Debbie Cook speaks at last.

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by DodoTheLaser, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Mutante Member

    ... and so what?
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    Comm Ev and Fair are oxymoronic. Hubbard based it on the military tribunal, which are nothing more than a convenience to occupying troops to get the enemy under control. Every comm ev I was familiar with was a nonsense charade that wasted the time of staff members and helped nobody.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    LOL. Censorship, propaganda machine... Scientology in a nutshell. Keep going, Gayle. You're almost there.
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  4. Triumph Member

    send in Tommy!.... Dave....
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  5. RightOn Member

    So Scott doesn't like what Hubbard said?
    isn't that out ethics Scott?
    Someone report him to RTC stat!
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  6. anonamus Member

    Hehe, yeah I miss him too.. the most obvious leader of anonymous if there ever was one.
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  7. Mark Cabian Member

    Many exes who did terrible things (all high-ranking execs, OSA, and other staff) often make great efforts to do something good to make up for all the bad they did. I find this highly commendable. I respect any ex who does this.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    She should have stayed in Perú. In Latin countries, the neighbors generally mind their business, so long as your name isn't David Mayo.
  9. Tourniquet Member

    I was the Convening Authority, and seem to be relatively sane even now, years later, despite the mindfuck.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Needs to be more high-profile.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Karma reigns supreme. The auditing fucked her up. Not saying the score's even, not even close, but damn if this isn't a step of superscripted magnitude.
  12. Mark Cabian Member

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  13. Tourniquet Member

    One of the cases that got brought was of an auditor carrying on a affair with a woman married to another high-powered Scientologist. He was busted and justice got served, if only in that one case. The other one I can't talk about, yet.
  14. telomere Member

    "Justice" was in busting the slut, and her high-powered cuckold I presume.

    stay on.
  15. Anonymous Member

    @Gayle: with you, lady, but mind this also:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

    Gen Non-Remimeo.

    Over the past 15 years we have seen a lot of groups splinter off from Scientology and beat the drum for some off beat use of the technology. We call them “squirrels” because they are so nutty. They come and they go. We’re still here and will continue to be.

    A vast body of technology such as Dianetics and Scientology can give birth to a thousand “new developments” and never notice it. There are close to a half a billion words of research data in the Archives at Saint Hill, enough to start a thousand fads, any part of it.

    The latest squirrels are a group headed by an ex-employee in England who was sacked for homosexuality and theft. Promptly joined by an American who was once deported for 2nd Dynamic reasons and who ran off from his wife and children to join the band, this group is having a rough time of it.

    Internal dissension is what tears these splinter groups apart. Formed by people whose overt acts against Scientology prevent case gain, they rapidly rip one another to pieces.

    “Ron Howes” was an early example. Joined by undesirables from the Wichita Dianetic Foundation in 1951 they had a brief flurry and then his companions so involved Howes that he was soon in jail and today is reported as a Catholic priest! The rest of the group dispersed, never to be heard from again.

    There was once an “E-Therapy” taken from the “Throg-Magog” example in Dianetics Evolution of a Science, released by a long gone fellow Kitselman. They had people mock up a god to tell them what to do, so avoided auditing and spun themselves in. This is the nearest thing we’ve had to “Amprinistics”.

    The keynote of such “developments” is how to avoid auditing and prevent revealing overts.

    Old Joe Winter was another example. And there are many, many more. All gone now, dead or in jail or vanished.

    The latest splinter is no exception. It is using Concept Therapy and Rising Scale Processing with “dichotomies” from 1951 Dianetics, fancied up and advertised as “senior Scientology”. Some day somebody will revive the engram running as done in 1950 as the “latest development”. These old processes have a history of being grabbed and altered.

    A Chiropractic group in 1953 really “went to town” with Concept Therapy. It is quite a good process. But limited. It would be about Grade 1 in modern Scientology, not used because it starts out fine but dead ends. You can find the right processes for it in old books and bulletins. It could make a low level Release if expertly run on a Mark V meter but never a Clear. And to self audit it would be fatal.

    We don’t object to Dianetics or Scientology being used. We prefer it to have its right name. But we like to have it in clean hands.

    There’s been too much betrayal in this universe already and for

    HCO Exec Ltr 27.9.65 – 2 -

    fellows whose records include homosexuality and theft to start up a fuss with 14 year old technology is a bit thick.

    They are quite violent on the subject of ethics as you ordinarily expect a criminal to be and are savage about organizations, having stolen money and lists from ours. They are being careful not to attack me publicly in the hopes people will think them noble and inspired. They’re inspired all right — by the “buck”. But we wish them no bad luck. We don’t have to. It’s punishment enough just to be themselves and live with what they are.

    It’s amusing how the group acts within itself. When Horner arrived in England he was supposed to be met with a big cheque so he could lecture all over the world. Of course he got no cheque.

