Dear Jeff Quiros,

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by ethicstrouble, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. ethicstrouble Member

    Dear Jeff Quiros,

    You said: "We're actually gaining staff." And "There's a lot of info in those posts that lead me to believe this is bogus," Quiros says. "There are seeming specifics, but really it's a lot of generalities. I don't want to get into our church expansion. I want to say we are experiencing expansion -- especially in people walking in off the street." And of course "I'm sure it's not legitimate,".

    Well Mr. Quiros, I have sent stats straight out of incomm, using powder free latex gloves, to Lauren Smiley at the SF weekly to prove what I said is true and therefore prove that you speaketh untruth. They are a few months old for the reasons, maybe you will…… well lets see what happens.

    You state I may be an ex member thus proving you know people are leaving. They are leaving, look at the list of them all easily available on the internet. Look at the size of your events. You will not be able to keep all your staff off the internet forever Jeff.

    Pssssst, listen Jeff, you have no idea if I have been on the phone with you talking about this sit recently or we just passed in the hall or I left staff 2 weeks ago, 2 months ago or 2 years ago. When this is over, drinks on me, but right now our house of cards is falling apart. I think you should get Steve doing all the sec checks from now on. Oh oh oh, wait, how would you know if he missed a R/S, you never video his sessions. Never mind, forget it.

    Sec checks for all, where you will find ones who think like I, but not I, as I can F/N anything.

    You have no idea how long I have known. You have no idea how long I have been working on this. So far so good on my end, don’t ya think? You should be in the Org more, really.

    This is in no way personal, you responded the way you “had to” and I am responding in kind. By the way, someone is posting for me, well maybe, I don’t know, I am not real, am I!!!!

    Its time for honesty and as ising!



    To others reading this; obviously I could have done here just what Jerry did and make up graphs, but Jeff and the rest will know these are real and will hopefully look at the true situation in their orgs. You guys and girls keep up the good work.
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  2. RightOn Member


    only Quiros doesn't deserve a beer
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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    Thanks for posting again, ethics trouble! Our cell is in the midst of planning signs for you -- and I'm trying to decide how to decorate your caek!

    btw, this quote from Quiros cracked me up --


    Why on earth would he not want to get into his church's expansion? For fear of shooting more foot bullets in the form of lies? Any *spiritual leader's* favorite topic is how their congregation is expanding.


    more about Quiros -- and I'd be interested in your thoughts on this, ethicstrouble...

    mostly the staff members from the SF Org ignore us -- the only time I've been able to get their attention is when I've mentioned either Jeff Quiros' name or Jennifer Gorman -- esp. the names in concert.

    I wonder if the topic is a sore spot at the org? The young lady we call Snippy Longstocking (I know, a bit derisive) flipped out when I told her, as she was leaving the org, that Jeff Quiros would not protect her, just as he didn't protect Jennifer Gorman.

    Then there was a flash raid we had a few months ago, right before for the 4th of July, when the Gorman family made an appearance. For once, some of the young staff members (one of them was Jennifer2 and I think the other was BookBoy) looked me right in the eye -- super-surprised -- when I mentioned Jeff Quiros covering up Jennifer's rape. (I think they were surprised by the fact that I knew his name)

    I also have reason to believe that members who attend the org were called in to hear a shore story about Jennifer Gorman -- this would have been around November 2010.
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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. DeathHamster Member


    Maybe they install an electronic door then?
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  6. adhocrat Member

    or maybe they just don't mention that more leave than come in.

    Good to see you posting, EthicsTrouble.
    We're waiting to share cake, hugs and maybe bust a move or two with ya.
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  7. Chipshotz Member

    EthicsTrouble, nice to hear from you again.
    You are awake and see the con.
    I salute.
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  8. xenu2012 Member

    ...or stop using so much Windex.
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anna_Asks Member

    Ethicstrouble, you sound so confident, and good on you for taking action!

    Take care of yourself emotionally (and financially) and plan your future moves so that you've got yourself covered (sounds like you already know how to do your own ops!) :) When you're ready to come out you will have a lot of support.
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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Using Windex would be out-tech. Hubbard wrote a bulletin on the exact Scientology way to clean windows. (Vinegar and newspaper, I think.)
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  12. Gosh I hope Ethicstrouble is not some kind of elaborate troll. (tho if so, well done)

    If on the level, then
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Ask Jeff if he's boinking Wendy N.?
  14. Anna_Asks Member

    I tend to believe ethicstrouble - a troll would not provide all of the details - according to the recent studies on fake travel reviews and based on my seven billion viewings of Reservoir Dogs, that is. Superlatives, emotion, lots of exclamation marks, heavy use of personal articles (I, we) and narrative (we went here, we did this) are signs of fakes, but a first person-type story with ancillary details that feel emotionally relevant to the teller but are not necessary for the plotline can be a sign it's not fake.

    I also tend to believe that they have someone posting for them though it could also be drafting, but here's why: smartquotes.

