking place out front, and was able to sit in the car and warm up while the picket sign was visible on the back. The illinois TAg read


    Video and Images to follow shortly..

    A 2nd cop came an hour later and had a chat with us at the time we were leaving... there were no events other than the poor receptionist/handler girl who was literally freezing her ***s off out there with us without a jacket or even a sweater...

    Picketed between 1:40 and 2:50 PM.

    Clams were NOT pleased.

    Did not see any anons around..
  2. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    Mahalo for your kuleana, Arnie.
    Successful raid was cold but successful.
  3. fisherman Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    Good for you Arnie!
  4. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    good job!
  5. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave



    THIS was parked directly in front of the Martian Embassy in Chicago!

    Maureen posing with XENU doll

    our handler freezing her yah-yahs off..

    Passerby wanted souvenier!
    (we got HONKS and thumbs up too)

    Arnie Lerma - and yeah my hair is turning white...
    I've been at this since 1992, and I am eternally grateful that

    Before Anonymous...
    I used to keep looking over my shoulder..
    now when I do,
    I see anonymous!
  6. Adanon Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    ZOMG SRSLY!! Awesomesauce. Chicago Anon was downtown raiding Millennium Park. It's fantastic that you were able to give the org some simultaneous love. I'm sure they were'nt pleased at all!

    I just got back myself. A number of Anon's are at the Red Orchid Theatre watching the Very Merry Unauthorized Scientology Christmas Pageant. The show started at 5:00.

    So sorry to have missed you!
  7. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    Well done guise :)
  8. ARC Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    OP updated. When you post the report about the other Chicago raid, contact a mod and we will link to it from the OP.
  9. ZeroC Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Good work. Await video&pic-s
  10. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    And uh.. I was saying:

    Hubbard was a hypnotist - google hubbard kangaroo
    All you need to do to create a deep trance state,
    is to imagine something that is not there
    Body thetans, Engrams, Secondaries - it does not matter or the R6 bank...
    and then do this repetitively..
    In a trance state your body has no sensation - no pains
    You call this the state of CLEAR??
    Scientology LIES!
    Why is the CLEAR COG "I mock uip my own reactive mind"
    Well DUH! get it?
    Here is a hint:
    Scientology convicted of FRAUD in FRANCE!
    No Ots in Scientology just a DWARF named Miscavige.
    If there was just ONE OT in Scientology
    you would not be hearing my voice
    Hubbard was a hypnotist - google hubbard kangaroo
    Get out while you still have your lives

    Scientology fooled me for TEN YEARS
    Don't let them fool you for TEN MINUTES!

  11. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    dble post...
  12. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    Please PM me and lets set up a get-together sometime soon, I had hoped to see you guys, I forgot all about Millenium Park plans...I brought some cool things for the Chicago Anons... and had hoped to be rid of them (the things, not the Anons)....(grin)

    To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them.
    Hamlet (III.i.64-68)

    "Sit down and think over that last spellbinder you heard on the platform, over the radio or on television.....Were you listening to a man of reason or to a hypnotist who aimed to limit your field of consciousness? You say you cannot be hypnotized against your will. Perhaps you were hypnotized last night as you listened to that political address over your TV.....The most dangerous hypnotist may be the man you listened to last week over the radio. You were his subject....As a matter of fact, you were a very excellent subject. Think it over....." George Estabrooks
    How to talk to a Scientologist by Michael Tilse (27 year member)
  13. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    Chicago may be the best big city in the country. Arnie you may have discovered this. I like you and Maureen's look. It's kinda like Johnny Cash and June Carter!
  14. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Very nice.
  15. amaX Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    LOL <3
  16. Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    Yeah, that's the handler we dubbed Disaster Girl. 'Cause, uh, she looks like a grown-up version of Disaster Girl. 2ymukab.gif

    I'm gonna throw up some teaser pics from the Millennium Park part really fast, because I don't have time to share anything else. In a day or two I might post a recap if nobody else has already, and then in a few days more I hope to have a video mashed up. But for now...







  17. Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Some more preview pics because I went over the limit in that first post, ho ho:



  18. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Chicaganons and Arnie doing great justice! (hey mon, getting fairly christmasy up on this roof too lol, no worries, such is life :) )

    Am in awe!

    *big thumbs up!*

  19. ArnieLerma Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill Lincoln Ave

    You caused a couple of old farts to smile by that one.
    I was born in Washington DC, at George Wash Univ Hospital... and grew up in bohemian district - Georgetown, in DC. DC is a 'pretty' place, designed by a frenchman...and is filled with some of the smartest folks in the USA they say.... but let me put it this way, in Wash DC, the biggest "industry" is printing (red tape), and the biggest service industry is restaraunts and bars... to keep the lobbyists and the wheels of power well lubricated. Washington DC has more call girls per capita than any other city in the US....(the cite is a PI I knew) The city produces nothing, besides the (rotten) fruits of the Federal Government... the Feds including the Federal Reserve... are like ENRON... there is nothing there...but the hype.. the 'show', the promises...etc...and FBI stands for either fan belt inspector or famous but incompetent... and the State Department is composted (not a spelling error) of the morons who could not get into the CIA... and everything on capital hill, in the US Congress and Senate is for sale... all of it...

