Debbie Cook Goes Viral: Media Mega Thread

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Reality erased.

    Being a $cientologist means all the S&M slappy tickle without the happy ending.

    The Bridge leads nowhere. Otherwise there would be people at the other end endorsing it.

    There are no such people.

    LRH was a liar.

    Wake Up.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Oh my goodness, this is blowing up quicker than a burlesque nativity play in Damascus!

    It's hotter than a Kardashian chilli and coriander colonic irrigation!

    Oh hi there OSA! Are we having fun yet?

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  3. Anonymous Member

    "Have you ever enslaved a planet and ignored the safe word?"
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    Very funny how the cult defends itself by comparing itself to Catholicism. Any time Hubbard mentioned Catholicism it was to shit all over it.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yeah that's a hoot, but I find the middle ages reference much higher in the LULZ department. So much for the "modern science of mental health" if the openly promote their institutional initiatives are stuck in the freakin dark ages!
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  8. AnonLover Member

    ^^oops, wrong button - didnt mean to make an anony post
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Triumph Member

    Daily Beast
    Scientology Insider Emails Attack on Church Finances
    by Janet Reitman
    read more here
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  12. Anonymous Member

    moar farking fark

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  13. Anonymous Member

    It's not surprising. Miscavige grew up catholic and since he had no education he doesn't know much else. Had he grown up Zoroastrian he'd be comparing Scientology to that.
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  14. Zhent Member

    Very nice stuff! Janet knows her stuff, and unlike most other journo's who have reported on this recently and parroted the Scientology PR line Janet easily dissects this and slams the church.
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  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  16. Anonymous Member
    Functionary criticized the cult of Scientology

    translation here
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  17. Krautfag Member

    Oops, did they just issue an official statement that "she never worked for the Church of Scientology International (the mother church that controls the finances)"?

    So, I wonder what that does mean for the tax issues in the UK and Oz? Roland?
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  18. Sponge Member










    coming soon...

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  19. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  20. Or perhaps it's part of an ingenuous but nontheless well-thought-out rhetorical appeal to the died-in-the-wool Scientologists.

    As in, "Now this is just between us Scientologists, but ..."

    For her sake I hope that the professed total belief in LRH's phoney 'tech' is equally rhetorical.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    After KSW, appearances are everything in the Scientology demimonde.
    Just imagine the entire world were like Great Neck, NY. You'd be getting close.
  22. DeathHamster Member

    She admitted that she'd been freaked out? When?

    Greg Bashaw:
    If there was a Cook mention, I missed it.
    • Anti-Deprogramming League
    • CCHR
    • Cult Awareness Network
    • Cynthia Kisser
    • Engrams
    • Erich Fromm
    • FACTnet
    • Fair Game
    • Greg Barnes
    • Greg Bashaw
    • International Association of Scientologists
    • Introspection Rundown
    • Jason Scott
    • Jim Beebe
    • Lawrence Wollersheim
    • Lisa McPherson
    • Lisa McPherson Trust
    • Margaret Singer
    • Mary Anne Ahmad
    • Nazi labelling
    • Noah Lottick
    • Operating Thetan
    • Philip Gale
    • Potential Trouble Source
    • Quentin Hubbard
    • Reg Alev
    • Religious Technology Center
    • Sea Org
    • Steven Hassan
    • Sue Strozewski
    • Suicide
    • Suppressive Person
    • Wellspring
    • Chicago Reader
  23. grebe Member


    LOL, I wonder what DM did to get himself arrested.
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  24. Aurora Member

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  25. Cudgel Member

  26. Anon PTS Member


    (and a worthy effort at that!)
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  27. Anonymous Member

    How can ABC even consider interviewing such a scum-fucking-bag liar as a credible source for their program? For fuck sake this asshole destroyed evidence and lied about it. Every time Marty opens up his mouth in the media he makes the cult look good. Someone said he is an op, fuck I am starting to believe that.
  28. AnonLover Member

    The ABC News / Good Morning America coverage makes mention of the cult sending them a response letter. Altho unlike aussie ABC, doesn't appear they published the actual letter & just mention it in passing.

    In the past, when a major media venue doesn't publish the bawwwwllll letter, the cult slaps it up on scribd under one of their 5 or 6 official accounts. But not this time as far as I can find:

    Anybody else know differently? (did i miss the actual media response bawl letter maybe?)
  29. Triumph Member

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  30. AnonLover Member

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  31. TinyDancer Member

    And why did they let him stand on a box?
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  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Cudgel Member

    GREAT RAID SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  34. exOT8Michael Member

    I am glad that ex-execs and "OTs" are now talking the same language that Graham Berry and I were talking 14 years ago when we sued DM and Co. LOL

    [insert pic of a lovely herd of slowpokes]
  35. Incredulicide Member

    They didn't. Those numbers on the right are centimeters.
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  36. Herro Member

    Well hopefully they don't follow your example. We wouldn't want them to experience the same outcome as you.
  37. exOT8Michael Member

    Freedom from the cult. I like my outcome. OUT and proud.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Herro is just jealous- he likes to snipe but has no real life experience, pity him!
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  39. xenubarb Member

    Shut up, Herro.
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