David Miscavige's Disappeared Wife Shelly: What We Know

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. eddieVroom Member

    I saw her now ("mocked up", remembered, visualized), her thetan was in her person. I did not sea her, nor did I saw her with any cognitive power tools. And that was just within the confines of this segment of the time track. See?..
  2. SOJOA Member

    I had to laugh about this subject today cause a local radio station talked about Leah Remini and how the leaders wife has been missing. It was also on our local news, newspaper articles, etc. My city is all over their bullshit.
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  3. Where is Shellly Miscavige?

    Posted on August 5, 2013 | 9 Comments

    We in RTC don’t understand you stupid wogs.

    You blather on and on and on about how our Mr. David Miscavige is a sadistic and greedy monster, a vain sociopath concerned only with making endless speeches so he can hear the sound of his own voice and bask in endless applause.

    Then, with sinister accusative tones in your voice, you ask where Mrs. Shelly Miscavige is — and this while spinning all kinds of tall tales that COB must have imprisoned her in King Tut’s tomb because he is a monster.

    Yet if Mr. Miscavige is a such a monster then wouldn’t it stand to reason that Shelly would, or her own volition, want to live elsewhere? And wouldn’t she have divorced such a monster as the law allows?

    Then again, even poetically, the answer you wogs don’t want to hear is the correct one: Dave and Shelly are happily married. Shelly is a very private person who doesn’t like the intense media spotlight in which her husband is continually immersed due to his status as the single most important ecclesiastical leader on the planet.

    Shelly is a delicate little flower and her husband, a man who is the priest confessor and confidante to world leaders, celebrities, and dozens of lesser religious leaders such as Pope Francis of the Vatican State, treats her as such by assigning her to a very non-enturbulative post that contributes, in its own very minimal way, to Planetary Clearing.

    It is vitally important that Shelly descend several hundred feet under the Earth each day into an ultra-secret vault owned and maintained by the Church of Spiritual Technology(CST).

    Shelly is literally in the Scientology Holy of Holies each day with a can of Pledge and white 100% cotton towels that she has laundered using mild detergents that contain no rose perfumes or other scents. There, Shelly carefully polishes to a high luster the titanium containers that house Scientology’s scriptures on stainless steel discs.

    The containers Shelly maintains are the Church’s guarantee of future survival after the Psychs wipe out this Planet — and this will happen very soon, possibly this week, unless the Church of Scientology handles the Fourth Dynamic Engram that holds the Planet in thrall. And that is why you need to increase your IAS Patron status today!

    While it is politically incorrect to say so in today’s Psych-drug-addled world, the plain and simple fact is that women need to know their place. Shelly does and so she does what her husband tells her. This is why she is very happy on post. Shelly will make an appearance at the Celebrity Centre gala only if her husband tells her to do so. She will also wear whatever gown and shoes her husband selects for her.

    If Shelly does attend the gala, COB will allow her to carry a jeweled clutch containing a tube of unscented lipstick and a small nickel-plated .38 caliber revolver to fend off any wog reporter who breaches the formidable CCI security barricades. Shelly’s .38 will be loaded with Hornady XTP Bullets 38 Caliber (357 Diameter) 125 grain hollow points. This fact alone should serve as warning to any wog reporters who have murky plans about crashing the party.

    None of you are welcome to our party so stay away!
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  4. Kilia Member

    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! :p
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    David Miscavige: Ecclesiatical Leader of Scientology Shell Games
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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mary Sue Hubbard’s Last Will Fulfilled: Her Dog Bereft of Life, It’s Time to Sell Her House!

    By Tony Ortega

    We have a tale that our Los Angeles readers in particular are going to find fascinating. It involves Scientology, a weird final will, an extremely long-lived pooch, and expensive real estate!

    One of the many odd little stories involving Scientology has to do with a very fancy house at 2345 Chislehurst Drive in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Close to Griffith Park, the finely-appointed estate, on 0.31 acres, was the place where Mary Sue Hubbard, the third and final wife of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, lived out her last days.

