Dear Enturbulation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. momISanon Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  2. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Let's follow my advice here.

    You have made a statement, and backed it up with no evidence at all. Oops, that's against the guideline. You have a vendetta against me because I moderated you. Oops, that's against the guideline. So actually, you're just posting to have your own little go at me. Cute.

    Also, stop posting /thread. It's a healthy discussion and should continue.
  3. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I knew from the get go he should not have been made a mod...why?

    WAY too much stress and stress can make him you know its like running a daycare center with some baby always crying bout something....that and this place has way too many mods in my opinion...I ran a board so im not just talkin out my ass
  4. Daywatch Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  5. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I can almost guarantee that if you feel the need to justify yourself with that statement, you were an awful moderator.
  6. Tuesday Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    FTT: Essentially it comes down to his e-fame. Stu was a very widely recognized personality on the forum even before he was made a moderator. Because of this things that he posted automatically got more attention that they would have had JoeSchmoe81972 posted. (I'd like to note at this point that I'm fully aware of the utter hypocrisy of my making this a point of contention, but I don't think that it makes my points any less valid). This is an issue.

    There are a number of users who would happily help to moderate the forum. If you need more moderators then open it up to the community and you'll get a handful of people willing to help within minutes, it takes a little more time that way since you have to look through post histories to make sure that the person you're adding to the moderators isn't full of AIDS, but it also ensures that there's no hero worship automatically attributed to the name, which is what happened in Stu's case.

    Had JoeSchmoe18109 posted what Stu posted about the ThunderDome during the closure there would not have been nearly the same kind of fallout. Not because it wouldn't have mattered what was said, but because it wouldn't have been said by an Enturbulation celebrity who many people had a great amount of respect for. People felt betrayed.

    It also seemed, from the outside, that he was made a mod rather arbitrarily - that it was an act that came solely from his e-fame and not because he'd acted in a way that merited the "promotion" or that he'd offered to help. No one on this end was entirely sure why he'd been promoted, other than that he's incredibly well known across the user base. It doesn't help that he was added automatically as a Super Moderator. This was also part of the issue.
  7. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    doesnt that break the guidelines. back it up?
  8. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    This is true.

    He said "almost guarantee", he did say "absolutely". Also, I don't see you b&, and you'd probably be whining if you were infracted, and that's really the issue here. MODS ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE OPINIONS. This might be news to you. The issue only comes when those opinions make them more damaging than helpful.
  9. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    no...i was very well liked and i was an Admin
  10. Thetan Ass Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Shun...I believe that is called shunning. this is a good picture of epic shun by a group. and they have swords.
  11. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    1) Why do you feel it necessary to bring that point up? Because you want to give your point more oomph, more weighting. And that's because you don't think your point is valid.

    2) You USED to run a board. Past tense baby. What happened?

    3) You can barely type in proper english sentences. How could you possibly properly convey the reasoning behind moderation decisions if you type like a retard?

    EDIT: 4) And then you quoted me a second time. Insecure much?
  12. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    in my opinion Enturbulations primary function should be to serve as a support and data base for Anonymous ,in particular those who actually put their butts on the line and front up on the street with mask and signs/flyers on the organised protest day.

    and it needs to balance everything it does with that in mind first and foremost.

    im here to enturbulate the Cult, not watch Anons enturbulate each other.

    if you have the time energy and inclination to enturb your fellow Anon, do us a favour and put that effort into a post that enturbulates the target instead.................
  13. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Wrong guy, I think. Although they act pretty much the same. LAWL, MODS CAN'T HAVE OPINIONS.
  14. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    Im over here..he didnt say he ran a board
  15. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    i whine every fuckin time im "infracted". half the time its not even remotely warrented.

    ps: i was joking about the back it up thing. lulz
  16. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Alright, then. Let's try this again:

    He said "almost guarantee", he did say "absolutely". Also, I don't see you b&, and you'd probably be whining if you were infracted, and that's really the issue here. MODS ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE OPINIONS. This might be news to you. The issue only comes when those opinions make them more damaging than helpful.

