David Miscavige's Disappeared Wife Shelly: What We Know

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Tomb it may concern: Where is Shelly Miscavige buried?
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  2. RolandRB Member

    The Mojave desert is a very dry place so I don't think there is a problem.

    I don't suppose anybody in the good old U S of A has reported it to the police that she is a missing person?

    Thought not!
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  3. Missfit Member

    Anyone up for a project?

    From LAPD:
    You can go to any LAPD Area station near where the missing person resides, or make a telephonic report by calling the local non-emergency telephone number of the Area station in the jurisdiction in which the missing person is a resident. Be prepared to provide information on the missing person, including birth date or age, physical descriptions, and most importantly, any medical information. Police will also need to know the circumstances surrounding the disappearance and the last location where the missing person had been seen or was known to be. Also provide any known associates and telephone numbers of persons who know the missing person. Other helpful information that may be provided: cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or social network information. When an adult person has been reported missing to police, he or she is entered into a nationwide database; this will assist other law enforcement agencies in finding the missing person.

    Here’s what you can do….

    *Check with local area hospitals.
    *Check with local homeless shelters.
    *Check with the Los Angeles County Sheriff “Inmate Locator” web-site.
    *Check with the Los Angeles County Coroner web-site.
    *Check with the Los Angeles County Morgue web-site.


    Since being a missing person is not a crime, police are given a very limited role while conducting these types of investigations. As a general rule, all people have a right to be left alone, and police intrusion into their lives must be minimal. However, in cases where “foul-play” exists, police can investigate just like any other criminal act. Also, in cases where the missing person is “endangered” due to medical problems, or life-threatening situations, police will take appropriate investigative measures.

    Once the missing person is found by police, the Department will notify the person who made the report. However, police cannot disclose the location or whereabouts of the missing person without his or her consent.
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  5. Random guy Member

  6. RightOn Member

    well if she does attend, like I said before , it won't show her state of mind, OR explain where she has been for the last 6 years.
    Clam attendees will be surprised to see her. Where is "surprise" on the tone scale?
    But the clams won't say a word. NOPE!
    The thing that pisses me off is that many reporters, articles... and so on, have said once they see her, then they will be satisfied and shut up.
    They still think it is normal for the wife of the "fastest growing church in the world" with "more expansion in the last 5 years then ever before" has been not seen for 6 years?
    And normal that he has been seen palling around with another woman?
    FUCK NO!
    Shelly needs to be interviewed. yeah.... right.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The whole Shelly thing reads like classic psyops to me.

    The game is played like this. You purposely keep a specific (easily disprovable) talking point alive, and by your apparent continued non-response you cause critics to amplify that talking point - to the detriment of other, much more relevant, talking points. Then, when the talking point has reached a sufficient climax and those espousing it have invested themselves in that espousing, the talking point is then destroyed. The effect is to completely distract the media, dishearten critics and the usual slew of outcomes a successful psyop gets.

    I have never understood why Shelly was ever a talking point, how it ever helped illustrate the mendacity of this cult, or how the folks who championed it never stopped to realise what a complete distraction it was from exposing the nefarious and dangerous underbelly of the cult. To use it as a talking point is ok, but to have allowed it to become a dominant chant that has diluted or displaced other, fra more relevant and powerful, talking points is silly imo.

    I would not be one bit surprised to her trotted out by the cult, and for the media to be a little less willing to take critic claims at face value in the future as the inevitable climb-down from the critic's who espoused this point occurs.
  8. Random guy Member

    ^^That's a fair warning^^
  9. It's not "classic psyops". Nice try, though :)

    Miscavige thought:
    1. No one inside the cult is gonna say shit about it to me
    He was correct, excepting he didn't count on Ms. Remini's curiosity.

    2. No one outside the cult is gonna notice
    Total fucking Miscavige fail. He didn't count on Chanology and the Ex community's curiosity and lidless-eye vigilance.

