David Love Speaks With Ottawa Senator

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Thanks, BigBeard, Three sets of books and then some, indeed, following the money in Scientology is quite a convoluted task by design but we all know where it ends up eventually, hi Davey.

    I'd be curious to know if a breakdown of how much Narconon pays for course materials (all LRH books, videos, etc.) licensing to Scientology, payroll, vitamins, especially niacin (paid to Scientology 'entrepreneurs'?), maintenance and food contracts (done by the 'help'), medical payments to their 'Doctor' and so on and so forth as LRH liked to say......

    My guess would be that Narconon pays outrageously overpriced fees for all of these supplies and services that all go indirectly back to Mother 'Church' aka lil Davey.

    They charge each addict $30,000.00 apiece (in full, in advance) for what averages 3.5 months (corrected, thx David) of LRH quack therapy consisting of Scientology courses and the medically dangerous purification rundown (5 hours a day in a sauna, every day and insane overdoses of niacin and other LRH crazy vitamin and mineral concoctions) and NO properly trained drug addiction counseling.

    Quick math: let's say 33 paid participants at a Narconon facility = 1 million in revenue. The money never dwindles. the number of their 'patients' who stay in the quack program does with the addict being blamed for leaving when they catch on to the scam that is not working for them. Who is going to believe a drug addict who has just cost family and friends so much and now relapses? A perfect, vulnerable Scientology target those addicts are.

    Scientology/Narconon has the unmitigated gall to claim to be a non-profit organisation. This massive scam is projected as one of their most valuable contributions to society. The one and only beneficiary of anything involving a Scientology 'Non-Profit' is Scientology itself, imho.

    1 million a month, well they have to pay most staff 50 cents an hour (a lot of whom are addicts or former indoctrinated addicts themselves) and yet they claim to be a secular, non-profit opertaion (show me any part of Narconon that is NOT Scientology).

    The Narconon scam is a Ripoff of staggering proportions that has been steering millions upon millions of dollars into Scientology for decades at the expense of addicts and their families who receive extremely little if any benefit, imho.

    Refunds for this non-working program with deceptive advertising of over 75% success rate lies? Slim and none.

    It's all Scientology, all fraudulent, all business as usual in Hubbard's scamming cult.
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  2. Intelligence Member

    Average stay at NN TR is 2.5 to 5.5 months - - average about 3.5 month stay.

    - up to 4-6 new intakes per week when production is upstat.

    - you are very right about some things being inflated with $$$ going uplines.

    NN is a BUSINESS 100% and NOT for non-profit as we will see in due course

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  3. Intelligence Member

    I have said this several times on various Forums:

    Although the COS in Vancouver tried to have me arrested for Hate Crimes against the Church
    and me being on a Crusade to destroy them, this is simply NOT the Case.

    The "Examiner" hired me to be their "Montreal Personal Safety Examiner"; a daunting task at times.

    I do not have a hard-on hate-on for NN TR, but rather seek to help and protect vulnerable
    persons with addictions, avoid the pitfalls of falling prey to unscrupulous rehab centers accross
    Canada. Narconon is the worst culprit, but there are many; especially those who are not Narconon,
    but using the Puif. - - AND not staffing government certified caregivers.

    It just so happened, that I was a patient at NN TR and a staff member, and as such, have the
    information and evidence required to take action. I wouldn't want to be going against their
    own Tech by keeping "Withholds" - - :)

    I don't hate the Execs or NN TR staff - - actually, I feel sorry for many of them - - I really do.

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  4. Intelligence Member

    I wrote this Post #119 ^^^^ aricle into the wee hours of the morning for a specific reason. NN Interventionists
    and Fake NN Referral sites are what keeps ANY Narconon in business. Posting this article on several
    websites has paid off. Mostly from Facebook, where many victins read my stuff and follow my links
    to here.

    The last two complaints filed, were because of this.

    Fkake Referral sites and numerous NN Interventionist sites are filling NN coffers. I discussed this
    in Ottawa and to Media.

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  5. Ty for not having any Withholds , David, so very uptone and theta of you! :)
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    While I was in the sea org, I never had to eat rice and beans, but I did partake a few times because the chow for the "upstats" was sometimes horrible. (one remarkable time we were served pizza with chunks of pork fat as the item. The pork fat was cut from bacon served several days before that would have just been thrown out, but Laurie Noonan wanted to save Hubbard money.) On the Apollo the beans were often undercooked, but the rice was overcooked. No spices or condiments were ever provided for the "downstats" (unfortunate folks who were victims of Hubbard's destructive or useless administrative policies on running his scam corporation.) I was usually able to locate some hot pepper sauce to flavour it.
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  7. Intelligence Member

    A complainant in fear:

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  8. Intelligence Member

    Sound like a "Slave Ship" Horrible!

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  9. Quentinanon Member

    Essentially it was. In those days, you could leave much more easily, typically in days to route out rather than years.
    And the ship reeked like the cattle transport ship it originally was. Irony? Unless we were in port, the milk we were served was preserved with formaldehyde, and the eggs were powdered, but the Hubbard family had their own refrigerated and secured food cache. They ate much better than the rest of the crew. The only lifeboat that had a motor and would float was Hubbard's. The rest would have floated for a while in the currents and then sunk, leaving you to the perils of marine predators and exposure. Luckily, we never had a disaster and had to abandon ship.
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  10. RightOn Member

    I am so sorry that you had to endure such horrible things.
    What on earth would milk preserved with formaldehyde taste like? geez!
    yeah I bet Hubbard ate well..... that freakin' porker
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  11. RightOn Member

    Quentinanon, I hope you write a book some day!
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  12. Intelligence Member

    I hope he does too - so sad!

