David Love vs Narconon Trois-Rivieres - Certification Denial

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  1. Intelligence Member

    This is an edited version of the Ministry Regulations for Narconon Trois-Riveres to be Certified. The entire regulations are here:

    c. S-4.2, r. 0.0003
    Regulation respecting the certification of drug addiction or pathological gambling resources
    An Act respecting health services and social services
    (R.S.Q., c. S-4.2, ss. 346.0.6 and 346.0.21)

    1. Subdivision 2.1 of Division II of Chapter I of Title 1 of Part III of the Act respecting health services and social services (R.S.Q., c. S-4.2) applies to any resource in drug addiction or pathological gambling that offers lodging.
    Such a resource is a place that offers residential services and support services of various kinds, including therapy, social reintegration, assistance and support in recovering from an intoxication, and assistance and support in disintoxication, through individual or group interventions in the field of drug addiction or pathological gambling.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 1.
    If an operator offers services to more than one type of client, the operator must group the services offered under that program in a separate unit and may hold the certificate of compliance referred to in section 346.0.3 of the Act only in respect of that program.
    4. For the purposes of this Regulation, persons working as volunteers within a resource are considered staff members of that resource.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 4.
    1. General
    5. The operator of a drug addiction or pathological gambling resource must treat residents with courtesy, fairness and understanding, and with respect for their dignity, autonomy and needs.
    6. Drug addiction or pathological gambling activities must be part of an intervention program that relies on an intervention approach or model recognized in the field.
    7. The physical layout of the resource must facilitate activities and make the environment welcoming and functional.
    Mixed occupation by men and women, persons of full age and minors is prohibited in the resource's bedrooms, dormitories or sanitary facilities, and any close contact that may hinder the assistance and support objectives must be avoided.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 7.
    10. The operator must adopt a residents' charter of rights and responsibilities and ensure that every resident knows of its existence and has access to it.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 10.
    11. The operator must adopt a code of ethics for the resource's directors and staff members that sets out the practices and behaviours expected in their dealings with residents.
    The operator must ensure that every director and staff member has read and understood the code of ethics and has undertaken, in writing, to comply with it.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 11.
    13. An operator must ensure that the advertising for the services offered reflects reality.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 13.

    17. The operator must inform all residents of their right provided for in the Act to directly file a complaint with the territory's agency and must post in a conspicuous and accessible place the information related to the exercise of that right.
    The operator must also establish and apply a procedure to assess its services, as well as a procedure for processing dissatisfactions including
    (1) the possibility for any resident of expressing dissatisfactions verbally or in writing;
    (2) the designation of a person responsible for examining the dissatisfactions expressed by residents; and
    (3) a requirement for that person to give reasons for all decisions made following the examination of dissatisfactions.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 17.
    20. The operator must designate the person responsible for coordinating and assessing the intervention team.
    The person must meet one of the following conditions:
    (1) have, as provided for in the Schedule, eligible university training in intervention or human resources management and have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the field of drug addiction or pathological gambling;

    (2) have, as provided for in the Schedule, eligible collegial training in intervention or human resources management, as well as a university certificate in addiction counselling and have a minimum of 5 years relevant experience in the field of drug addiction and pathological gambling; or
    (3) hold an addiction counselling certificate awarded by a recognized university and have a minimum of 7 years relevant experience in the field of drug addiction or pathological gambling.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 20.
    22. The operator must ensure the supervision of case workers by a person meets one of the following conditions:
    (1) have, as provided for in the Schedule, eligible university training in intervention and have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the field of drug addiction or pathological gambling; or
    (2) hold a master's university degree in drug addiction and have a minimum of 3 years relevant experience in the field of drug addiction or pathological gambling.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 22.
    23. The operator must ensure that at least 75% of all full-time case workers have
    (1) eligible university training in intervention, as provided for in the Schedule;
    (2) a university addiction counselling certificate; or
    (3) eligible collegial training in intervention as provided for in the Schedule.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 23.
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  2. Intelligence Member

    27. The operator must ensure
    (1) that the operator's retail or restaurant activities, or supply of services for remuneration, do not jeopardize the residents' health or safety because of a failure to comply with the Food Products Act (R.S.Q., c. P-29) or a regulation thereunder;
    (2) that the residents' health or safety is not jeopardized by being housed by the operator in a building that does not meet the standards contained in a by-laws on hygiene, sanitation, security or construction of the municipality where the operator's residence is located; and
    (3) that the residents' health and safety is not jeopardized by being housed by the operator in a building that does not meet the standards of the Public Buildings Safety Act (R.S.Q., c. S-3) or the Building Act (R.S.Q., c. B-1.1), or of a regulation thereunder.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 27.

