David Love vs Narconon Trois-Rivieres - Certification Denial

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. moarxenu Member

    Must. Not. Post. Poutine. Pix ...
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  4. Anonymous Member

    As I admired your pic I felt cracks forming in my arteries.
  5. Intelligence Member

    We eat Turkey for supper/dinner on Thanksgiving in Quebec; no poutines. And although
    I would not consume battered and bruised scilons, I do try to expose their bitter and
    poisonous taste.

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  6. Intelligence Member

    Working Radio Show file right now. Will upload to youtube asap. It's a live French Radio Show.
    It's in French and English. They translate in French after each time I speak. It was a lot of fun:)

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  7. peterstorm Member

    Is it on the internet somewhere? Podcast?
  8. Intelligence Member

    There supposed to be a Podcast somewhere. This is the name of the Radio Station:
    En Direct de Nulle Part

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  10. Intelligence Member

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  11. moarxenu Member

    Hey, David, I watched the video where you show the L. Ron Hubbard texts. I think it is good to mention that all those books have been declared by Scientology to be their "sacred scriptures" - a clear indication that Narconon is disseminating Scientology religious doctrine and practice.
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  12. Intelligence Member

    Yes, you are very right. They had a closet at NN TR, with stacks of boxes with $700.00 worth of Scientology
    books in each box. I was given a box of these books when I completed the program. The Case Supervisor
    makes his evaluation and decisions on patients, from the Scientology "Green Volumes." I was there when
    cases of these books arrived. Thousands of dollars worth of L. Ron Hubbard Scientology books.

    These are the only books that a patient's progress is determined, as outlined by the infamous,
    drug-addicted, paranoid, speed-popping, delusional, science fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard,..., LOL.
    (think there's enough adjectives:). )

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Sorry, the radio show video will not be done tonight. It should be done tomorrow night.
    Must get some rest and sleep or I'll burn out. I could post now, but I don't like doing
    anything "half-assed" rushed :)

  14. moarxenu Member

  15. Intelligence Member

    I am serious. It's crazy stuff! During the 4 weeks or so doing the "Objectives Auditing Sessions", we had a
    Scientology Handbook in the Patient File Cabinet. "Objectives" is a horrible experience I would not wish
    on anyone. It is a process of the Patient learning to be controlled and learning how to control.

    The Scientology handbook was a tool to determine when a patient was "Cracked" and what to look for
    when making the determination.

    I don't want to post all the details here, but suffice to say it really can mess a person up physchologically.
    It can be a dangerous process. I watched a person crawling around on the floor - - a basket case. It drives
    a person to give up his will and succumb to the brain-washing and mind control. It has NOTHING to do with
    addiction rehabilitation whatsoever.

    I still have nightmares about some of the days doing this Auditing Process!

    There will be a whole chapter on all the details:)

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  16. Intelligence Member

    I'll say one more thing. If NN TR is approved for Certification, I think I may lose it completely.

  17. I saw the video of you in the alley with the LRH books. You said a mouthful. You were very eloquent. It is bad enough just being in Scientology but the picture you paint of NN is even worse. I was going to call NN incompetent but I believe your choice of words ( "absurd" ) is the best. It sounds just nuts. Even if it were for free...
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  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    I really can't imagine you not being successful in all of this. You just have too much evidence, and so much of it is already in the hands of those who will follow through.

    Sleep well.
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  19. Intelligence Member

    Montreal Graphics Company is working on a few "Draft" book cover designs.
    We have about three months to proof a final copy :)

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  20. Intelligence Member

    One more comment and going to bed:)

    I had to laugh when reviewing some of the notes I took concerning Andre Ahern, a biologist
    on staff at NN TR. He's a media handler and also the staff member who promotes the Purification
    Rundown, (Sauna) to the patients. A bunch of mumbo-jumbo rubbish:-

    But the recent comments he made on Facebook to me are sure going to be Foot-Bullets in
    the near future. I think the Human Rights Commission is going to have a "field day" with
    him on the witness stand being interogated under oath.

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  21. Intelligence Member

    This IS Why! I'm PISSED that this behaviour is permitted to continue for so bloody long!

