David Miscavige's Disappeared Wife Shelly: What We Know

Discussion in 'Media' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tony Ortega has just published a new article about Shelly Miscavige. On Facebook he wrote:

    It's only natural that with Katie Holmes filing for divorce, the news media would go into a frenzy for information about Tom Cruise and Scientology -- including the mystery of Shelly Miscavige, the missing wife of Scientology's leader. But so much bad information has been written about her this week, we try to correct the record.

    Here's the article:

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Disappeared Wife Shelly: What We Know - New York News - Runnin' Scared
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  2. Tourniquet Member

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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

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  5. RightOn Member

    probably a dumb question. What was Shelly's maiden name , was it Barnett?
    Has anyone checked public obit records for Shelly with her maiden name instead of Shelly Miscavige?
  6. Anonymous Member

    I don't think she's dead. She's at one of the CST installations, my money's on Trementina.
  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cult attorneys respond to Us Magazine, which happily accepts their response as the truth:

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Wife "Is Not Missing": Rep -

    Attorneys who represent Shelly told Us Weekly on Friday: "She is not missing. Any reports that she is missing are false . . . Mrs. Miscavige has been working non-stop in the Church, as she always has."

  9. BigBeard Member

    non-stop = 24hrs/day with rice and beans for supper if her 'stats' are up.

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  10. I love the choice of the word 'Disappeared' versus 'Missing'. Although an awkward choice, it shows that Tony tries to be inclusive of the official "she's not missing" CoS statements while being sarcastic at the same time.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. anonamus Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Soon, it will be necessary for Shelly to make an appearance, if she remains alive. Otherwise, Davey will be appearing, doing his rendition of the perp walk.
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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Credit where credit is due: AGP for the photos in this article.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    LOL that cult fuckin HATES AGP!

    Which I find amusing.
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  18. Any "Dead Parrot" style jokes would be just too tasteless....
  19. Anonymous Member

    Now they have a lot more reason to hate him.
    Most effective, that somewhat crazy chap :)
  20. Anonymous Member

    I still maintain that Shelly Miscavige was murdered and her body is buried under what was the running circle at Gold Base.

    FBI - do your fucking job.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Their too busy inventing domestic terrorist incidents to do much of anything else.
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  22. ZORRO Member

    what is the FBI doing ?
  23. Anonymous Member

    ^Google is your friend
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  24. O/T but a comment on a uk press story suggested that the tax exempt status in Cali was being "looked at" again...I suppose that is just a totally inaccurate pipe dream????:confused:
  25. Anonymous Member

    FBI have sniffer dogs trained to recognize the scent of dead people, right?

    How many bodies do you think have been buried at the various cult compounds since 1983?

    David Miscavige - serial killer?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    You are assuming that they are willing to raid.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Link to the story plz?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Lot of speculation happening up in that statement there. Until someone can produce evidence, there is nothing to investigate. Call the FBI, tell them that you are on a web forum and you think there are dead people on Int Base and Gold why in the hell aren't they taking the cadaver dog out there dammit!!!!" See what happens.

    I agree things aren't right out there, but until someone comes up with dox, it is only speculation.
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  29. I'll have to dig it out. Was the Daily Fail I think - one of the many TomKat stories. A single reader comment quite out of context of the story saying the CA exemption was under review, or some such wording.......
  30. Anonymous Member

    Scientology is being treated the way The People's Temple was treated.
    The police will show up after the damage has been done.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

  32. muldrake Member

    I'd imagine that if she is still alive, the cult will respond to this media frenzy by having her make some bullshit pro forma appearance somewhere just to show she's still alive. If they don't, I really will start to wonder if she's dead.

    I'll note that Scientology critics, or at least a certain moonbat contingent, has an unsavory habit of assuming someone is missing just because they don't know where they are. However, in at least one of these cases, Annie Broeker, she really did die tragically largely due to the cult.

    I'd say moonbats or not, there's something truly weird about Shelly's complete lack of public appearances for years. Is DM too busy having ghey buttsecks to bother with his beard?
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  33. Tourniquet Member

    I agree that something is WAY wrong in Scientology when David Miscavige's right-hand woman is missing from public(?) view for so long. I met the Miscaviges in 1990 and he didn't take a solitary step without her. Sure, over 20 years things can change in a marriage, but... the wife doesn't often just vanish, at least not one like this.

    Of all the things he's connected with, this one could mean the very real downfall of a Kult King.
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  34. Random guy Member

    I don't think so. He may be a violent, alcoholic little megalomaniac, but I don't think he has the balls to actually kill anyone, at least not himself. Shelly may have died of other causes though (a Lisa McPherson case perhaps?), or more likely she's alive, but hidden away. Perhaps she's gone embarrassingly mental?
  35. The Wrong Guy Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    I'm wondering if her father-in-law could be convinced to do it, if the law allows it. He must have had some regard or affection for her... were he still capable of such.
  37. This is a good possibility, for Shelly to go from being at Tom Cruise's birthday, wearing a "second in command" uniform etc. to being totally hidden away is just fucking creepy. Shouldn't the wife of the ecclesiastical leader of Scientology be at a few of the Ideal Org dedications with him?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Interesting question.

    What you have described conforms to ceremonial protocols in in The Wog World.

    Based only on my own observations, readings, analysis and etc., the cult world has very different ceremonial protocols. While some of those reflect some of the wog world protocols, I find those to be mere veneers glossed onto the surfaces of cult ceremony.

    The cult, especially at the level of Miscavige, is addicted to celebrity.

    His wife failed to obtain celebrity status and therefore doesn't fit in with the cult's ceremonial activities.

    I think that she is probably alive - and I hope that she is also well - and filling some kind of admin role, a role that has no pubic profile, because she has no public profile/celebrity.
  39. Anonymous Member

    She was COB Assistant since there was a COB. Please.
  40. fify

    Her public profile was good enough for Tom Cruise's "best birthday ever" and to wear the second in command to DM uniform in this photo:
    (Shelly 4th from left)
    She used to stand tall!
    [IMG] sci_larrydavidshell_104272d.jpg
    Shelly Miscavige far right in below photo
    [IMG] 2r3zfhw.jpg.gif

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