Dear Enturbulation

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Fear Not Member

  2. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I was in when he said it. It really sounded like he was talking about just shutting down and walking away.

    Also, I apologize for any faggotry coming from my end. In the future, I will think about questions in the mod forum for more than a minute before slapping my half-assed reply up.
  3. Spooge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Sounds like alot of Drama Queens to me.
  4. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    To the mods: Sorry there's so many people fagging this place up (yes, I know, the irony, etc. etc. (at least ours was a proper invasion; most of this is just stupid)). You lot are doing a great job in GD, from what I can see.
  5. anon2487 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Fair enough, but a halfway house would be good...
    Whether or not it'd make people more sympathetic to the Mod's position I don't know :grin:
  6. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I had my part to play in the MC thing, but it was based off of old intel and then bad intel.

    Do I still want LE's head on a pike? Yeah, I see him as the cancer.

    Am I concerned that he's going to duck things and try to come back when it blows over? Not so much. If nothing else, I think Tuesday alone will keep that particular torch lit.

    And as my final post in this thread, I'm going to raep a Churchill quote.

    "You can always trust Anonymous to do the right thing...after they've tried everything else."
  7. Tuesday Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    tamphex may have used the term before but the way that it was understood by some of the people who saw it and the way that it was relayed to me was that it was a threat on the site. If that weren't the case then why doesn't he have admin status anymore. He didn't pull them himself.

    Re Stu, it doesn't matter that he offered to help and he's diplomatic and admits to his mistakes, he shouldn't have been made a mod in the first place. It's been rectified and so it's a nonissue.

    This I agree with. Besides, Mods need a place to complain about the users and generally bullshit among themselves. I have always and will continue to advocate for more transparency in the running of the site, but opening up the Moderation forum is not the answer.
  8. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    This is the target.
  9. anon2487 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    It just cuts out a lot of unnecessary bullshit/speculation when people can see how business is being done.
  10. Fear Not Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Yes I know
    Just wanted to set the record straight about who brought the marbles to play over here.
  11. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I love pooks
  12. Plups Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    So, they haven't worked out yet that this entire drama was just us trolling them??

    Srsly, as Pooks said several pages ago, my hope is that this open conflict and resolution both makes us stronger and demonstrates to the Scilons that conflict isn't bad - there's life after conflict.
  13. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  14. Spooge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Night faggots, work in a few hours and hope this is all resolved when I hit the boards again.
  15. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    How could it make us weaker? Fixing things is a Good Thing, imho.

    We have them right where we want them.
  16. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Just to reiterate, there is no way I'd consider opening up the mod forum as a good idea.

    Consider this scenario. User x is a really shitty poster, and we moderate him. He BAWWWWWs about it, saying he's being picked on, and everyone laughs at him

    Now consider that there's a post in our "Watch Thread" thread, saying that he's a shitty poster. He BAWWWWWWWs about it, saying he's being picked on in threadid:9001, and then people may think he's justified in this view, when, in fact, he's just a shitty poster. So by opening up the mod forum, we'd actually be increasing drama.

    As well as highlighting illegal threads blah blah blah
  17. anon2487 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    ^^^Fair enough. Transparency=good. Opening modforum=notsomuch.

    G'night John-Boy...
  18. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    This. I don't think very many people think that opening those up would be the best plan.
  19. r3x Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    To all of you who say that the drama is over, has Marblecake released their statement yet?

    Has LE or tamphex made a statement regarding this drama yet?

    Has Magoo come any closer to understanding why she was trolled?

    Is there any resolution at all?


    If the answer is no to any of these questions, then this is not over yet.
  20. Anonhopeful Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation


    We have the same Goals, Let's continue working towards them.

    I was called into the org, audited, I had overts and many withholds, and my 2D was deemed a PTS in my life, as was my mother, and almost every friend I had. Most of my friends were wogs. I was told that I needed to clear myself of these PTS and Sp's in my life, retake the PTS/SP course, and things would get better for me. I didn't see things as being bad. I already had problems with my mother. She thought I was losing my mind joining Scientology and she had already had it with me during the extensive abuse from my first marriage. I thought hey, maybe their on to something, maybe Mom is a PTS, and my friends, well, many were single, and lived differently than I did, so yeah, maybe they are a PTS... I was pretty messed up in the head by now. I cut everyone out of my life except my 2D. That was a non-negotiable point. Man, I was starting to sound like a reg around him, trying to get him to join, donate, etc. He finally decided to go with me one time, and it would be the only time I ever took him. They were very nice and gave him the hard sell but he wasn't biting. I knew he wouldn't, but it was worth a try. As we were leaving he quoted Marx "religion is the opiate of the masses"! I wanted to crawl under the nearest desk, or run out the door!

    Of course I was called in the next day for auditing and he was deemed THE PTS my own connected SP! I was to disconnect from him. I had just found out I was pregnant. I expressed that I couldn't leave, I loved him and I was pregnant. I was given a high pressure sale on having an abortion, and disconnecting, but I was adamant he was staying. I was then told to handle him. They would tell me how this would be a later date.

    By this time, I cashed in my IRA, all gone, savings all gone, monies left to me by my grandfather, nearly gone and I was still spending. Vicious cycle, work to spend, and spend and spend. I needed more and more courses due to my overts. I needed more auditing and all this cost money.

    I was spending most of the money I was making at the org, we were falling on are rears and my 2D had enough of the CoS and me. An ultimatum was given to me by him, move after the lease was up, somewhere without SCN, Blow, lead a normal life, or he was taking our child and leaving. I agreed. I started to spend less and less time at the org, but they started calling more and more, even coming over, with was not good on the home front! We were secretly planning the move, without telling my new found scn friends, only 1 person knew and I didn't think this person was Scn related. WRONG!