    This particular auditor has run off to every splinter group that was ever formed and when they collapse, comes back head hanging, case unchanged and fortunes in rags and ruin. He’s been doing it for 15 years. A sort of Jonah! His case doesn’t change by the way because no HGC auditor has ever been able to get him into an auditing chair! His dream is total gain without processing. For that avoids all his withholds.

    Soon they’ll have one another’s throats cut or in jail and that will be that.

    For a splinter group to try to start up just as Scientology is restoring all past releases and has a large number going Clear at Saint Hill is a tough break for them. We will of course have to refuse them and anyone connected with them any of the materials for Classes and Grades V, VI, VII and VIII in order to prevent their use against people by suppressives. This effectively bars the way to their personal progress as policy on them states that regardless of amnesty or amends they may never again be trained. And the chances of such finding their own way are zero. A rather bad fate for the sake of a few quick “bucks” or pounds. For we could never trust them again with preclear’s cases.

    If you meet anyone going off to this group, list them with your Ethics Officer. They will never be given any upper level materials or training.

    We don’t really wish them any harm. We only hope they don’t hurt too many when they crash.

    Then I suppose we’ll have to pick up the pieces.

    We’ve been doing it for 15 years.

    “O Man thou art a foolish beast. The way thou runnest about after gew-gaws, no wonder it took so long for somebody to find the way.”


    Amprinistics — Culled from 1951 Dianetics “dichotomies” pretends to be a Senior Scientology”. In actual fact it is a low level self-audit
    calculated to spin people in with end words. As a suppressive action it seeks to make a virtue out of not being audited thus barring the road. It was probably dreamed up by Horner, not Harry Thompson.
    Harry Thompson — At the bottom of the “Death Lessons” press scandal was Harry Thompson. He has several wives and many children and is sought by the police for abandonment. He has attacked HCO
  16. Anonymous Member

    Why are Hubbard's seemingly benevolent scriptures never applied/brought up by Scientologists?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    HCO Exec Ltr 27.9.65 – 3 -

    Secretaries. He pretended to the press to be an “American doctor”.

    He has no certificates or training. He is the subject of an Ethics Order as a Suppressive Person.

    Edgar Watson — Was an early subject of Ethics. When investigated for no case gain it turned out he had used a job at Saint Hill to embezzle money and used auditing to obtain subjects to satisfy homosexual appetites. He was quietly dismissed to save us the embarrassment of his being arrested for both crimes but was severely warned. He is a barber by profession, is poorly educated, has a permanent leg injury which does not heal. He is the subject of numerous preclear complaints about his squirrel auditing and the HCO Sec London traced all UK enturbulation to his group in 1963. He owes us a large amount of money.

    Jack Horner — This ex-auditor has been a runaway to every splinter group ever formed. When they crash he comes back and begs forgiveness.

    He is heavily suppressive of pcs and has used any confidential data that came his way illegally. He has been the subject of a Comm Ev for abuse of materials and when saved by an amnesty promptly committed other offenses. He is violent on the subject of being audited and refused free processing in two HGCs.

    He has been psychotic on the subject of organizations and has done everything possible to tear them down. He has used auditing to turn pcs against orgs and in his connection with “Amprinistics” is merely furthering his own hate lines of auditing and organizations. In 1960 he was instrumental in ruining the life of Nibs Hubbard, with the help of Nina West by setting the boy against an organization and then getting him arrested in the Middle West. Smooth and glib, many people have been deluded into helping him. To him can be traced lies about how much private auditors should make, luring auditors from orgs and giving them loses when they don’t reap fortunes. He has deserted several women, leaving them with children and was the subject of deportation from England for violating a girl who was a ward of a court. He owes the organization money.

    Forecast — The group will grab any money in sight and skip after doing orgs as much damage as possible and in a few months will never be heard from again, following the course of all such groups.

    Treatment — They are each fair game, can be sued or harassed.

    Horner can be barred out of any Commonwealth Country or England as he was the subject of a deportation order from England and his file has come alive again in the Home Secretary’s Office. Harry Thompson’s wives and victims are always looking for him to have him arrested. Watson is a set-up for arrest as a homosexual. Any meeting held by them should be torn up. The names of any persons attending should be collected and they should be labelled SP as they have left Scientology. These people are SP because they are seeking to avoid auditing and retain their withholds. Once labelled, these persons will not then be covered by amnesty and will never be admitted to further training or processing.

    Persons messing themselves up with Amprinistic self audit and restim should be refused any assistance. If these persons move into your area act through any agency you can to have them deported or arrested on whatever grounds. England is currently too hot for them so they may tour about. Horner’s UK deportation order, Thompson’s police record and Watson’s homosexuality make them very vulnerable to deportation or arrest.

    They do not have our mailing lists but have contacted only people whose addresses appeared in last years Auditors. By holding meetings in the vicinity of each Scientology organization they hope to recruit applicants.

