David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Intelligence Member

    I better clarify this. This is the video I am talking about:

    They still have the 70% success rate removed from their web page, but we have the previous pages where their program was promoted at 70%. The 70% logo has been replaced with a "donation button logo."

    They know I CAN prove with dox that their 70-76% Success Rate promotions and advertising was a fraud and misrepresentation to the vulnerable public which helped fill their coffers with over fifteen million dollars. ($15,000,000.00) !

    Why else would they have removed the 70% Logo promotion? Perhaps their legal advisors clued them in on the Laws of Quebec and Canada?

    Nearly every other Narconon world wide still promotes their inflated success rate on their web sites. But not Narconon TR while they are being investigated by various government agencies.

    It's rocket science to see and read the documents that clearly show a much lower success rate.
  2. Intelligence Member

    New Quebec Human Rights Commission Complaint is done and will in Government hands in a couple days. Exploitation, Slave Labour, and Discrimination are main issues. Narconon TR, Narconon Canada, Narconon International, ABLE Canada, the Montreal Church of Scientology, and ALL Entity Executives are named in this sweeping, comprehensive complaint document.
  3. Intelligence Member

    Formal Complaint to Human Rights Commission is now in their office. Expect another meeting with their lawyers soon. Case is against entire organization; scientology, narconon, able, etc.
  4. Intelligence Member

    Delivering additional, sensitive evidence dox, in person sometime today.
  5. OSA Member

    I fixed it for you!

    Thank you for the KR.


  6. Intelligence Member

    Actually, it's the Quebec Human Rights and Freedoms Commission. Has more sweeping powers than any other Province; even above Canada's Charter and many US. On my cell right now or I would post link.
  7. xenubarb Member

    It'd be funny if the cult trotted out YFHR to protest this investigation. Really, really funny.
  8. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., they are pretty quiet right now. They won't even speak to Media
    or answer their calls. Don't have any rebuttles, I guess :) ,..., still have Band-Aids on their
    last Foot-Bullets to Media/Press,..., LOL

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