    We moved to a little town in the middle of nowhere, with 1200 people in the whole town. It was in the middle of the bible belt, who would have known a town not too far away had an org! Within a few weeks the E/O showed up at my home. Our street didn't even have a name! OMG it was a nightmare. I was told type III due to my 2D's influence and I needed to get back to the org. I did.

    2 days ago, after the events with the org, my 2D told me he just can't take it anymore, he wanted a divorce. The only other people who mean more to me are my children. I have lost a huge part of me. I was a fool. Scientology cost me almost every relationship in my life. I have no one but my children, I've never felt so lonely. This is what Scn does, this is the face of SCN! This is most of my story.
  21. r3x Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Do you want to ensure that a drama like this never happens again?

    Then these questions need to be answered:

    Has Marblecake released their statement yet?

    Has LE or tamphex made a statement regarding this drama yet?

    Has Magoo come any closer to understanding why she was trolled?

    Is there any resolution at all?
  22. Spooge Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

  23. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I have no clue about MarbleCake, and can wait for them instead of constantly bumping shit threads.

    Tamphex has been raped and murdered, and LE isn't going to stick his head out for another couple of days at least.

    Magoo will get over it or she won't. Not many people really care.

    There is some sort of resolution (i.e. TD is open again, mods are no longer being cocks, SP list is baleeted, etc.), but complete confirmation needs LE to show up. See above.

    Now live with the fact that posting will not make any of this go faster.
  24. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Tamphex is pretty much done with enturbulation as I see it. LE may or may not make a statement. It's up to him. You have plenty of other staff members more than happy to talk to you.

    Magoo understands why she was trolled (I think!) and understands what the dome is about.

    The dome is back, a few people are taking long looks at themselves and no-one's really causing dramatics anymore. I think it's fairly resolved.
  25. Plups Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Time to lock this thread, I feel.
  26. D... Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Shame, I rather liked Tamphex. I heard he was ego stroking. But he cared for Chanology and worked hard.
  27. Re: Dear Enturbulation

  28. anon345 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Why did the little girl cross the road?
  29. anon345 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation get to the other slide. :grin:
  30. anon345 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    /thread plox.
  31. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    From occupied Clearwater
    Oh Hai Guise! So I herd there was this evil cult..
    YouTube - Anonymous
  32. andy-nonymous Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    You want truly open dialogue across the board? First lesson? It's -never- time to lock a thread.

    You want people to behave civil around each other? Ask them to. They don't want to? Warn em not to. They tell you to piss off? You tell them to GTFO.

    This is how to mod, people. You don't just secretly hate on them and decide to make their posting experience a little worse for funsies. That's being a passive-aggressive idiot and it brings more retribution than it delivers.

    In that handy dandy mod thread (which I am 100thing in saying everyone should read, all the time) it was made pretty clear to me what the solution is. Give MPB some time to cool his tongue, bob's your uncle. If he couldn't get it together and be a contributor to Chanology without being an absolute shithead, well, that's really tough for him. Bye-bye.

    Instead, people decided they were going to get really fucking cute. Look at me using technology to avoid resolving the problem on the level it exists on! SOCIAL PROBLEM = SOCIAL SOLUTION.

    The idea that someone could make a list of people who fight Scientology and call it a Suppressive Persons list... There are no words.

    TL;DR - Mods in secret places start sucking secret cocks. Open up the modchat to the world? Might not solve anything. But right now, after the repeated blindsiding of the users and the traces back to illogical shite in the modforum... we won't trust you not to do something stupid in there. So you might as well let us read it.
  33. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I didn't want to do this, but:

    If any of you still don't get it: bumping this thread will not make LE show up faster, nor will it make Marblecake do their thing moar quickly. GTFO of this thread and do something vaguely resembling something useful.
  34. anon345 Member

  35. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Odd that. Wonder if he'll get as much help as he gave me...thanks Tamphex.
  36. Re: Dear Enturbulation

    I'd appreciate some clarification on your reasoning behind that, I can't say I see it as a good counterpoint to my statement.

    My sole issue with stuwyatt as a mod was the small security concern of his hardware being stolen/confiscated/infiltrated as he was named, but then so are some of the others.

    As far as I'm aware he did a good job of being moderate as a moderator, as stated in my previous post. I'll add as far as I'm currently aware he didn't abuse the position either.

    I believe he's made good with the big TD 'celebs' too.
    I very much view him as a good hand lost at this point.

    [quote Anon2487]
    Fair enough, but a halfway house would be good...
    Whether or not it'd make people more sympathetic to the Mod's position I don't know
    This is being worked on, I think WMH's already set up a new subforum in site news for more polls on site issues, and we're encouraging more non security sensitive stuff to be discussed outside the mod forum (also see Bigfatspacko_uk's mod ethics)
  37. Tuesday Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    If you don't want to discuss this anymore leave the thread. Is it really that difficult?
  38. twelve Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    Thank you.
  39. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Dear Enturbulation

    i love stu but he shouldnt have been modded for the simple reason hes accused of something we have no way to defend. if he got busted for a cult sign,,, well ok we can combat that. stu is facing some serious shit and in all honesty the mods should have had a little forethought about what is gonna show up on the next anti anon flyer the scifags hand out. they are trying to make us look like criminals so maybe making someone who has charges pending wasnt the best idea to begin with.
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