    HCO Exec Ltr 27.9.65 – 4 -

    Their influence is far less than they pretend. They seem big (like any SP) because they sent literature to our org officers in an effort to suppress them. Their public reach is very tiny. Don’t help it. Therefore this is our policy:
    (1) Do not mention the name Amprinistics in public or in our magazines or issues.
    (2) Harass these persons in any possible way.
    (3) Label publicly “ideas which preach no-auditing as simply Suppressive Actions to deny people case gains”.
    (4) Tear up any meeting held and get the names of those attending and issue SP orders on them and you’ll have lost a lot of rats.
    (5) Promote like mad and get the new Foundation Course and Grades of Release in so you’ll be on firm ground if they upset your area.

    They may bring temporary enturbulation to your area but beyond that have no other importance as such groups die easily and we make a habit of survival.


    Copyright (c) 1965
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    [Ed. - This was as heavy as Hubbard ever came down on anyone, until Paulette Cooper.]
  18. Quentinanon Member

    You cannot discuss that yet?
    If scientology auditors had to get licensing as counsellors and psychologists do, that person would have lost their license, and probably for good. But they could also get disciplined for having a cigarette with a client, going out to lunch with a client, soliciting money for a charity from a client, all things which are on-source and in-ethics in the scientology world.
    The most ethical people on the planet?
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  19. Anonymous Member


    Just walk away.
  20. Anonymous Member

    That isn't an original document, but it is apparently a crazy person saying other people are crazy. Was there a point to it?
  21. adhocrat Member

    I have read Introduction to Scientology Ethics, so I know any connection between scientology justice and moral action is a random thing.

    Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that what you did was all right. The process was flawed from start to finish. Any illusion of justice was an accident, a random statistically meaningless outcome.

    I have to point out also that an affair is a two way tango, yet you only mentioned one person being 'busted and justice got served' which implies the woman was somehow blameless. Sorry, if she was blameless it was rape, and the man should be in jail, or if it was consensual, both people would be brought to justice (whatever the hell that means in this context). Maybe you left out the women being in trouble, but it sounds like only one party was Comm Eved.

    EDIT: Or if I misunderstood the details, then what Quentinanon said about professional ethics.
  22. conatus Member

    Finally, the nutshell definition of Scientology I have been looking for!
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  23. Herro Member

    Wait, seriously? I'm joining scientology for realz this time.

    Tell me about it.


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  24. RightOn Member

    because its all mindless dribble bullshit that doesn't really work in the wog world
    and I know you already know that
  25. Mark Cabian Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Ya got me. The Scientological cherry-picking (to avoid conflicting practices/policies) just never ceases to amaze make me lol.
  27. RightOn Member

  28. Anonymous Member


    Were you even trying, Herro?
  29. Anonymous Member

    ^ lack of insight into own mental disorder.
  30. Cudgel Member

    Apparently one complaint about trying to 'friend' someone you don't say how you 'know' them in the outside world can trigger the warning. There's a whole section of complaints to Facebook in their help(less) forum complaining/asking about it. No one from Facebook seems to have ever replied to any of them.

    The one cultist who accepted my friend request has now rescinded it. Here's a shot of my notifications showing that she did actually accept (it's highlighted in yellow). The other yellow highlight shows an interesting ad: Audible is offering the Reitman book as a come-on for a trial membership...

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  31. Anonymous Member

    TMI, Cudgel.
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  32. Robocat Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

    If "great efforts to do something good to make up for all the bad they did" = go to federal law enforcement with evidence and own up to what they did, then I agree it is highly commendable (and perhaps should be expected?). Anything else, and they remain complicit in what's still going on, whether they'd like to admit it or not, IMHO.
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  34. Quentinanon Member

    I think it's clear that Cook's email will result more org scilons leaving for the independents, making an even higher concentration of gullible nutbags in the cofs. Davey just does not have any options that would improve his position.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Tacospeak is actually wtf worthy. Why would you even post in spanish when scilons suck even with their native language?
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  36. telomere Member

    Why? for the lulz.
    <3 google translate

  37. Strixcoil Moderator

    ^ Telomere, dear...I think Google Translate farted when you used it.

    Charo Cores said : "Please avoid of doing this and use the standard tech to resolve or clarify your disagreements"

    No "Please keep doing it"...that doesn't make sense if you translate the whole wall of text she wrote in spanish. :|
  38. Triumph Member

    Charo Says: Cuchi Cuchi

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  39. DeathHamster Member

    This was the one shot she could take while still within Scientology's reality bubble. Once it stops ricocheting, let's see what she does then.

    Note that the Tabayoyons were eventually pressured into settling and retracting their declarations, which probably makes them useless for penetrating the mind-fuck of current members.
  40. Yes - she "graduated" in late 1987/early 1988 and was put on post as Senior Interne Sup at FSO. She was declared a "tiger" and never to be put onto an executive post EVA!

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