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  13. Intelligence Member

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  14. Intelligence Member

    A friend just sent me this and I said, "Oh', I think I've seen it before?" He repled, "You wrote it. ha-ha!"

    Seriously, I hardly remember writing it - - too much current stuff,..., LOL :)

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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Thinking more about that scenario a little more, it occurs to me that Hubbard could easily have purchased good quality life boats for the crew but did not. I suspect his design was to let most of the crew die if there ever was a disaster so there was less chance that he would get sued or crew members become government witnesses in a criminal trial against him.
    Forty years later and I am horrified at this realisation! That bastard only pretended to care about us as long as he could exploit us.
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  16. jensting Member

    Well, if they're lucky (and get what they deserve) they'll get to spend some time away from the cult. Maybe they'll wake up.

    Best Regards

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  17. jensting Member

    Incompetence or evil? Not an easy call. (Could be both, of course; don't rule that out.)

    Best regards

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  18. rof Member

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  19. peterstorm Member

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  20. rof Member

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  21. yoshiyoyo Member

    Ottawa Senator and Parliament discussing Narconon.

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  22. yoshiyoyo Member

    Well not yet. . . but soon, very soon.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Well, I think maybe I will be contacting some gov people about potential security issues. I doubt
    that my emails being hacked is from a PI or OSA, but it's possible. Desperation may be setting in?

    I didn't want to mention this earlier - - I had gobs of a mess on my plate as it was, but I was
    followed today by the same friggin guy as before??? I wasn't intimidated; more pissed off than anything.

    Coincidence? Possible. Couldn't get a new pic without the person seeing.

    So 'm going to update authorities on what the heck is going on.
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Intelligence Member

    Tx for this. Apparently, they don't usually delete all of someone's emails. But they deleted
    ALL of my 4,000 plus Inbox and several thousand Outbox emails.

    If I had not of had copies, I would be in a Looney-Bin right about now,..., LOL :)

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  26. yoshiyoyo Member

    glad you covered your Assets
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  27. Intelligence Member

    I'll be covering more than my Ass from now on. I had to cover it at NN TR as much as
    possible, but now even more so. I've never experienced in my lifetime, such a group
    of off-the-wall ding-bats.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    that a clinical term? :D
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  29. Intelligence Member

    I'm not sure about this^^^^^,..., but I read some of the shit they had hid away
    in this book,..., LOL :)

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  30. Intelligence Member

    Here's the back covers to this ^^^^^.

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  31. BigBeard Member

    Sounds like you need to install the "Thunderbird" e-mail client and do your e-mail locally, instead of being dependent on 'Y' or 'G' to take care of it (or not in this case) for you.

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  32. Intelligence Member

    It seems NN TR could be falling in "Conditions" - - perhaps even down into "Danger" or "Liability"?
    Had a peak from a source a few days ago, at huge sums owed (can't say how much without endangering source),
    but it's not chicken feed by any means!

    Perhaps this is why the ED was changed recently? Are more having a Scapegoat fleece hung over
    them or?

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  33. Intelligence Member

    Contacting Federal Government Monday morning to proceed with dox for investigation.

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  34. Intelligence Member


    In my opinion - get a good lawyer.
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  35. grebe Member

    That's not a proper captain. That's even worse than the Concordia captain, and he will never be forgiven.
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  36. Zak McKracken Member

    I cannot believe Hubbard would have that conversation, under any circumstances.

    If you look back at his war record, it shows that time and again, LRH was beset by cowards on every side.
    Cowards, afraid to fire on an uninhabited island, where Japs might be lurking.
    Cowards, afraid to drop their full complement of depth charges on an ore deposit where Jap subs might be hiding. Cowards on the USS Algol, afraid to risk their lives (not Hubbard- he transferred out to correspondence school days before deployment).

    Cowards everywhere.

    Hubbard would have shown courage, if and when the Apollo crew were in actual danger.
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  37. grebe Member

    It is outrageous for the captain of a large motor vessel to have one functioning lifeboat for himself and a collection of leaky unmotored failboats for his crew. Bad shit happens at sea all the time. If you can't trust your captain to do everything humanly possible to save your ass, your captain has to go or you have to get off that boat.

    Authority is a social contract. We give people the authority to make decisions on our behalf, even at our expense sometimes, and we give them respect and admiration, because we have a reasonable expectation that they will behave admirably when the chips are down. This lifeboat thing should have proven to the crew of the Apollo that Hubbard was not deserving of authority, respect, or admiration.

    I think Hubbard's crew must have been made up of people who'd lived with a Hubbard-type personality earlier in their lives and so didn't find his crassness strange.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Either that or they would have done the same thing if they were in his shoes, so it made sense to them. Actually most of them probably thought that he was more a more valuable person than all of them put together and would have died to save him. Cult mentality you know.
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  39. grebe Member

    We'd have a lot fewer sadists running around and causing trouble if the masochists would stop being so damn self-sacrificing. Maybe we should hold the masochists more to account. It does take two to tango after all.
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  40. The Life-Improvement / Narconon / Scientology 'Purification Rundown' treatment program is a universal solvent according to the 'Tech' of LRH but it's errrrrrrrr, ummmmm secular, you know the same thing only errrrr different .

    It's medically dangerous, LRH quack-science under any name and should be stopped.

    Imho, the purification rundown is equally dangerous to current Scientologists who are required to go through it as well, it should be stopped everywhere it is required by Scientology and all of their front groups.
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