    Good night all..
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  22. Anonymous Member

    You magnificent bastard! :)
    It won't be alone if it's published next year
  23. Very nice cover art Dave but don't forget the con in NarcOnon. ;)
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  24. BigBeard Member

    If the individual who's communication you quote above has first hand knowledge that xxxxx's identification papers, etc., are being kept from him/her, I would think a police report about it would be appropriate.

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  25. xenubarb Member

    FFS, at least spell NarcOnon right on the cover! Also, I do not like the cheesy clipart syringes. They don't match the style of the other artwork, and looked tacked on as an afterthought.
    If I were designing it, I'd find some nice Victorian depictions of syringes that match the rest of the cover better.
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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. oooh I like the scrimshaw one Dave
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  28. Intelligence Member

    I agree 100% Barb :),..., had a chat with one of the artists today. It is amazing how few people know anything
    about Scientology-Narconon. It wasn't a Type-O. They thought that's how NarCANon was spelled.

    I was sent another draft after I went to bed, but I won't post it in it's entirety. This is really derailing what this thread
    was about, but oh' well.

    I appreciate all the input though. The first draft with the clip art was way too cheezy for sure. I'll send the graphics
    guy some of the above images. Thank you:)

    And this one below will not match, but he has instructions now what we want.

    This will probably be the last post about this for a while:)

    Sorry for the derail.

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  29. Intelligence Member

    I received another very long email from this same person and I will forward the info to Police, Ministry
    of Health and Social Services, Human Rights Commission, and media.

    I think it's legit, but I am being cautious not to be set-up. I do know what "they" are capable of. I was
    sent by NN Canada to do something for them; something I am not proud of today, but nevertheless, taught
    me what to expect,..., without being paranoid.

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  30. peterstorm Member

    Somebody needs to be saved.
  31. Intelligence Member

    This is a TINY portion of another VERY long email to me:

    I'm working on this right now.

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  32. Intelligence Member

  33. Intelligence Member

    What we need is for the Police to jump out of three buses, like they did in Toronto in the 80's (100 Officers)
    and start busting down doors like they did in Russia and taking away truck loads of dox. Then they will see
    the real picture like the dox I saw and examinined when I was on staff at NN TR. And not just NN TR; but
    ABLE Canada, and multiple ORGS.

    Bravo Russia; I love their style of getting shit done fast:) :):) ,..., my kind of no bullshit!
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  34. grebe Member

    No, don't do syringes going into brains. Too much like the anti-vaxers. Or "Industry of Death."

    I would think "moonbat ravings" right off the bat at such dramatic artwork on the cover of a book.
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  35. Intelligence Member

    Tx Grebe - - I do appreciate the input.

    We'll see; the company has 3 months to come up with a cover:)

    It IS an "Industry of Death" - - the book may not be a run of the mill; I'm not going
    to soften the reality of what it is, what I witnessed, what the evidence dox prove,
    and the suffering that took place before Narconon, especially while at Narconon,
    and the suffering and death after leaving Narconon.

    I know I will never satisfy all readers, nor would I try or expect to.

    My lawyer is probably going to have a "fit" when he reads and sees the dox that will be
    on opposite pages to some story lines, but it is what it is.

    Will they sue me? Perhaps. Am I concerned? No.

    I'm Irish - - I love love to WIN battles:-

  36. Intelligence Member

    Some of the photos inside the book will make the Cover seem docile. Most people don't know where I was
    for a short part of my life.

    In Vancouver British Columbia, there are approximately 15,000 injections by very ill drug addicts every single day.
    I watched people die; I've held their hands while they died. AND I've watched people laying in back alley-ways
    on pieces of card-board, while someone injects them in their jugular. Ambulances sreaming in the night picking up
    the corpses. Indeed a graphic book.

    And then there is the Scientology Rehab, Narconon. A place where further abuse impacts the suffering and vulnerable
    addict and is dragged into the secret indoctrination of hell. Sexually molested; staff having sex with very ill patients; there
    minds being hacked into and cracked in Objectives Auditing. Patients being taken away in ambulances to save their lives.

    Whoops - - rambling on again, LOL - - I'll stop now:)

  37. I like this image. It more than suggests the vested interests in "the drug problem."

    In it's entirety, the "illicit drugs problem" is all about money and all the associated, connected vested interest.

