dec 6th windsor/detroit

Discussion in 'Planning' started by the_hidden_legion, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. dec 6th call to protest the threats of the kkk ,i would like to organize a protest is anybody interested?
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  2. darkangel1792 Member

    we need to fight back we need to use the art of deception as they do to us trick them hack fox news or CNN and make a fire! make it look like an elite is coming clean that the bankers are guilty just as they did in Iceland and how Obama is in fact a puppet make a video and post it on live tv for the world to see talk about how we need to take back are freedom rise up its so simple it could work hack the important documents that can back it up
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  3. Anonymous Member

    WWP is only about Legal, Peaceful/Non-Violent Activism.

    You probably have come to the wrong site.
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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi dark angel
    You are in the wrong Anonymous forum. WWP only works on legal and peaceful activism. Everything you suggest is good except hacking into TV and websites to obtain secret documents. If you search through the Freedom of Information you will see many documents that support your beliefs about the elite. No need to hack.
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