    ANYTHING that casts an investigatory light in Miscavige's direction is a valid talking point, unless/until it is found to be false. In this case we have:
    A. A missing wife who used to never leave her husband's side. Her husband refuses to say where she is. Ordinarily, who'd care, but we're talking about the Pope and Popess of Scientology. =WTF.
    B. Husband trots around with a new female companion, er, secretary.

    They'll trot her out, MAYBE, but this won't stifle discussion, nor will it do anything to change the fact that DM's been cattin' with his secretary. How old's she again? I'll bet younger than Shelley.

    inb4 ockham ;)
  10. ockham, Ex? :)

    Shelley has been supervising the preparation of the various Super Power Briefing Packs to be given to customers, one read prior to each rundown. This is so important that it had to be done at CST, so Shelley and her CMO INT team would have zero distractions from production. Laurisse Stuckenbrock was the most qualified staff member to replace Shelley as COB ASST and Shelley personally hatted her on those duties.

    Any Scientologist would swallow and be handled by that^ statement, unless they had knowledge to the contrary.
  11. DeathHamster Member

    They could still footbullet if they have an obvious minder at her elbow, like with Helena Kobrin's last appearance or Katie Holmes' new Best Friend Jessica Feshbach-Rodriguez-Davis.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Whether it would stifle discussion isn't the point - the fact that said critics would be perceived as having a credibility issue is. Try to understand how, if/when she is trotted out, this would look to those outside chanology.
  13. I think at least some of the people concerned would recognize speculation when they see it.

    Also, what may be missed (excepting by the whales and celebs who've been ion a while) is that Shelley NEVER LEFT David Miscavige's side for a quarter-century, and now she's not been seen with him since 2005(?) nor at all since 2007.

    I'm an ex and knew these people on a working basis for a time, and Shelley was literally never more than three feet from DM at any given moment. She was his auxiliary brain and personal pitbull. Obviously she fucked up, from his standpoint, in a way he could not forgive. That, or he just needed a newer model.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Since when did anonymous give one shit about credibility? Shelly being produced, alive and basically unharmed is the win. And if Shelly is in fact being held in seclusion some extra rations, a trip to the hair dresser, a mani, pedi, facial, a new dress, a view of the world from outside the confines of her normal life and a little freedom are wins for her. What the media thinks afterward really doesn't make much of a difference.
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  15. unless she
  16. Anonymous Member

    What if a big group justs pushed their way in there ?
  17. Anonymous Member

    They would be immediately arrested. and face scorn and ridicule on this website for ever and ever and ever. However, what are the chances of a msm type being allowed into the event?
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  18. RightOn Member

    if you think she is unharmed, I have a bridge to sell you.
    Keeping someone in seclusion for over 6 years with someone watching your every movement is of course a HUGE form of abuse not to mention being held against your will. Yeah I know Shelly probably doesn't want to go anywhere else. But she was conditioned to think that way.
    I also don't think she would feel at all safe being in public, after the drilling she has probably endured about "how evil the outside world is".
    She has been mentally abused for years.
    And as far as what the media thinks? Hold on there. Not all media may buy the "Shelly Show" and may see it for what it truly is. Just another installment of DM's dog and pony show. If they question it further, there's your win.
    I don't think Shelly has the capacity to think about anything else except KSW. And they made sure of that. IMO

    I bolded and enlarged the end word, for people who can't read.
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  19. Missfit Member

    I feel like Shelly and the situation encompassing her is a very tangible idea to grasp for not just you and me but for clams and public and everyone else.

    A woman hasn't been seen in 7 years. Nobody knows why. To most people, that's fucking crazy.

    More so, she is the wife of the "fastest growing religion" that has it's share and more of controversies about this very thing, people going missing, some never to be heard from again.
    The questions, they start flowing.

    My point is, it's a hard question to un-hear and I think it works very well to help inform otherwise unknowing people. To get people to give a shit you have to find a way to relate. Shelly (unfortunately) can be that in a very public way.
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  20. RightOn Member

    yes as stated in post 206
  21. eddieVroom Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    Can you prove that she is harmed? Can you prove that she has been mentally abused for years? Speculation is not the friend of anonymous. What if she woke up one morning and decided she'd had enough and ran away from home? What if they produce her sitting on the beach sipping fruity rum drinks with pretty umbrellas and everyone looks stupid and this entire thing was an attempt to cover up the fact that COB couldn't manage his wife?