    Ever drafted something in Word and later pasted it into a forum or comment? The giveaway is smart quotes (the ones slanted in to the words - “this” vs. "this"). It also applies to apostrophes (straight down in normal text/font editors but slanted in Word or other document editing programs). The only non-smartquote, non-slanted-apostrophe in ethicstrouble's posts is in the quotations of Jeff in the SF Weekly article, which is likely cut and pasted directly out of the article and the article doesn't contain smartquotes.

    In the event this person writes an email to someone (many email programs/clients use smartquotes) or drafts in Word and sends to someone who can post on their behalf, it would mean this person is wise :) Also, for the OSA reading, you could be looking for TWO people, how about them apples? If that's the case (and for many other reasons), tracing IP would probably not get you back to ethicstrouble.

    Even if not, it means the posts are drafted, which indicates forethought and not impulsiveness. Maybe also nervousness - being new at posting to forums (or a new forum), that would be normal.

    I also believe this person is still completely "in", and is not a recent ex or someone who has fallen away quietly recently - note "but right now our house of cards is falling apart" so I believe Jeff/Jerry/Jennifer/Steve have all had contact with this person in the past week or two. If they were both emotionally and physically removed, it would probably read "your".

    Either way, I'm looking forward to a new SF Weekly article from Lauren Smiley :) And cake.
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  15. A very observant and wise report/post! Thank you!
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  16. moarxenu Member

    Hey ET! Great to hear from you again.

    Lauren Smiley is one cool lady, and I am glad you got in touch with her.

    The South Bay Statcrashers had a raid in Los Gatos last Saturday with the great Pacman who was on a visit. Here are some pix for you:





    Moar pix here.
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  17. moarxenu Member

    Jerry OT8 certainly has a lot of FB friends.

    Oh look, it's Jeff Quiros:


    And Lisa Quiros:


    She has lotsa friends too. Like Alfreddie Johnson and Forrest T. Mission Holder of Santa Rosa.

    And teh Lisa Quiros Team for Real Estate in Lafayette:

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  18. DeathHamster Member

    So what is Jeff Quiros' total Rape Coverup Score?
    Also at the Mountain View org:
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Exponential Member

    No one knows the dangers of a cult like someone inside. Keep rockin' the courage Ethicstrouble, ChanologySF protests for you, and all others like you, who have had enough of the bullshit, rhetoric and doublethink and decided to take their lives back; and for those still lost in the mental fog that is Scientology. 5 thumbs up!

    Mr. Quiros, Mr Racheff and the rest of Co$ SF

    Expect us
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  21. skeptic2girl Member

    ^may be time to make our own chart to feature on the sidewalk sign...
  22. skeptic2girl Member

    ^this dude walks around with a constant expression of butt hurt. one time when we were protesting in Santa Rosa, he almost looked sorry we moved out of the way of his car as he pulled away from the curb.

    sigh! this is part of the *lost* footage Squirrel Bait downloaded for me and I've never gotten to see! (believe me, I've asked about it :( until I stopped for fear she'd think I was stalking her: indeed, I'm no Squirrel Buster)
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  23. Smurf Member

    Ewww... Jeff is into SGILF's now??


    (Scilon Granny's I'd Like To F**k)
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  24. Demented LRH Member

    I wish I could contact Jeff directly to show him my calculations, which are based on the Fisher theorem of random mutations, proving that CoS is shrinking. The empirical data supports my theory. We discussed this topic here, too. But I suspect that Jeff is mathematically challenged.
  25. Hey "anonymous"
    I found this page after googling my own name.
    I take it you aren't a fan of horror? Me neither, but they sure were fun to film, when I did a few years ago.

    I'm not sure what this site is complaining about or who Jeff Quiros is.

    You may be disappointed to know that, in fact, I am not the son of Jeff Quiros. And by judging by all the complaints, maybe that's a good thing? :)

    In the future, if you must say negative things about people, I would request finding out the facts first. Only FOX news can get away with that. ;)

    Best of luck in whatever you do.

    -Alexei Ryan (Quiros)

  26. DeathHamster Member

    Lurk moar.
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  27. rickybobby Member

    DH, please forgive me for not reading all the linkage right now (and thanks for all that, BTW, I will read them), but I believe the poster (Alexai Ryan Quiros) was referring to HIMSELF as not being related to (or really caring about) Jeff Quiros. He also acknowledged that he had not LURKED MOAR nor, from a cursory examination, wanted to be associated with him.

    I believe he was not disputing any info about Jeff Quiros, just confirming that he was not related to said heinous individual.

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  28. DeathHamster Member

    So someone mastergooglebated their own name, jumped in a two-year old thread?

    Still not caring much.
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  29. For the record, and I may get flack from some of you, Alexei is NOT Jeff' son. Born to ex-wife over 5 years after they divorced. Which is also when she left the 'church'. She has never gone back. She kept the last name, and gave it to him when he was born, she wasn't married, never imagining he would be a target.

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