    Continued with open comments at
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  7. RightOn Member

    I just wanted to say this.
    To the media and anyone else who think that if Shelly is at the next event, that all is well in " Scilon Happy Valley".
    Have people forgotten it is illegal to keep a person in captivity under lock and key and have someone watch your every move?
    All in the name of Scientology?
    Granted one would have to prove she is there under constant watch and that she doesn't want to be there, and that she can't leave on her own. But how about proving it otherwise?
    Where the hell is the investigation? The wellness check?
    I bet if this wasn't under the cloak of religion, then it may have gotten investigated a long time ago.
    'Cause it is ILLEGAL to do this to someone. It is ILLEGAL to brainwash someone, it is ILLEGAL to commit bigotry.
    Not to mention the 400 other crimes the COS is guilty of!
    Enough is enough! geez!
    Time to get called out!
  8. Random guy Member

    Actually it is not, it's just considered very, very bad form.
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  9. RightOn Member

    lol, I meant bigotry. fixed it
  10. rickybobby Member

    It's not illegal if it is voluntary, and I have no trouble believing that Shelly is holed up voluntarily. She isn't the first person whose mind has been fucked with by a tyrannical sociopath and she won't be the last. She may be agoraphobic by now, and may not WANT to emerge.

    When the little midget produces Shelly (and I believe he will), we will have to find another short, pithy, grabbing mantra fit for tee-shirts and hashtags. Any suggestions?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Shelly Miscavige
    Mindfucked by Scientology

    Shelly Miscavige, Prisoner of Love for Scientology

    Shelly Miscavige Loyally Brainwashed

    Shelly Miscavige, Mind Gone, but Not Forgotten
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  12. rickybobby Member

    Is it time for

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Could you be the next Shelly?
  14. rickybobby Member

    That would be one hell of an elaborate troll.
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  15. Aurora Member

    Free Shelly's Mind
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  16. anonamus Member

    You don't have the rank to say that, punk!
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  17. Anonymous Member

    If you look at anti-trafficking statutes, they don't consider it voluntary if it is the result of coersion. If she "volunteered" as an alternative to being disconnected / excommunicated / etc. it is not really voluntary.
  18. jensting Member

    Even the frightfully serious English paper The Indescribably Boring (sorry "The Independent") is in on this question:

  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. SOJOA Member

    Don't know if this is listed somewhere else but Leah Remini filed a missing persons report on Shelly. Good for her not taking their shit.
  21. TMZ says that the LAPD found her. Where's the photo proof? I don't believe it. As has been said here DOX OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. I do not believe this, where's the photos, the press conference, nothing? This is bs.
  22. Enturbulette Member

    Browsing through the now defunct site this is their take on what conditions Shelly is being kept under, posted last May:

    "The man is so fucking crazy he even imprisoned HIS OWN WIFE in the RPF for years then shipped her off to a secret mountain compound where she is kept prisoner in a tiny room with no windows and forced to eat leftovers and scraps and has to even get permission to use the bathroom (Miscavige ordered that they should revoke her bathroom privileges every now and then so she suffers humiliation and indignity since there is only a bucket in her room to use as a toilet and no running water).
    Think about that: HIS OWN WIFE IS KEPT PRISONER IN HER OWN PRIVATE SUPERMAX CELL! Even Supermax prisoners and Guantanamo Bay detainees get better treatment!"
  23. Anonymous Member

    comment from Sam over at TO's placing here for keeping:
    Sam Domingo
    an hour ago
    In 1994 my sister called the 'Church of Scientology' and threatened to go to the press after repeated failed attempts to find me. At the time I was on the RPF at the PAC base. I was not allowed to talk to anyone and was followed by a minder 24 hours a day. As a result of the threat from my sister I was IMMEDIATELY summoned to a small room where approx 4 uniformed Sea Org members were waiting and ordered to call my mother and sister. I was coached beforehand on exactly what I was to say to them and they stood over me while I made the call. Throughout the 10 minute conversation my mother repeatedly asked if I was OK and told me that she felt I was under duress and being coached and was not allowed to speak freely.