    Half of that is no longer relevant. Live with it.
  17. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    WTF??? Why dont you read up? I never said anything close to what youre refering to

  18. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    lol quoting the wrong person for fun and profit.

    If anyone actually has a serious concern as to how I, or any other person runs the board, then message them. We have a 1000 PM limit for a reason.
  19. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    i think hes wasted, he lost me
  20. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Lets be clear here, Stu was made a mod a good week or two before he was fairgamed/arrested that has no bearing on him being made a mod initially.

    Tuesday - thank you.
    There's never been announcements as to why people were modded, or even that they were, this should be considered if it's going to cause problems perhaps?

    In many way's we've been trying to keep it as it was before, anyone that asks can be considered for a mod if we need the numbers, we had just had to tighten security so filtering was done on that respect, mods can do little real harm usually and can be easily de-modded if they cause trouble. stu wasn't a security problem. He was actually concerned about his notoriety and brought that up himself at the time but wanted to try use more of his time to help. I'm not trying to paint him a saint but he hasn't been deserving of the attacks.
  21. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    no...sorry my comment was not intended to start shit

    I will never be "that guy"
  22. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Note the:

    I couldn't be bothered to edit the text.

    Lucky for [STRIKE]nameless[/STRIKE] CantPickAName here, the important part still is, in fact, relevant.
  23. Anorumi Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    People who keep talking about how OSA is laughing over this drama need to STFU. People who talk about how we shouldn't be discussing this also need to STFU. Because what we're doing is more than petty infighting. We're doing what the entire Cult of fucking $cientology doesn't have the fucking balls to do. We're complaining, and we're REFORMING. Just in this thread alone, our complaints have been heard, we're allowed to talk and discuss, and the mods are CORRECTING THE THINGS THAT WE BROUGHT UP.
    This is how communities work guys. This is how we're different from the CO$.

    It isn't about how this is a privately owned board and whatever the board owner says goes. Because while that's true, it still doesn't take from the fact that the what's happened was a load of shit and faggotry. And we users of the board have the right to complain. Would you rather that the admin banned all dissenting views or punished them with the miserable users hack?

    I happen to remember several so-called communities in real life that act in a similar manner, and we baaaaw all the time about why the members in the communities themselves don't try to raise a fuss. If you think real hard, you might even figure out what I'm talking about.
  24. amaX Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    has anyone addressed this:

    did someone REALLY come up with some program that re-routed people from this forum to

    ^^this is extremely bothersome to me.

    i see that they've explained all about the SP and miserable user lists. i can almost chalk this up to the mods/admin trying to be sarcastic/funny, but it's still not fucking cool at all. i'm sure they wish it had never become public knowledge here.

    i'm a vet of the old abuse/insult chat rooms. we were brutal in our day. i found TD funny and i so wished i spoke the lingo so i could go in and kick ass. sadly, that's not my place. i'm olde and my time in places like that is very much over.

    TD has NOTHING at all in common with OSA. <most of you will not understand that or agree with it, but the people who hang in TD will.

    i find it highly ironic and not funny at all that we are in this fight against this disgusting cult because of freedom of speech on the internet and one of our main websites is guilty of sooper sekrit subterfuge.

    note to you fuckers in OSA: all of this internal fighting within this forum will have zero effect on ANONYMOUS' movement against your cult.

    there is not a damned thing that anyone can do or say that will stop us from dismantling your cult.

    make no mistake about this--your cult is going to fall.

    always keep this in the back of your brainwashed brains: ANONYMOUS is like a dysfunctional family--we may beat the shit out of each other at home, but god help anyone else who tries to hurt us.

    we can and will smack each other around AND finish the job we've started on you. we can multi-task.

