David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Nov 6, 2010.

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    Re: David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

    André Magny is no longer mayor. Christian Gendron was elected mayor of Sainte-Genevieve-de-Batiscan for 2009-2014.
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    Re: David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

    Good, thank you. I think this office should be briefed on the government investigations that are underway right now. Although they may already be aware, I want to cover ALL the Bases ASAP.

    Their attack on my credibility is not working. The statements from other witnesses and the dox have crushed "their" credibility.

    The Quebec and Canadian Governments are well aware of their Dead Agenting Policies and Practices.
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    Re: David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

    Radio Show tonight from 6:30 to 7:30 Central time. 7:30 - 8:30 Montreal time. Show is in Oklahoma about Narconon Arrowhead. COS is aware of airing. I have been invited to join in at the half time break. I hope to discuss this new Human Rights complaint and the link between the Montreal cos and NN TR. Leaked Dox are in place. Working on another issue that I hope to expose tonight. Keeping fingers crossed.
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    Re: David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

    What station will the show be on?
    Can someone post to youtube?
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    Re: David Love vs Scientology Montreal - Complaint

    I think it's:
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    OK! Time to get back to work on this VERY important Complaint. I've been waiting for additional
    Statements from ex-Narconon Patients and Staff and we have plenty now.

    I want to be finished this one and submitted to the Quebec Human Rights Commission before
    my meeting in Trois-Rivieres with the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services.

    There is some documents and evidence in the Human Rights Complaint that The Health Ministry
    will be very interested in.

    If I get a "Surge" of energy, I may be finished by Sunday evening or the latest Tuesday Evening,..., :)

    I'm really pumped about this one; especially with a Case Pecedent in Quebec that should
    contribute immensely to a swift conviction.
  10. Intelligence Member

    We did it. Two of us up all night retrieving stored dox. Close to 1,600 pages to be submited to gov today. This is THE DAY.
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  11. wolfyrik Member

    Baby! Bring on the popcorn! :D Did I ever mention that I love Canada?
  12. xenubarb Member

    OMG. Wow, I'm glad you had help!
  13. Intelligence Member

    It was brutal, but I'm too "happy-face" to be tired :),..., will sleep well tonight.
  14. Anonymous Member

    More stamina than you can shake a stick at.
  15. Intelligence Member

    I don't know about stamina?,..., LOL. This is quite amazing to me. Someone very close to me just contacted me from western Canada. In 1991, this same person told me that they believed I would be doing exactly what I am doing right now. I will explain in the near future. Being very careful this month. We have some security issues and need to protect some identities for a while yet. I think I may havd a Gaurdian Angel on my shoulder taking care and looking out for me right now. This experience is "way over the top". Will post details asap, if we receive the ok to do so.
  16. Intelligence Member

    We have the ok to tell the story. I am not in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec today, I am in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Just ended a meeting in the office of a Senator who is the Federal Liberal leader of the opposition in the Senate. We have been preparing for this meeting for some time now and working around the clock gathering dox and intel. I am on my tiny cell browser right now and will post more details later, including photos and video. More than 1,000 pages of dox were printed thru the night and delivered to the Senators office early this afternoon. Meeting went very well indeed. Feb and March in Canada will be awesome:)
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    You sure get shit done! WTG!
  18. TinyDancer Member

    Word is - the meeting was initiated by the Senator!!!
  19. Anonymous Member


    For those who do not know though,

    They hold much less power than U.S. senators, and their role is seen as being more ceremonial than not. They will almost never go against
    the wishes of the elected house of commons, where the real lawmaking power in Canada lies.

    Senators do have serious political influence though, so this is definitely a win!
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    I was not alone. Another Anonymous member was there with me. This meeting was initiated last May by Anonymous. This is huge. Ramifications to the COS, ABLE Canada, Executives from Narconon Canada, and Narconon International are going to feel the squeeze. There is more to come within 2-3 weeks, both Federal and Provincial, with Global and Canada wide intel and input. Anonymous is a well oiled machine and DM will soon eat his words concerning being victorious.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Yes, we were invited by the Senator, but it was an Anon who first contacted the Senator back in May. They wanted documented, credible evidence; now they have it. They were amazed and quite impressed with our intel and dox.
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    David vs Goliath IRL. Loving it!
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Will start new thread when I post photos and video later today. This is only the first meeting and I may combine Federal and Provincial? An awesome "get the ball rolling day." Getting a little tired; long day for this Ol' man,..., LOL.
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  25. Intelligence Member

    Eh',..., thank you for this,..., awesome. I just got home a few minutes ago. I spent an extra day in Ottawa. Not
    completely by my chosing and I'll leave it at that,..., LOL. Spent the entire night reading and writing at Tim Hortons
    and elsewhere - very productive :)

    But I've been up for just over 50 hours and I'm getting tired. Will eat, write a bit and sleep. Thank God it's
    the weekend.

    What an awesome, awesome time we had in Ottawa. Incredible, amazing, and funny. I'm sure some of the
    creative and surprising words and phrases the Senator's Senior Advisor and Aide expressed during our meeting,
    would not be repeated in the Parliament Question Period,..., LOL.

    We didn't go there to just tell a story of abuses, discrimination, exploitation, practicing medicine without a license,
    and many other absurd, destructive Scientology Doctrines and practices; we left them with a wee pile of documented
    evidence, with much more to follow :)
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    Will start a New Thread Now with video and pics,..., and........well, we'll see :) :) :)

    Lots of fun.
  30. Intelligence Member

    I am having trouble posting Youtube video on New Thread. It just pastes the link, not the video like on here??
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    See the little movie film icon in the post reply window? Click that and in the popup box paste your youtube media link and click the embed button.
    (Sometimes it fucks up and places the it at the top instead of where the cursor is).
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    Use the "Media" button on the editing panel. It's the one that looks like film, in between the one that looks like a tree and the quotation mark..
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    Positive letter received this morning from College of Physicians! Additional complaint was worked on last night and the Human Rights Commission will have it this week for sure. Looking good. Flap,..,flap,...,flap,...,they will be using Hubbara's Black Panther policy again,..., LOL
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    New Quebec Human Rights Commission Complaint will be completed tonight. Multiple issues include Exploitation of a Handicap, Slave Labour, and Discrimination.
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    johnalexwood is blogging about the PSAs on Narconon Trois-Rivières' YouTube channel.

    Narconon Canada Steps Up its Anti Drink Driving Campaign with New PSAs (CoS blog!)
    Any bets that the talking heads in the video aren't even at Trois-Rivières, that this is just a generic Narconon commercial run off at Golden Era with Trois-Rivières' phone number stuck on the end?
  38. Intelligence Member

    yes, you are right. I worked with every one in that video. Most of them are not there now. Just another misleading misrepresentation. The status quo per se for ongoing exploitation of the ill and vulnerable. Only a miracle from heaven will prevent them from being shut down this year. I don't gamble, so I would bet on this:)
  39. DeathHamster Member

    Blown or shifted to other Narconons?
  40. Intelligence Member

    on cell browser now. Later:)

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