    I reassured her that everything was just fine and there was absolutely no need to worry. At the time I was half starved, severely sleep deprived, scared out of my head, receiving mind-controlling 'sec checks' and was on a program of behavior modification which included harsh punishments for disobedience such as crawling around a 3 ft high tunnel under the PAC building cleaning out filthy sludge among rat droppings and cockroaches. I had no money and the church had my passport. I could see no way out and was too exhausted and cowed to fight back.

    It would be 2 more months before I summoned enough strength to stuff my bed with clothing and jump out of the 4th story window of a locked room (with a security guard outside) into a tree, climb down and scale the walls of the complex past the security cameras in my final bid for freedom.
    Pardon me if I don't buy that everything is OK with Shelly.
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  24. Enturbulette Member

    Wow. Impressive escape is impressive. I just want to thank you for the courage you summoned at that time, it took so much. You were scared and alone, but you knew what to do to save your life. I am so glad you are here to tell that tale today, it presents a ray of hope for every mind controlled cultie in the world.
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  25. RightOn Member

    GO SAM! More people need to tell their stories of escape AGAIN now that the press is listening.
    Please contact the press and tell your story of being held against your will
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  26. Random guy Member

    Considering the current interest in Shelly's whereabouts, I think the press might actually be very interested in the story now, if framed properly.
  27. LOL this whole Leah saga is hilarious. to me all the fucking indies look like idiots, specially her and Marty (the one behind the report) as all the publicity now saying she was "found" and was a waste of tax payers, etc makes it harder on filling mreports on people in the Hole. Those fuckers with their publicity stuns make it harder.
    This message by lulzyshit has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Nothing lost on the people in The Hole. A missing person report on one of them would get the same result: They're found, and they say that they're fine.

    The "waste of tax payers' [money]" baaawing sounds pretty clammy. Scientology routinely wastes tax payers money by making false reports against protestors.
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  29. Anonymous Member


    Enough taxpayer money is wasted in giving these fuckers tax breaks for mind-control pyramid scheme. A few more to make sure some fool is still alive is a drop in the bucket, bro.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Your copy pasta broke. The word is stunts.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I like publicity stuns! That was Freudian, actually. DM is pretty stunned by this bad publicity.
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  32. does the LAPD has any information about jimmy hoffa ?
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  33. wolfbane Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Random guy Member

    from link:

    Shelly told me on numerous occasions that when you get to the top of scientology, you forego your right to escape. I truly think she believed this. I believed it when she told me. After all, I’d seen several high up people escape and they were each ruthlessly tracked down and brought back.

    Chilling post is chilling.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology leader's wife, Shelly Miscavige, 'has been banished to secret lair' | Mail Online

    Scientology faces claims its leader's lonely, devoted wife who has not been seen for seven years has been banished to secret lair after defying his orders
    • Shelly Miscavige, wife of David Miscavige, disappeared 7 years ago
    • After actress Leah Remini filed a missing person's report last year, the LAPD said they had spoken with Shelly
    • It is believed she is at a secretive Scientology base near Los Angeles
    • Sources have given new insights into David Miscavige's fiery temper, his wife's desire to appease him and her loneliness
    • They said she was ultimately banished because she defied him by implementing a new structure among his staff while he was out of town
    • Scientology spokespeople have always denied she is missing and that she is still devoted to working towards the church


    Has the mystery of Scientology’s lost queen Shelly Miscavige finally been solved? |
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  38. Enturbulette Member

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  39. The Wrong Guy Member

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  40. RolandRB Member

    I like that - "You're out of here, you theetie weetie cunt!". That is very Tone 40. That is 100% Command Intention. I would know that if my religion had a COB like that then things would get done, tails would be kicked and we would have vertical expansion across the entire planet.

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