    28. The operator must ensure that the place where the operator conducts activities is in a state that ensures the physical safety of residents.

    The operator must, in addition, establish and apply a maintenance plan for the operator's buildings and facilities.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 28.
    . Insurance
    30. The operator must have and maintain liability insurance in a sufficient amount to cover the operator against any claim resulting from the operator's civil or professional liability.
    The operator must also have and maintain separate insurance covering the liability of the operator's directors and officers.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 30.
    31. The building in which the operator conducts activities must be insured.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 31.
    35. The operator must protect the confidentiality of the personal information held and provide access in accordance with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (R.S.Q., c. P-39.1)
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 35.
    38. The operator must draw up an individualized intervention plan for each resident, including, in particular,
    (1) the target objectives, the methods to be used in meeting the objectives, and a timeframe for meeting the objectives;
    (2) details on participation by the resident and, if applicable, by the resident's immediate circle, in the drafting and revision of the intervention plan;
    (3) the revision of the intervention plan for a stay that extends beyond 3 months; and
    (4) the name of the case worker responsible for the intervention plan and, if applicable, the follow-up plan established with community organizations.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 38.
    39. The operator must, in accordance with recognized practices, assess the suicide risk of each resident when admitted and prior to departure.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 39.
    41. The operator must maintain a ratio of 1 case worker for every 15 residents or less per work shift during which program activities are conducted.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 41.
    44. The operator must ensure that every new resident has been the subject of a medical assessment in the 7 days prior to admission, or will be so assessed in the 7 days following admission.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 44.
    45. The operator must have a protocol for intervention in crisis and emergency situations and ensure that every staff member know the protocol and has the skills to apply it.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 45.
    50. An operator who provides meals to residents must offer varied menus in keeping with Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating.
    A staff member is responsible for meal preparation.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 50.
    51. The operator must draw up and apply a protocol for medication management, with assistance from a pharmacist under a written agreement, and establish control mechanisms.
    The protocol defines measures to be taken upon a resident's admission and departure, and specifies procedures for the storage, conservation, preparation and distribution of medication, as well as management measures for outdated medication.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 51
    53. The operator must establish and apply an admission protocol specific to a person on replacement therapy.
    The protocol provides in particular that the resource must, before admitting such a person and after obtaining the person's consent, establish written agreements with the person's prescribing physician and dispensing pharmacist and, if applicable, with the psychosocial worker monitoring the person, setting out the terms and conditions on which the person may continue that treatment during the rehabilitation stay.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 53.
    54. The operator must draw up and apply a procedure for the management of replacement medication that defines measures for the control, reception and return of the product, safe storage and distribution conditions, and the measures to be taken if a resident on replacement therapy leaves precipitately.
    The procedure must be validated by a health professional.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 54.
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  3. Congratulations, David! You have nailed it! Narconon Quebec is doomed!
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  4. Intelligence Member

    55. The staff members responsible for applying the protocol provided for in section 53 must have received specific training from the Institut national de santé publique du Québec on the management and monitoring of clients on replacement therapy that is suited to their profile.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 55.
    58. The operator of a resource offering a disintoxication support program must ensure that the severity of a new resident's withdrawal is assessed by qualified personnel, in accordance with recognized practices, in the 24 hours prior to or following admission.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 58.
    59. The operator of a resource that specifically caters to clients with concurrent drug addiction and mental health disorders must ensure that at least one staff member trained to intervene adequately with residents under a training program recognized in the field is present at all times on the premises.
    The operator must also ensure that at least one staff member having the qualifications required to provide support to the intervention team with clients having mental health disorders is available at all times to provide support to the intervention team.
    In addition, the operator must, for prevention purposes, draw up a crisis intervention plan for every resident that is suited to the resident's state of mental health.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 59.
    60. An operator referred to in section 15 or 16 of the Act to amend the Act respecting health services and social services with regard to the certification of certain resources offering lodging to vulnerable clienteles (S.Q. 2009, c. 46) must comply with section 23 of this Regulation within 6 years after first obtaining a certificate pursuant to the Act.
    Despite the foregoing, the operator must be able to demonstrate, when the application for a certificate is evaluated, that at least 50% of the operator's staff is enrolled in training provided for in section 23 and will graduate within 3 years.
    O.C. 569-2010, s. 60.