    We have no dox. The condition and whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige are unknown to us. Trotting her out would be a win, at least we would know where she was. Other than that it would mean about as much as them trotting out Heber. That was helpful, wasn't it?
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  23. eddieVroom Member

    Not to give DM the benefit of a doubt, but I will:

    What if Shelly is deceased, but it was an accident or an unintended consequence of neglect? Also, if I recall the statistics correctly, a person is eight to ten times more likely to be crippled or incapacitated than killed. Maybe they simply cannot move her away from machines that are keeping her alive, or don't want the faithful to see her and DM as having "pulled it in". Can't have the help experiencing Doubt about the source of command intention, right?
  24. anonamus Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if she has been disposed of, quietly and without sorrow.
    Prove me wrong, cult lowlifes.
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  25. RolandRB Member

    It wasn't quietly. They've got smartphone footage.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    someone you trust is one of us
    one of us, one of us
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  27. Anonymous Member

    That's another I don't get about this Shelly focus - there are past events that show it, as a talking point, to be highly vulnerable.

    For those who knew Shelly I could grasp it having an effect on helping them leave. But for the 99% of scifags who don't know her, it seems like a bizarre point to focus on given that most will respond with 'meh' compared to the whole host of demonstrable abuses that could be referenced.
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  28. Random guy Member

    If she have woken up and ran away, they would not be able to produce her except by kidnapping her. If she has run away (which is remote in the extreme), the "where's Shelly?" may goad her to come out of the woodwork. Miscavige not being able to produce her, or she turning up as an escapee would both be winns.

    It would serve to show the culties who's "at cause", and it's not little Miscavige....

    But you are right: The pint about Shelly is not a point to the world at large. It is primarily to yank Miscavige's chain, and so far it seem to work very well.
  29. anonamus Member

    Fuck the clams. It's the public spotlight that counts. The world's fastest growing "religion", and the ecclesiastical Leader can't/won't produce his wife in 7 fucking years, whereas before, she appeared in public quite often!
    Where is she, Daveyboy??
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  30. eddieVroom Member

    If there's a message to play to the inside audience, it's that these uncomfortable questions are most certainly something that David Miscavige pulled in by refusing to confront those questions -- so what are his Witholds? This should be part of Doubt formula, and may be further evidence of Suppressive tendencies, as others are beginning to document.
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    Her lawyer says that she's fine, and that blocks a lot of missing person and health & welfare checks. If she's dead or a bedcase, then somebody's looking at a slap from the California Bar at the least.
  32. Is it just me or does Shelly in relatively recent pictures (ie, like the one posted on TO today) look more and more like Mary Sue?


  33. anonamus Member

    Certainly, but the vast majority of the brainwashed and terrorized culties won't dare to even think those questions. The mere thought could come up in session / interrogations interviews, which would bring them straight to Ethics, with a heavy doubt formula to fulfill before continuing on the lovely bridge to nowhere.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Gooble Gobble! We accept her!
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  35. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, well, the Bar hasn't been much of a problem for Moxon and crew, eh?..

    You should know by now that you've got to pin these guys down on which dictionary they're using at any given moment.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    If you really think this is what the 'public spotlight' gives a shit about, then I have a bridge to sell you.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists should do the Doubt Formula.

    Where is Shelly Miscavige?
  38. RightOn Member

    I said and I repeat IMO
    maybe you have an MU?
  39. DeathHamster Member

    Just ask him, under oath or other penalty of perjury, when he last saw Shelly in person, if ever.
  40. Enturbulette Member

    That is scarycreepy! good observation.

    To add to the morbidity, I offer this: Ortega reports, "There is only one way." We believe that could mean attending another family member's funeral. (Hopefully she isn't reduced to thinking that only her own death will bring her an exit.)

    It is time for a family member to throw a faux funeral, at which a cult intervention is staged for Shelly.
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