Debbie Cook speaks at last.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DodoTheLaser, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Quentinanon Member

    Reitman misses the more important point that Cook acted as an accessory to the homicide during and after the fact. Cook also presided over an organisation that sells and delivers quack psychotherapy under guise of religion.
    McPherson and Bashaw were not the first cases who went into depressive episodes as a result of Hubbardian head candling tech. When you realise you are doing wrong, when do you put on the brakes?
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  2. Quentinanon Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Ray Cassano is Flag public originally from Chicago, and while living there, he owned and managed a strip club where cocaine and other illegal drugs were sold. After he moved to Clearwater, he got involved with multilevel marketing scams for "blue-green algae" and "sweet wheat". Cassano is an equal opportunity scammer and even conned tenants in his office building who were scientologists.
  4. timthephoto Member

    where there's a clam there's a scam.
    it gets more prolific the further up the bridge to total fraudom you go
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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Smurf Member

    Debbie sent me a very nice email. She is responding to people's PM's on Facebook.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yes, mine too.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Hurd mentality.
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  10. Anonymous Member

  11. RolandRB Member

    Then she is associating with people not in good standing with the Church.
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Here's what John and Jim Bates (hi Jim!) the clams are referring to:




    Whenever we’re really winning the squirrels start to scream. You can tell if somebody is a squirrel. They howl or make trouble only when we’re winning.

    Spectacular success can quadruple the number of complaints. Tell the complainees: “Come in, get clear.” Otherwise skip it.

    To understand a squirrel, consider the reaction of somebody who could not run the fifth leg of help “How could another person help another person”. The thought of this drives some people spinny. That’s a squirrel. They can’t view other people helping others without going berserk.

    There’s nothing personal in having squirrels. Even heroes can have lice.

    L. Ron Hubbard
    Hubbard, L. R., (1989). How To Confront and Shatter Suppression PTS/SP Course. (2001 ed.). Los Angeles: Bridge Publications, Inc.

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  14. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Right: if you say we're doing evil, it means we're doing good and will continue to try.

    This is great for making Scientologists impervious to real, valid criticisms.
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  16. Can't Hear You by 'Sponge' Band, lol.......

    No wonder we can't get through to the deluded Scientologists we're so desperately trying to help........

    The common sense truth is all Greek sung in Japanese to the Theta crowd who can't risk their eternity with such entheta by SP's (Sponge's Peeps) :) .......
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  17. Anonymous Member


    also: it's easier to inoculate people from ever going in, and a lot harder to get them out once in.
    Anonymous accomplishes both.
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  18. Cudgel Member

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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Except that the scientology organisation is failing. Just another way Hubbard dehumanised those who disagreed with him.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Well, yah... can't have the zombies actually hearing criticisms and THINKING.
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  22. xenubarb Member

    Yeah, this is kind of a funny thing. Rich Scilon benefactor Grant Cardone wrote a piece on Huffington Post where he stated if your business was getting complaints, keep doing that because it shows you are succeeding.

    Really, all you're doing is pissing off your customer base. Complaints are a sign of dissatisfaction and fail, except in Hubbardton where every day is Opposite Day.
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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Email received from OT8 Ramses Erdtmann, VP of Finance for Pharmacyclics, in response to Debbie's email. I assume he is speaking for both himself and Robert Duggan (Cook's email was sent to both of them)

    From: "Ramses Erdtmann" <>

    Please do not use our corporate or any private email for your communication, we do not want any further contact.Thank you

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Go figure. He's been a longtime OSA volunteer.
  27. xenubarb Member

    He must be a dick, they named a condom after him.
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  28. xenubarb Member

    Also, I wonder how Debbie Cook's email blast is gonna affect the Grand Opening of the Souper Powder Building?
  29. anonanchovie Member

    Please forgive me cross posting from one that I wrote on the ESMB board, I only do so because it is relevant to this discussion.

    Unlike the '100% Standard-per-RTC-tech-Scientologists', who are publicly disconnecting from Debbie in the most atrociously rude, cutting, cold and frankly sickeningly crude fashion, Debbie is communicating with warmth, inclusion and even forgivness. These bitter, boorish on-lines people seem to personify Scientology 2012, well, they are welcome to it, then.

    Debbie has been responding individually to as many people as she can, even to little old SPs like Smurf and my bad self. I think that this takes quite some courage and an admirable degree of humility. I was quite frank with her in stating my stance with regard to Scientology, but equally in my support for the intent of goodness and courage that is behind her email.

    I find her to be a gracious, respectful and humane woman. I still stand by my statement in another posting that she has some distance to go before she has done her part to heal the gaping wound left by her own role, however insignificant, in the death of that poor young woman, Lisa McPherson, who's voice yet cries out, nay, keens, from the grave. But Debbie has clearly taken some big steps in that direction. Mike and Marty have not. Miscavige and his Scientology never will.

    Thank you Debbie, I hope we see you here communicating in the real world soon.
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  30. AnonLover Member

    (sniff - dam leaky eyes again) that was beautiful, thanks for crossposting.
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  31. I hope the email let employees of Pharmacyclics know, who might not have known before that they are working for Scientologists.
    (Sorry for replying to an off topic for this thread post.)
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  33. Herro Member

    Getting closer to the inevitable retraction.
  34. Herro Member

    No I will not accept that.
  35. Anonymous Member

    She can retract all she wants, but Miscavige won't accept it.
    Trust me.
  36. Anonymous Member

    There will be no retraction. Things will unfold as planned.
  37. Diablo Member

    George Costanza: It became very clear to me sitting out there today that every decision I've made in my entire life has been wrong. My life is the complete opposite of everything I want it to be. Every instinct I have, in every aspect of life, be it something to wear, something to eat - it's all been wrong.
  38. Cudgel Member

    I got one, too. Short, non-descript nothingness, considering the message I sent. An OSA bot typing what they were told to type? Investigation continues...
  39. Anonymous Member

    This bar was actually in Peoria. "Second Chance" lol. It's a Baptist church now. He also held interest in a gay bar on the south side of Peoria, "The Quench Room". The Quench Room is now a Karaoke bar.

    But yeah, Peoria is just a failing mission. The Chicago org is the local Class V.
  40. Herro Member

    Did someone say Costanza?!


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