    Chicago... wow, Chicago actually produces things... and you guys have the best food period.. I used to think New York had the best food.... naw.. Chicago..and I tasted Lou Malnati's, and Ive shopped at Caputo's, and Im addicted to Reggiano..Chicago has the best food in the universe... and you guys actually make stuff here... I AM impressed.

    and I was very lucky too, two days before the stock market crash last september, I got a contract to sell my house!

    I'm in Edgebrook now, near the Metra... I hope I get to meet you guys in the flesh soon. Maybe I'll order something from Lou's??

  20. Horatio Member

    The Other December 12 - Chicago, Ill Thread

    So we had an excellent time. Well at least I did. The security kicked us out for the music, that ended up being a mixed blessing because we moved to the other side of the road where we danced and had a really great time. Rooftop was amazing and he showed some amazing moves off. He was a great draw, I hope he keeps showing up. I managed to preform all of "Evolution of Dance" in one go and that was awesome. Hope someone else can give more info about the Millenium Park side of the street.

    On the way to "A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant" a drunk women hit Metgyre. She kept babbling to "take off his crown." When the train stopped she fell on her ass pretty hard. We snickered then helped her up.

    The show was amazing, it was super hilarious and it was worth every penny. We stayed afterwards and got the rock star treatment, lot's of kids taking photos of us, high-fiving, and just saying how we were awesome. We then got interviewed, which they promise will be up soon. Feeling pretty big we tried to pass out flyers in front of Second City. They immediately kicked us out. It was full of douches and people who hate children.

    That's all I got.
  21. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    If you jumped to post 20, go up to see photos from both locations.
  22. Tofuman666 Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    I love the XENU license plate.
  23. Re: The Other December 12 - Chicago, Ill Thread

    Small note: Millennium Park security didn't kick us out; they just asked us not to play music there (which was a first). We were right in the middle of doing a sync'd Tunak Tunak dance when the security woman came up and said imma let you finish, but Beyoncé told you to turn that shit off.

    So we moved the music (which was pretty quiet anyway, but whatever) and half the people over to the opposite corner and left the other half at the main part of the park, and then we continued rocking both sides of the street.

    And of course security at Millennium still likes us in general (how could they not, ho ho ho), so that's good.

    Care to share more about this? What was it about, the whole Anonymous phenomenon and stuff, or...?
  24. amaX Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Very cool about being interviewed.

    I wish I could see that play!
  25. Horatio Member

    Re: The Other December 12 - Chicago, Ill Thread

    They asked us how we liked the play, the meaning of the masks, how Anonymous started and then we plugged a few anonymous sites. Also my voice cracked at the worst time. Dag-blasted puberty. That wasn't all they asked, but that's all I can remember right now. They filmed the play and the little meet and greet with us and the cast, so they'll probably turn it into a promotional/special guest video.
  26. CBAnon Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    It seems Chicago was win all around. Now, If you don't mind, I swiping that pic of me. I need a new avatar.

    <Edit> Looks much better.
  27. DamOTclese Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    The handler does not look at all happy.

    Yeah, Arnie, you're getting old and over weight like the rest of us! LOL. Fuck, I'm nearly bald and when I started I had hair. Oh noes! Opposing Scientology's crimes and human rights abuses makes men lose their hair!

    It's a shame we dont' have annual Lisa McPherson Memorial protests in Clearwater any more, those were a lot of fun. With Anonymous such ARSCC gatherings are kind of obsolete, though.
  28. Horatio Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill


    Us with the cast and director of &quot;A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant&quot;

    Link to the rest of the photos.
  29. CBAnon Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    If only I had the money to go.
  30. H e r r o Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

  31. CBAnon Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

  32. Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Blowing through here really fast, so sorry for the sloppy post. The video finished processing last night, so here's that. Not sure how well Vimeo vids embed on this site, so it might not display in full size unless you click the title link to view it on the Vimeo site.

    [ame=]Chicago Anonymous -- Monthly Protest, December 2009 on Vimeo[/ame]

    I still need to put a link to it on my YouTube account and stuff, but I'll have to do that later.
  33. Horatio Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Actually, we found on the train that you can touch his crown.
  34. amaX Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Someday I hope to see that play. Looks like y'all had a great time.
  35. Adanon Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    A few moar pics from Dec 12....

    Following a last minute planning session at the super-sekrit Chicago Anon Command Centre...

    Chicago Anon's headed down the building and out on to the streets...

    Making certain for the 22'nd consecutive month that Chicagoans remain safe from the threat of Scientology stealing their lulz.

    Merry R6mas to all!

    Moar photos ...
    Chicago Chanology Group Pool on Flickr
  36. Horatio Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Damn, those are some kickass pics, love the first one, thought it was shopped.

    I actually forgot I took some photos.




  37. _You_ Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    For the first time, I find myself wishing an anon video was longer. ;p
  38. charlie Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill


    you gotta be from the UK and a certain age to get this
  39. Sponge Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    Hahaha! Olive! "Ooo Arthur!!!"
    Actually they're showing re-runs of "On the Buses" on digital TV.

    Awesome raids. Needs brass balls to stay out in that weather.
  40. CBAnon Member

    Re: December 12 - Chicago, Ill

    In this weather, Chicagoans are king.

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