Debbie Cook speaks at last.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DodoTheLaser, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. amaX Member

    Yeah. Ummm. Think Clearwater has it... lolololol
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  2. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  3. RightOn Member

    she may be pleasantly surprised (doubtful)
    on the other hand she may rethink about what she did lol
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  4. Anonymous Member

    These intra-Hubbardite wars are so exciting!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    it's why we have popcorn
  6. RightOn Member

    Hubbard invented popcorn
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    And I'd save the thanks for now. Her letter didn't say a thing about Disconnection, the RPF or Ethics (other than top people being off post). She's no shrinking violet, and imagine someone competent like her replacing dumb Davie. (Luckily I don't think that there's a quick & easy way of removing Davie that wouldn't result in a lot of scorched earth.)
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  8. Herro Member

    It's cute how you guys think that something will come of this. Hundreds of magoos chanting tick rock daley boy in unison. All I'm saying is, be realistic and don't get your hopes up.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    The copy of the email that was forwarded to me said that Debbie went through hell in the RPF. Does anyone have any details on that?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Sam Urai Member

    Hey, who just peed in the punch bowl?? Oh, Herro - not you again??!?
  13. Squirrel King Member

    Remember: don't tell Tony Ortega about this. Shhhhhhh!
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  14. xenubarb Member

    Nuh uh, Jesus did!
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  15. xenubarb Member

    Word-clear "incremental."
  16. Mark Cabian Member

    Funny you said that - I was outside an hour ago and saw a very nice private jet flying over, and thought: there goes Travolta on his way to Texas.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    sorry Herro ! can't rain piss on my parade today :)
    I think this is a totally yummy step towards the cause

    And even if it doesn't amount to anything too visable in the future, at least 12,000 scilons go to read a "the current COS isn't doin' it rite" from a respected big wig within the Sci Community.
    And that is a big win in my book
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  18. Squirrel King Member

    Herro will be right to some degree. She will be declared if she hasn't already been. If she is sent back to the RPF she will not come back out of the hole until she publically denies her crimes. Which she won't. Her mind is breathing her first breath of freedom and independence of thought. Anything they do to her in the RPF will strengthen her resolve. She may still believe in the tech, but her days in the Church are ending quickly. Hopefully she can take enough of them with her. But the brainwashed will trod on knowing that only they can save the planet from alien parasites.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Written by Marty:

    For the next twelve hours Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendancies”. While this was going on water was poured over her head. Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded. Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation. Debbie never did break. And fittingly she was rewarded with what turned out to be a break in another sense of the word.
  20. RightOn Member

    double post
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  21. heatberd Member

    And she stayed in? Scn's are some smf's.
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  22. RightOn Member

    as always, it depends on who is telling the story
  23. Mutante Member

    is anyone else fapping or is it just me
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  24. xenubarb Member

    I was drooling over your avatar. Mmmm....turkey...
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yeah people. This has been going on for a while. There have been hundreds of Scientologists talking about the problems within their organization. She is just another blip doing the same thing.
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  26. Triumph Member

    Shes a Public NOW ..Not Staff....
    Last time she was in the RPF They made he stand in a Garbage can..while others bull-baited her and taunted her calling her a Lesbian....mostly for her refusing to denigrate Heeber and others,...

    the stint...RPF trashed her health....I doubt she would go back to that environment...

    and exes would raise a stink over would be reported in the VV at the very least....

    theres the potential of a Magnifying Glass reflecting the hot sun pointed in DM lap....

    the Cult would be stupid to coerce or even persuade Her to go anywhere near the RPF.... the outcry...will be LOUD and wont go away...
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  27. LocalSP Member

    The one thing that has made me very happy about all of this is Herro is effectively neutered. Troll too much he gets B& or he can be quiet. We win either way.
  28. DeathHamster Member

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  29. Squirrel King Member

    So what you are saying is this is a full blown "win" no matter what the Church's respone? Pass the popcorn and put some icing onthe caek.
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  30. Mutante Member

    Is there any more lesbian torture content? Please?
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  31. timthephoto Member

    well for my two-pennies-worth:

    poor debbie has done the deed now and it just a matter of time until she has to choose between all her current friends (who will almost certainly disconnect once RTC says to) and all the old friends that she's already precluded from being in contact with thanks to that same lousy policy.
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  32. pedrofcuk Member

  33. AnonLover Member

    Meh. Herros doing his job. And FWIW - he's got a point. inb4retraction.

    TBH, expecting a retraction from Debbie is reasonable imo, at this early point. But I likely don't mean it quite the same way Herro implied.

    Back n the day b4 relentless Interwebz & SQuibs, retractions were all the rage in flap handling. Except defectors were tormented privately with lil intel and info getting out about it while underway. When the cave in would happen, the retraction would come forthwith.

    Unlike Marty, Mayo and all the other defectors that inspired a grassroots initiative of sorts AFTER they were gone, blown, ex-communicated etc. - Debbie being an active member in good standing when she came forward saying the same old things but from a new perspective, surely requires different handling.

    Just plain old Black PR smearing her doesn't quite fit the scene. Anything they say bad about her, opens up that door of "well why didnt she get declared or handled for that when she first left the SO?"

    Also - methinks being Marty-free means she sorta kept her hands clean of the biggest smear campaign angle.


    In good standing former SO/Flag Executive trumps Former SO Int Base Executive outcast. She not only had alot more face time with publics, she took the high road out, leaving Marty master of his lesser domain in his faux middle road. Gotta <3 it.
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  34. Mark Cabian Member

    Ah, the speculation part of the thread!

    I think that she considered how she was going to do this for a long time, and I also think she has a tight circle of friends who agree with her. They crafted a perfect letter, and chose NYE as the launch date. Of all people, Debbie knows what the effects will be: some de-friending and nasty OSA posts on her Facebook wall, hundreds of calls and emails, calls from OSA and handlers, the whole thing. She knows all of it, and prepared her life for this phase. Her close circle of like-minded friends will carry on, and that precious part of her life will go on as usual.

    Like most who leave staff, there is a period of a few years, before they speak out publicly, or in her case, make the best one-person army 'poon to date.

    She fired a shot that has been heard around the world.

    <3 you Debbie.
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  35. Triumph Member

    you think these are bad just imagine the venom thats being spit at her through private e-mails
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    And maybe this was a signal to carefully placed members of the Palace Guard...
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  37. DeathHamster Member

    Now at least one more person will read that letter. Thanks Tracy!
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  38. RightOn Member

    The posts to Debbie by those deluded scared scilons are so shameful and a real head shaker.
    Hey COS! your ignorance, brianwashing and hate is showing again! Thanks!
    You parade yourselves as a "church"? Are you fucking kidding me?

    Those posters just want to make sure that others see their posts of disconnection and disgust towards Debbie to try and save their own asses and their "eternity". puke
    some of the most ethical people on the planet!
    Need proof? Just read their posts!
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  39. RightOn Member

    "Tracy Borer I turned this all over to Ethics for investigation! "
    ruh roh!
    sounds like a normal church to me!
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  40. Triumph Member

    crawlign King Snake (AKA CRAWLING DUFUS)
    Gary Tanno is a piece of work
    Mr. &quot;Your a fucking lair and crawlign with squirrels&quot;

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