    1. Intervention
    (a) college level
    Diploma of college studies in
    – Nursing
    – Special care counselling
    – Social service
    – Youth and adult correctional intervention
    (b) university level
    Bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate in
    – Special education
    – Criminology
    – Psycho-education
    – Psychology
    – Counselling
    – Social service or social work
    – Sexology
    – Sociology
    – Nursing
    – Drug addiction
    2. Human resources management
    (a) college level
    Diploma of college studies in
    – Administrative techniques
    (b) university level
    Bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate in
    – Administration
    – Health administration
    – Public administration
    – Human resources management in the workplace
    - Human resources management
    - Management
    - MBA
    - Industrial or labour relations
    - Commerce
    - Administration
    O.C. 569-2010, Sch.
    O.C. 569-2010, 2010 G.O. 2, 1944

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  5. RolandRB Member

    Looks like they will have to close.
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  6. Intelligence Member

    There will be multiple interviews by several Ministry workers at the premises of Narconon Trois-Rivieres.
    I will be submitting evidence documents to rebut what Narconon staff will be saying.
    Time is of the essence.

    A copy of this submission will be forwarded to the Quebec Ombudsman, the Quebec Minster
    of Health at Quebec City Parliament, and Senator Celine Payette in Ottawa Parliament.

    Also, I am requesting a Senate Hearing/Inquiry in Ottawa and with the Quebec Government
    in Quebec City to have the COS Charitable Tax Status Revoked in Quebec and force them to
    pay Property Taxes on their buildings.
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  7. Random guy Member

    Oh deary fucking me! How on Earth are they going to be able to comply with that? It's ... it's ... it's beautiful!
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  8. RolandRB Member

    They can't and no amount of lies will change that.
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  9. Intelligence Member

    I love this one. Narconon Canada Executives (NN Canada dissolved) are still on the hook individually as well as the NN TR executives and other entity executives who were there working.

    Even if NN TR declares bankruptsy, the E$xecutives are still responsible and LIABLE.

    Liens on executive's personal Home Property may be filed asap. They can NOT escape the Real Estate paper trail.

    Once employed at other ORGS, garnishment orders WILL be issued by the Courts, upon Court Judgements; subject to trial and convictios of law suits.

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  10. Intelligence Member

    LOL, especially with the dox I'm submitting - - there is no way in hell!

  11. Intelligence Member

    ALL Narconons in Canada will soon be in "NON-EXISTENCE" and no Condition Formula, as prescribed
    by L. Ron Hubbard Policy will save them.

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  12. Intelligence Member

    ROFLMAO,..., Oh' deary me - - but they are not from earth. They can take their bloody Narconons
    off to some far away "Galactic Planet" where Ron is Popping Pinks and Grays, gulping Rum and
    writing more science fiction while on methamphetamine and trying to inseminate a vulnerable
    whore with an incarnate being.

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Montreal Graphics Company has this draft image, designing Scientology-Narconon
    graphics in background. I'm trying really hard to have book ready for Xmas - I need
    miracle. Would like to have published in English, French and German?

    This is a VERY happy (early morning) for me - - and we still have more EPIC
    wins after this Thread is done with the closure of Narconons in Canada:):):)


    I have a dream:)

    An Ol' Irish Quote:
    “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'”

    Many documents will be scanned at high resolution and placed on opposite
    page to relating story. Discussed Video insert on inside of cover - - still assessing.
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  14. RolandRB Member

    When this is all over then I am sure it can be used to good effect in England and France, if it is all in French. I will translate from French to English if need be.
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  15. Intelligence Member

    It will be in English. I speak and write English (Irish :)) only, but I hope to have
    it published also in French and German?

    Appreciate the offer:) Thank you.

