[Dec 13, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (London)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by lolzorar, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. lolzorar Member

    On the 12th of febuary we shall gather and form up at trafalger square at 1pm.
    We shall then march from there to the houses of parliment in protest for wikileaks and other information that is being surpressed.
    we also protest the Digital Economy Bill which will surpess 4chan and many other websites.

    knowledge is free; spread the word get as many people as possible to march against the government

    we are anonymous

    we are legion

    we do not forgive

    we do not forget

    expect us

    And watch out for the police they will attack

    these are all unprovoked attacks
  2. Adam Ayriss Member

    will there be a good turn out?
  3. Animus666 Member

    Hopefully a good turn out,.... in spain apparently they take there own dogs to protests and also laser pens for cameras and helicopters!
  4. Magnonymous Member

  5. Fuego Member

    Okay. I don't think this is the right place for this post but I can't find anywhere else for it.

    I live in the West Mids, I want to get involved with Birmingham Anonymous (Brumanon) but I can't get access to their website. Some useful advice would be appreciated.
  6. Adam Ayriss Member

    so how many people turned up last time, if at least 5 are there, me and two of anons will attend
  7. cyanidecity Member

    I thought you said march 5th not February 12th? theres never much anon in London. we need some.
  8. Magnonymous Member

    Can't attend this anymore, got way too much going on. Most of it to do with wikileaks and fighting the extradition of Assange.

    Regards to too few Anon's: Maybe we need to start an Anonymous Recruitment scheme in London?
  9. Magnonymous Member

    The post is an edit of the original from the title remains February even though the event details (if you look at them) show dates in March.
  10. jienbea Member

    London ready to hit
  11. we could do with a manchester rally of anonymous, london is abit difficult for me to reach
  12. So is this scheduled on March 26th?
  13. Terry Member

    hello im new iv just joined is it cool if i come? or is there a secret location
  14. where is the meet point for anonymous? Wearing masks???
  15. HOC Member

    A note to English Anons who feel there may be a lack of people attending their raids or have questions that need to be answered by local anons.

    Why not get in contact with some of the local Chanology anons (if you haven't done so already) at:

    London: or IRC at #loldonfm

    Manchester: www.DownWithThe.Org

    Im sure they will be willing to help out / lend some helpful advice.
  16. isdhjohja Member

    Idiots. All the protests in England have failed. The protest against The Pope. The protest against the government. What will make this protest any different? You will fail as always and achieve nothing.

  17. Terry Member

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  18. intheshadow Member

    Hope there is a good turnout! Bought my mask today :)
  19. shadow_reaver Member

    will hopefully be attending, although new to this.
    will anonymous be attending, if so any chance to meet one of you guys, think you are awesome...
  20. is the protest really going on, on the 6th of July? as me and a friend will be attending, it is time for change, time will change when time itself is ready to change, and the time is now.
  21. Dejavu777 Member

    push the crowd back

    Its always the same when the peacfull ones come
    they outnumber the force by 10 to 1
    like a flood they climb around and above them
    and these kids complain when there victims push and shove them

    How dare you this is a peacfull march
    yes but your stupid enough to think the police are your arch rivals
    its not the cops that are causing your trials and tribulations
    dont go having fribulations over just cause someone interupted your self admiration

    on the square
    on the station
    a completely useless group
    across the nation

    they do forget
    because they dont really care
    they are the legion
    that stand and stare
    and when the poor guards
    touch one tiny hair
    they will be there
    to stand and stare
    and pretend that they care
    about the officer that dared
    who wasnt scared
    to push the crowd back

    I didnt write this btw it was my friend just thought you dbe ? oh ok
  22. Hey guys,

    I'm 15 years old and want to go to this protest. Would that be cool? I can probably take friends swell (like 10?)

    Anonymous 25274
  23. Anon404 Member

    Anon Getting involved im traveling about 90miles to get here so something best be happening if any info on places to meet would be great il be getting mask soon.
    Kinda new to this, this will be my first protest a hopefully the last. LET DO THIS.
  24. Jaskan Member

    I'm well confused, there have been many dates mentioned here but not the date I'm seeing (13/12/11), is this the actual date & will everyone be masked up (anonymous)??

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