[Dec 10, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Chicago, USA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Merry R6'mas!


    Welcome! This is the place to be for organizing the demonstration against Scientology baloney in Chicago. It will be held on Saturday, December 10, 2011. Please use this thread for anything related to the event: planning, questions, shooting the breeze, whatever.

    Bring along: a cool head, weather-appropriate gear, comfortable footwear, a drink, and possibly a mask or disguise if you roll that way. Extra stuff like cameras or munchies are always welcome too. We have plenty of signs and fliers we can lend you, or you can feel free to bring your own.

    Stuff to avoid: accidentally clogging the sidewalk, playing amplified sound at louder than conversational volume, going on Scientology property (including the little walkways from the doorway exits). You will likely be photographed and possibly videoed by the cult at some point. Should there be any Scientologist asshattery, stay calm and don't get mad bro.

    Note on location: the Scientology building is actually at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., not 3017. I just had to punch in the latter so that the push-pin spot on the map would show up the correct spot.
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  2. If anyone spies a Santa suit at a secondhand store for cheap, please shoot me a message.

    We need to do some caroling this month. Need to. It's imperative. If need be, we can sing along to music so we sound somewhat less retarded. Who's with me? 2nq9puw.png
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  3. Paladin Member

    Somehow the holiday season and Scientology doesn't seem to mix well for me. But I guess even those lying devils...uh...I mean poor souls could use some Christmas cheer.

    Also, there are two planning threads for December. But don't be fooled. This is the only planning thread that has been officially endorsed by Big Pharma. ;)
  4. >:| I looked at the other thread and was like, "LOL NOOB!!1111ONE". Anways, I'll be there, granting work isn't a bitch and finals aren't shredding through my throat. By the way, I think I'll be stopping by Occupy Chicago today. Anyone with me?
  5. In case anyone missed it, here's a video from the latest SP Times articles on Scientology. It features Chicago-area former Scientologist Synthia Fagen speaking about the insane greed and fundraising shenanigans that go on inside the organization:

    She left Scientology only relatively recently, and did mention that Anonymous had an impact on that happening. While acknowledging that there were plenty of other factors influencing her decision to leave, we can still enjoy seeing some of the fruits of our efforts.
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  6. Santa costume status: acquired

    I should have an extra Santa hat if anyone wants to borrow it. Someone be my Santa buddy!
    Or we could all rock Santa hats like in the old days when we'd have protest themes. C'mon, it'd be fun, this could be us.

    Did you have to be around anyone smelly, who hadn't showered in weeks?
    (I guess you'd be used to it from being at our events, though...)
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  7. The Blue Jay Member

  8. Research paper, eh? If you're in college, might wanna stay away from that. I've had professors be closet Scientologists and get super suspicious.

    But that's just me.
  9. telomere Member

    given the 10 million or so Scientologists in the USA alone,
    and the vast amount of published, peer-reviewed research on Dianetics science,
    I'm not surprised.

    It probably happens a lot more often than we realize.
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  10. ixuvc4.jpg
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  11. 'ey... valeska's dad (Jean-Francois Paris AKA Francois AKA JF) is chicago public... signage opportunity?
  12. Hmm, small world. I'll have to think about the signage thing... do you know if many of the members would be likely to remember her name? Like if the words "Valeska Paris" were on a sign, would people recognize it and/or make some sort of connection, like "JF's daughter"? Or would they just see the name and go, "Huh?"

    By the way, if anyone missed Valeska in the Village Voice, give it a peek, cuz it's a good read.
  13. Well, probably "Francois Paris" is the most recognizable name, I don't know if a ton of people on staff actually know Valeska and Melissa, though Melissa was in Chicago for a brief time. "Paris" is a recognizable last name though for sure; Raphael (their brother, who has also shittily disconnected from them) Paris was on staff at the Chicago org for years, though he is now in LA, working for Moxon of all people. It's messy. But even green staff members are going to recognize the last name Paris.
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  14. The Blue Jay Member

    I'll brofist you back this weekend. I haven't been alive here because lolwork.

    I already had pre approval for this research paper, I make sure to ask ahead
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  15. Anyone want to sing these with me? I can bring little sheets of paper with the lyrics. Otherwise, screw you guys, I'm singing alone anyway. Doing at least these two:

    Winter Wonderland (with country twang)
    Frosty the Snowman

    Just be happy I didn't pick the really annoying carols. (Fiiiive golllden riiings!)

    Thank you so much!

    It never fails to surprise me how close to home all these stories of abuse are - they always sound as if they'd have to be taking place on another world, but so often turn out to have direct ties to even the people at our local org. Which only highlights how disingenuous our conversations with some of the org representatives are, like when they come out with their disconnection-doesn't-exist routine.
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  16. Stila Liev Member

  17. 1) I will sing with you.
    2) If there actually were millions of scientologists, as they have claimed, everyone wouldn't be so connected but it is one tiny, tiny world. Every story that's been posted on St Pete's or Village Voice, I have either met the person or their relatives, or at least directly know someone who has, and I'm no hotshot- I certainly never attended every event or consistently studied or was audited. Per parishioner, there appears to be far more reports of abuse in Scientology than Catholicism.
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  18. Anyone want an extra pair of inexpensive, white, stretchy gloves? The kind you wear when it's cold out to keep your hands warm? I just happen to have an extra set that I don't really have a use for. They're brand new. Just lemme know, cuz you guys get dibs. Otherwise I can always find a shelter or someplace to give them to.

    (Pair #1 is mine, for the Santa costume. I'm so excited!)
  19. (your mom) Gonna be extremely cold! Don't forget to dress extra warmly! Multiple pairs of gloves, extra layers, hat & scarf, double or triple up on socks, all that good stuff!
  20. thanks, ma

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