  16. RolandRB Member

    I can do French to English but not the other way round. But yes, having it translated into French and German would be very useful if somebody could do that so it can be used in Europe. Cracking the charitable status of Narconon could mean cracking the tax rebates for their "churches". And once the playing field is levelled then they are doomed.
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  17. Intelligence Member

    It's now 5:55am - - going to lay down and rest a wee bit. Been up all night/morning
    drafting documents and building structure/outline for final Copy of document. I really
    enjoyed this one - - indeed very much so. It was a blessing.

    BUT,....., "I'll Be Back" - - - very soon:)

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  18. Intelligence Member

    I agree 100%

    We WILL crack it in Canada in due course - - just like in Australia.
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  19. Random guy Member

    Get some sleep David, Lord Xenu need you in one piece and functioning.
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  20. un-isness Member

    What a MARVELOUS thread - with dox!

    David, your persistence has been (and still is) AMAZING!

    This is just wonderful news.
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  21. BigBeard Member

    This reminds me more and more of the line from Bryce Courtenay's book about a boy growing up in South Africa during the 30's and 40's called "The Power of One":

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  22. Anonymous Member

    David, by highlighting this section are you saying that Narconon admits patients concurrently enrolled in methadone or buprenorphine maintenance programs? I would be very surprised if that were true.

  23. BigBeard Member

    I think he's saying the requirements say they are supposed to have such a policy, but they don't. Which is another reason to deny certification.

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  24. Ann O'Nymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    If the policy is, "we don't admit patients on methadone or buprenorphine maintenance," then Narconon is not in violation of the rule so long as it is quite clear that that statement is true.

    The reason to have a policy is avoid ambiguities regarding which doctor is supervising the methadone/buprenorphine prescriptions.
  26. Intelligence Member

    This is a complex area that I will be addressing to the Health Ministry and I will post more about
    this after I finish writing the submission. Should be done by Sunday.

    Briefly, "Replace Therapy" is exactly what you said; "Methadone" etc. Although I am not an expert
    on Methadone, I can qualify statements in this submission. I was on Replacement Therapy back
    in 1970's and again from 2003 until entering Narconon on in December 2008.

    I do not agree with the Methadone Program in it's present form of adminstration, but I have
    seen it work miracles in a Vancouver Detox for Heroin addicts. What they do is give the heroin
    addict about 30-40mg the first day; then wein down to 5mg over about 5 days. this alleviates
    the suffering from heroin withdrawal AND it is too short a period to become addicted to
    methadone. This approach works well.

    The Ministry of Health and social Sevices is covering all bases to ensure patient safety.

    Can Narconon refuse to accept patients on Replacement Therapy? Perhaps, but they may
    face severe ramifications in doing so.

    Withdrawing from Methadone is one of most dangerous. People die. I was in the Vancouver
    Cardiac ward to withdraw from Methadone. My heart stopped twice and I had seizures. I
    spoke to Dr. Steve Wiseman about this ordeal when I met him when I was in Vancouver.

    Regardless if Narconon would permit a Replacement Therapy patient to continue on
    the therapt while at Narconon, they must have #53 in place.

    What they did at NN TR when I was there was absurd. People on replacement therapy
    and phsych drugs were sent for Medical Detox at a shabby Motel!!!

    One of the patients was so messed up, that a certain Ethics Officer, (who is now back
    at NN TR as a patient), took the patient accross the street to the Jail. It was such
    chaos, that the Gaurds "Handcuffed" both the patient AND the Senior Ethics Officer
    until it was sorted.

    This is NOT the protocol that the Ministry will accept,..., LOL :):):)

    So many stories you will have a chuckle at; so many stories you will shed a tear over.


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  27. Intelligence Member

    Shit! Double post.


  28. Anonymous Member

    And thus the need to anticipate Narconon's defensive arguments.

    I'm trying to get my head around this.

    I assume Narconon was trying to avoid admitting someone at risk of physical withdrawal. So they told patients on medication they'd have to get off meds *on their own* prior to admission. If people arrived from out of town, Narconon staff mentioned the name of a local motel where they could stay until they were stable off meds or alcohol for a couple of days. They probably also told them how to call an ambulance or get to the hospital, if the withdrawal became too difficult to manage. The admission to Narconon would then happen after the person was no longer in danger of physical withdrawal.

