Debbie Cook speaks at last.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DodoTheLaser, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    An update from Ortega, and an ahhh shuckz....

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  2. Triumph Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    i'm glad i didn't hold back with my personal message to *him*
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  4. Anon PTS Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    She won't have to start anything.

    Martyr being the needy attention whore he is, will soon enough somehow slag on Debbie because she has the ability to cut into his business and inadvertently create a splinter faction from his own Martyrologists.
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  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    scjentolog1.jpg jacklemmonv.jpg

    Yeah; I think that account has been hacked. Unfriend is probably the best way to handle, for now -- just to be safe.
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  7. HellRazor Member

    Didn't some OT8 in northern Europe write something similar a while back?
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  8. Triumph Member

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  9. telomere Member

    David DeMoss is still on comm lines with these people?
    Did they forget to Declare him or something?
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  10. Triumph Member

    David Gave them Hell....
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  11. AnonLover Member

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  12. another123 Member

    add one moar PDF link:
    Oh well. So much for putting Pandora back in that box. Cause and effect: Laws of physics Streisand on the universe interbutt.
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  13. Smurf Member

    You have to be "friended" by her to post on her Wall... she refuses to discuss the content of her email on Facebook, but is requesting those with questions or comments to email her at:
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    You know, if Davie was partying harder on New Years Eve, he may only now be getting out of bed.

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  15. Anonymous Member

    lol smurf
  16. Anonymous Member

    I dunno...what did McPherson's obit say? I guess I'm wondering what sort of death's we are talking abut here...maybe sci related as Lisa's or she was just enumerating that they'd lost so many OTVII's by sheer chance.
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  17. AnonLover Member

    if that's the case, then here's hoping whoever had the job of being the one to interrupt his party and tell him - blew like the wind and made a run for it. (like his auditor supposedly did when he broke his leg playing basketball)
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  18. Smurf Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    So Debbie also tortured and harmed people and she is in the same space Marty is in protecting her own ass....also McPherson....still she is speaking up...too bad not to the Feds...clearly she wanted to keep this contained and no doubt she is writhing in fear that it has been leaked..she is so screwed now that her only option is RPF for life, or the Feds and Marty.
  20. Anonymous Member

    RPF is for SO. Debbie is a public Scientologist now.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Great. I sent her a message about a half hour ago advising her to remove that post.
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  22. RightOn Member

    Maybe Debbie did this to show others a "puclic" declare and the evilness of COS?
    I mean there is no way she would think that she wouldn't have be declared after this and she knows that lies will be written about her by COS. right?
    She was in for 29 years. She knows the procedure.

    She knows she would be declared and that people would disconnect from her. So Maybe she chose to do it on FB because it will publically prove that she is/was a member in good standing, and her beef was a legit one because it involved tech squirreling, but yet she will still be declared and friends will disconnect. And make COS look bad and prove many points?
    So she publically called out DM for sqirreling the tech and presented LRH policy to back up her claims.
    Some members will think, declare her for what? Quoting LRH policy? and she pointed out the truth (truth for them) of what is going on within COS with their constant regging ect?
    Like others said before in earlier posts. This seemed very planned and perhaps not done by her alone.

    Out of 12,000 emails I know a large percentage of them prolly weren't read. Not everyone checks their emails every day. And maybe they were prewarned not to read it now?
    I wonder if COS is going to try to do any damage control with a follow up letter to members?
    Saying more or less "if you received a letter from Debbie Cook, it was not from her but from an SP who hacked her account"
    Oh I hope so.
    Because we all know that follow up letter will be leaked and COS will look even more stupid.

    And of course there is a large percentage of members who will put the blinders on because they are so close to becoming clear, and they are doing the "la la la" with their hands over their ears because they spent a butt load of money to get there and nothing is going to stand in their way to find out what being clear is all about. OR OT or whatever. Imagine puttting all your money, heart and sole into COS for years and then someone comes along who is your friend and says" COS Is doing it wrong, and don't give them any more money and ask for LRH policy where it says that". And puts your eternity at risk.
    Sadly this is VERY true.
    And you would be like "oh fuck no! I am not only willing to give up my eternity, and I want to move some pencils with my mind and have wins more than you ever know. Don't get in my way now damn it!"
    I can understand how some of these members must feel. No matter how deluded it is. If I spent all that money all those years and I was "this" close to becoming clear or OT, I think I would have to go for it. SUCKS
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Did she ask you to publish her email address here? Yeah, didn't think so.

    Tony Ortega respected her request to not publish it. He has scruples. You, Smurf? Not so much.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Dimwits are too busy trying to keep the cult working, they don't have time to monitor who's in & who's out on Facebook. :)
  25. Smurf Member

    She won't. :)
  26. Anonymous Member

    Realistic? WTF do you know about being realistic?
  27. Smurf Member

    It's public information, fuckwad.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    You're as uninformed as Herro, if you're not just Herro trolling moar.
  29. Anonymous Member

    She's gone too far now to backpedal.
  30. Anonymous Member

    He's got that fierce, determined glare. Real fucking scary... not.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Hey, I know that fat fuck Dr. Aharon Friedman... used to work at Brookhaven National Lab spying for Mossad, if he's not still there.

    Hey Aharon! How's Yossi? LOL
  32. AnonLover Member

    that's not the kind of backpedaling i was referring too. I meant she's not in the position of explaining her dirty laundry backstory before she can gets her main points across like Rinder and Rathbun had too when they first spoke up.

    She started in the here-n-now context of things.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Just because she's straightening things out with her FB friends, doesn't mean you should post her email address, fuckwad.
  34. Orson Member

    She's already been sent 2 that I know of so who knows, maybe she'll respond.

    Edit: And no, those didn't come from me.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Art. LOL.

  37. Smurf Member

    SoCal anons may recognize the young man in this photo... for years, he encountered protesters on L. Ron Hubbard Way in his role as a cult security guard.. he stood out as one of the friendlier & sociable ones.. I've confirmed he's since routed out of the Sea Org and is a public. I have alot of video on him.


    David Baumgarten & girlfriend. He's the son of Wayne Baumgarten & Debbie Cook.

    Correction: I've been informed that this is David, not Jonathan. They're twins.

    Jonathan is a photographer:
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  38. Smurf Member

    You're entitled to your opinion, fuckwad. I don't share it.
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  39. Sonichu Moderator

    When you make as many Enemies as Scis do, you gotta have a shorthand term.
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  40. Miranda Member

    enemo? (or the feminine form, enema?)
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