    This is what $cientology has picked up on, and has deviously arranged for itself to have "some of the action" or as much of the action/money as possible.

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  38. yoshiyoyo Member

    this was mailed to narconon by human rights commission and cc to me

    Please send us, in writing, your version of the facts in connection with the complaint no
    later than October 14, 2011. You should also submit any documents you consider
    relevant with your version of the facts.
    Upon receipt, I will forward your version to the complainant to allow the complainant to
    make comments.
    I would like to remind you that any complaint filed with the Commission may be settled by
    way of an amicable agreement between the parties; the parties may also decide to submit
    the dispute to arbitration.

    they have 2 more days tic toc. . . . my rebuttle is going to be

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Hubbard may have been a nut case, but he did know how to play the Con-Game very well indeed. The lunatic knew that
    most of society had a desire to be a better person and many lusted to be super-human, with super-powers. Thus his
    first Dianetics book made a fortune,..., and on and on and on.

    He also knew about drug addiction (being a drug addict himself), and that it took help to abstain. He also knew that
    psych drugs would cut into his profits in the scientology auditing scam and any drug addict that he could promise
    a 70-90% success rate to. That kind of success rate would seem like a miracle cure to many addicts and their
    loving families.

    The success rate promotion scam, is their biggest draw. The way they market their graduated patients into taking
    the FSM Course and sending more patients to Narconon is ingenious. A nice fat commission! Big Bucks!

    Scientology is making a fortune off their Narconons and "Just Say No To Drugs" campaigns with children, teenagers,
    and many municipal and city governments. It's a huge PR scam upon the public.

    When a Narconon starts filling up their bank account fattens, missions are sent in to do "corrective" actions at huge costs
    to the Narconon every day they are there. This drains funds from Narconon and fills the COS coffers.

    Most people think that the fee is only $30,000.00 to "CURE" the patient for life. There is a 70% failure and relapse
    rate and many of these same patients return to the same Narconon 2,3,4, and even 5 times for a "Repair" at about
    50% of the original $30,000.00 program fee. Do the math.

    A lot of this is almost like a pyramid scheme where a graduate makes a huge sum by referring a patient into Narconon.
    But there is a catch to the fee; I'll mention how this works another time. Then there is donations by the rich loving
    family who is greatful for the work they "THINK" that Narconon did for their addicted family member.

    In my opinion, the executives know the harm that the Purification Rundown causes to many of the patients who
    have compromised liver conditions and NIACIN is contraindicated for being ingested. But they can not change or adjust
    the doseage or adapt to a safe Sauna Program. Hubbard (god - small g) was supreme in what he wrote. It is a high crime
    to Squrriel his "Tech" - - so the executives turn a blind eye and the status-quo continues to kill and mame.

    This is one of the biggest scam and con-games that the public and governments have been duped into for a long time.

    If a patient or family member does not have ALL the funds, there is often a "slave-exchange." Just bring em' in and
    we'll pressure as much money as possible and have them work the rest off during their program and recruit them on
    as staff after they graduate and pay them nothing or a meager $2.50 per hour. Five of us were hired this way, nearly
    all at the same time.

    NN TR had about $600,000.00 in their bank account! How do I know this?,..., later,..., LOL :)

    A short while later, after NN International, NN Canada,ABLE Canada (all at NN TR at the same time) bled the NN TR
    coffers down so low that the staff were not able to be paid. NN TR has pulled in over $16,000,000.00,
    (sixteen million dollars).

    Who owns and leases the property to NN TR. Thetasoft, owned by a Scientologist:)

    I could go on for hours explaining all this and the illegal contracts involved,..., but later :)

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  40. Intelligence Member

    This will be very interesting indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if they ask for a 15-30 day extension to reply. This
    is what they did on me and I did ask for a one week extension on one case.

    Don't be surprised if their reply/response is feeble and weak. They really don't know how to respond without
    shooting themselves in the foot. The Human Rights Commision knows what they are doing in this case for
    "Exploitation". They won a huge case and it now stands as a "Case Precedent". In my opinion, they are
    really screwed in these multple Cases. The Commission has a winner; although it could be quite expensive:)

    Ps. You couldn't stick your head up their ass either; that's where their heads are.

    And their head will be up even further once you respond with a "rebuttle" to their "response" to your complaint:)


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