  25. LesboSensei Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    this ^
  26. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    no, that's a complete fabrication
  27. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    This. What AnonMomAnon2 said, as well. Although I swear to Raptor Jesus himself that the miserable users hack would not have made a tenth the splash it did if LE hadn't referred to it as the "SP list" (tbh, that's about the only reason a lot of the people started caring about this bit of drama at all. Before they just figured it was BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW LE IS A MEANIE HE KILLED OUR FORUM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW).
  28. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    in the admins defense i will say this, the "miserable user" hack is used on many many forums. that hack is all over the place. yeah the hack is bad news. but its not the end of the world. the mindset that installed that hack is what needs to be rectified. IMO
  29. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    dr3k hasn't been an admin for ages.
  30. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    yet his legacy lived on .

    ps: spacko plz change the garbage that LE put under my name to the left.
  31. Re: Dear Enturbulation

  32. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  33. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I have been a part of several online boards as a member (not a mod) for years, and what is going down here, I feel, is a totally "normal" part of the evolution of an online community of active contributors.

    Things go along at a certain level for a while then something blows up. The hive swarms all over the place, buzzing with foment, angry and insecure. Then things get sorted out, the hive gets back to its target work and it finds itself at a better place.

    One forum, set up as a trial online social experiment by the founders of ebay was a great site, and there were 20,000 members. The active membership was wayyy smaller (less than 1000) and this kind of drama was a regular part of the community evolution. Trolling, name calling, cyber-violence, the whole menu of crap was showing up. By the time the experiment was terminated the community had sorted itself into many close-knit productive units that were doing what they did best.

    After the end of the project they went onto other host sites as groups to continue working together.

    A few of things I learned from those forums (amongst many others)

    1. "Shift happens"

    2. The flexible willow rides out the storm while the brittle trees have branches all over the ground when the winds die down.

    3. The greenest, strongest, healthiest vegetation I ever saw was growing out of a pile of elephant dung. ( Noo specific reference to TD here....ahemmm)

    What matters most is inspiring new evolution and more fascinating frontiers to keep interest and involvement growing.

    Luv U guise. It's all good.

  34. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    just to explain how i got the nonsense under my name...this is what happened.

    lol wut? two mods who know full well the hack that is in place? ill give him a pass cuz he pays the bills.
  35. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Because there is a direct correlation between how well liked an admin/mod is,
    and how effective they are at running the board.

    Mods/Admins who are liked excessively, and slobbered over obsessively
    tend to be the best administrators evar. Boards where this buggery is rampant
    and policy requires that all mods be luved are the best boards around.

    If users detect any disagreement with staff,
    clearly the board has failed and should be abandoned immediately.

    "Miserable Users" is apparently no longer in effect.

    If you're still feeling miserable, maybe it really *is* you.
  36. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I say we make a new enturb
  37. editordrone21 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Jesus christ, either this site has attracted some of the whiniest, pickiest fucking cunts in the entire internet or there is some concerted black ops going on to invent drama where there is none. Would you faggots who CARE SO DEEPLY about this drama go make your own forum and whine there instead of shitting this place up with your concern trolls and announcements to the uncaring world about how offended and betrayed you are? Listen to yourselves. This isn't fucking burger king where you have it your way; this is a fucking website bulletin board which is used for the purpose of coordinating shit and spreading news. Who cares if there's an SP list or whatever the fuck the mod shitlist here is called? (Every board has a mod shitlist, and if you're shocked and offended, you're a fucking newfag failtard). Who the fuck cares if your precious little circlejerk forum is being shut down and because you're such whiny cunts about it the mods have to feed you a line so you don't throw a shitfit? (If your shitty little dumping ground is so precious, make like the jews and exodus elsewhere)

    You shitheads would be tolerable if you'd just go the fuck away instead of making thread after thread after thread about how hurt you are and how this is such a betrayal or whatever. People popping up out of the woodwork at just over 100 posts announcing how this place has become corrupt and evil and their childhood dreams are shattered because some mods aren't doing things perfectly? That's why it smells like an operation to me.

    Tl;dr: If you don't like it, shut up, go away, stop being such a fucking noob.
  38. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    i gotta respect a grown man who has the balls to use the term "failtard". impressive drone, now change that moist tampon. we are the fuckin borg. we will heal.
  39. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Many people here are mundanes picked up at raids and YouFoundTheCard, not webbers. They'll get used to it eventually.

    And no, it's not an op. It's just a bit of drama that is now over, and that certain people feel the need to extend.
  40. Happy Cat Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Drama's over if you missed that fact. 'Kay?
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