    This strategy might not be illegal provided that Narconon
    1. did not do anything to establish a doctor-patient relationship prior to the motel stay, AND
    2. told patients to discuss the planned medication withdrawal with their prescribing physician.

    Narconon would have a duty to warn prospective admissions seeking help that they would not be allowed into the program if they might need an initial period of medically supervised physical withdrawal.

    The Narconon promotional materials I've read imply that Narconon has the only program on Earth scientifically proven to reduce drug cravings, so I can see how patients might misunderstand about the need to manage physical withdrawal in a medically supervised setting.
  29. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., the problem is that the College of Physicians Quebec will sanction any physician
    who associates with Narconion Trois-Rivieres. Even subject to a Review Committee
    investigating subject physician, which ramifications for fines or licence suspension.

    OSA must be pulling their hair out trying to "Handle" this one. Should be bald soon.

    This is why we waited a decision from the College before submitting more dox to the
    Health Ministry and for the Superior Court filing.

    It's all in the "timing" for effect and results:)

    Only one further comment: "Tomorrow won't be as bad as today is for the COS - - it will be worse"

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  30. Anonymous Member

    David - what's the time frame for Narconon to implement all those requirements?
  31. Intelligence Member

    I know it's difficult, but try not to "assume" :)

    I was a "Registrar" at NN TR and I set up and referred a patient to this Motel. his was his second
    time at NN TR. I arranged the itinerary for patient to enter the Motel Detox. I arranged payment.
    I sold the parents the concept. There was no specific plan. Just get him in with check in hand.

    Can't comment further on this case right now:)

  32. Intelligence Member

    Now! Today! Yesterday! They were supossed to have it in place by July 2011. The Ministry
    has given them an extension to "this fall", which is now. The Ministry is, or going to be
    having several meetings at NN TR to see the program and interview staff. Several meetings,
    by several Minisrty staff in several departments.

    That's why dox will be sent Monday morning.

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  33. Intelligence Member

    They have a bigger head-ache than this coming up mid October. The Media is
    working on it right now. Shit is going to hit a big powerful fan.

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  34. Intelligence Member

    The Ministry won't be short of reasons for a stamp of "Application Denied"

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Wow. This is amazing. So it's not something that they need to slowly implement in order to stay in business, but it's something that a drug rehab facility must have in order to be able to operate in the first place.
    David - you've done an incredible job on this issue and your persistence is absolutely legendary.
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  36. Intelligence Member

    Once we esteblish that the Narconon Program is dangerous and does more harm than
    good and it does NOT benefit society in Canada, but has been operated as a lucrative
    business venture by the COS in Canada, ALL of the Narconons in Canada will face
    losing their charitable status, as well as ABLE Canada (Narconon Incorporated)

    OSA is not laughing anymore. (like they were)

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  37. Intelligence Member

    Ministry response to a complaint filed: August 19, 2011 response date. This response was not

    to me, but I have a copy.
    I filed an earlier complaint to the Ministry concerning Null and Viod Contracts that NN TR
    was having the patients sign. In canada, there is contract law which states: Any party to
    a contract, "must have the mental capacity to form intent AND must receive a copy of
    said contract." Most patients don't even remember signing the contract, never mind being
    able to read it.
    Big trouble on the NIACIN issue:)


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  38. Intelligence Member

    Death of Narconon Patient in France - Thesis (Not Printable - in French)

    I have a printable copy and a small section trandlated:

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  39. PodPeople Member

    I love David Love. You just seem at times, so innocent, sometimes frail even. But I've come to understand something about you. You aren't David vs. Goliath. You are David & Goliath. Time to chime in again: Thank you so very much.

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  40. Intelligence Member

    I will make it quite clear to Denis Grenier, Ministry of Health in Trois-Rivieres, that I
    will not tolerate any half-measures or concessions to Narconon to remain in operation.

    He will be advised that a copy of this submission is also in the hands of the Quebec
    Ombudsman, Senator Celine Payette, Minister of Health in Quebec City, the Quebec
    Human Rights Commission, and my lawyer.

    I Narconon's Application is approved, heads ARE going to roll and I will demand a Public
    Inquiry, Police Investigation, and Senate Hearing forthwith.

    Police Report is being filed this week anyway:)

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