David Love Speaks With Ottawa Senator

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Intelligence Member

    January 18, 2012 - David Edgar Love meets at Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette's office in Ottawa, Canada, on Parliamenrt Hill. David spoke to Senator Hervieux-Payette at length concerning issues related to Scientology and Narconon Trois-Rivieres, as well as Canada Federal Charities Commission, Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, Quebec Hunan Rights Commission, and various Provincial College of Physicians. An Investigative Reporter was also there and spoke to the senator. Revoking Narconon Charitable Status, as well as other pressing issues, was paramount to David Love visiting Ottawa today.

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  2. Intelligence Member

    What a hectic trip getting to Ottawa. Was at the Train Depot 45 minutes early. I misinterpreted (I don't speak or understand French), the announcement when a train pulled in. I only heard "Toronto",..., LOL. So the train pulled away without me :-( :-(

    But no panic - - Plan B put in place, with an option C in reserve. I grabbed a Cab, rushed down to bus depot 10 minutes before it left for Ottawa and arrvived 1 hour early. Expensive trip!!! - LOL :)

    Plan/ Option C, was an Angel Anon offering to drive me if I missed the Bus. David Love seems to always be
    on the line of mishap - - WTF eh'??? Damn! - - maybe need a wife/mate :):):) to help keep me in line and warm through these wicked, cold winters??? But I guess beautiful, loving ladies are not like a pair of snow tires, where you just put them in storage when not neeeded:):):)

    Seriously - - I'm getting lonely all by myself after three years alone:)


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  3. Chipshotz Member

    David, you are persistent and strong. Your efforts are appreciated and I and I'm sure the rest of the community have great respect for you. Congrats!!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Toronto Younge st. Not that I would know anything about that.
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  5. Zhent Member

    David is an unstoppable SP express train heading straight to the heart of scilonsville and OSA can't figure out how to derail it!
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  6. xenubarb Member

    Clearly our Love machine is currently vulnerable to some flirty fishing. It's not like the cult hasn't ever sent in some fly bitches in the past.
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  7. QFT!

    And, WWP Anons here can watch your back, Intelligence. You watch your front! ;)
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Had a wonderful train ride back to Montreal with Investigative Reporter. This Reporter has
    done a huge Expose on Narconon-COS a few years ago and now works for a major newspaper.
    After interviewing several more victims from accross Canada as well as Experts from Australia, etc,
    there will be a nice Expose Article within two weeks - - "Balls of Steel" - - I'm NOT afraid they said.

    A well known USA Investigative Reporter will follow the Montreal Article within about two weeks.

    There will be further interviews with government and some VERY interesting people involved in
    all of this. - - Finally - - - THE TRUTH!!! :):) :)

    I had fun, but up until 4:00am preparing dox, so a wee bit weary right now. Will now peck on a few computer keys and send a brief, summary article to my editor for publishing on:

    (((HUGS))) to ALL <3

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  9. Intelligence Member

    It was ROFLMAO at our Security Check - - far more intense than at airport, LOL:)

    I bought a beautiful Lap-Top carrying case for ALL my Laptops (three).

    So to make SURE I have back-up (like ALL you Anons always insist on), I charged up all three and
    took them with me and the dox,..., LOL.

    But it was not so funning going through security - - the gaurds,..., and even the Investigative Reporter
    thought, WTF does David have three laptops for. I said, "I guess my children were right when they said,
    you are eccentric sometimes Dad - - - the reporter said, David you are on the Moon, so far away from
    what most people do,..., LOL" - - ROFLMAO:):):)

    Anyway, I had "Back-Up" and it felt soooo good AND Safe:)

    BLOODY HEAVY though!!

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  10. Intelligence Member

    "I swear to God, we need a "Glossary" on this forum to save us "fresh-meat" from having to pm
    and ask WTF does QFT mean! Seriously - - It took me months to figure out WTF "Lulz" meant
    and a ton of other martian quotes,..., LOL :)

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  11. Welcome to Earth! ;)
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  12. Intelligence Member

    I am watching my front, but haven't seen anything, (anyone), that could even come close to being able
    to put up with me,..., LOL.

    But I do have faith - - I DON"T GIVE UP - - maybe I need glasses? LOL :)

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  13. Intelligence Member

    The &quot;Formal Complaint&quot; I wrote, (can see parts on video), was meant to include the USA/FBI
    in the future. I can't post all of ir rights now, the govenment needs to set up security of the ino/dox
    first before I submot the rest. There will be further meetings.

    NEVER show ALL your cards unless you KNOW you can win with the ones you lay down.

    Thye entire doc, can take a governmentn into the &quot;Kill-Zone&quot; in the cos battle. I heard one comment, &quot;Where did these dox come from,...,?&quot; - - &quot;I brought them hete in my laptop case.&quot; I said, with a wink - - no more
    questions :):)

    The OSA crew must be PISSED!

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  14. Intelligence Member

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  15. Intelligence Member

    The Senator's Aides/advisor knew exactly what I was referring to and this issue will be taken care of
    from lower gov, on up:) - - as it is, some heads may roll.

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Do you have to wave the flag in front of my face for so long? I forgive you. I even want to salute you. Since nobody's watching me, you can consider it done.
  17. BlooAnon Member

    Wish I could have met up with you David, but I'm not in Ottawa at the moment. Really miss raiding and that visit you gave us was awesome. Guess I'll have to raid from behind the keyboard for now.

    Keep us posted on all the developments! This is awesome!

    Note: The Senate is red. Parliament is green. :)
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  18. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Whew, you've been a busy man David *much respect*
    Get some rest and stay healthy and strong good sir, the fire in your heart will tke care of any ice monsters too :)

    Rock On!
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  19. Anonymous Member

    QFT = Quoted For Truth

    Beware busty ladies offering gifts of solace - or at least hide your back-ups from them.
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  20. xenubarb Member

    you have three laptops for backup but you keep them all in the same holder. ever hear the one about keeping all your eggs in one basket?
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  21. Random guy Member

    You know David, when you go to a meeting and your computer breaks down, I'm sure a senator will havce a spare to lend you. As long as you have a few USB-sticks with backup, you should be fine (and a bit less burdened).
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  22. TinyDancer Member

    Well done, David Love.
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  23. RightOn Member

    YAY! YAY! and errmmmm oh yeah... YAY!
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  24. Intelligence Member

    This is complex. I simply have not had enough time to move some dox off each computer and
    onto the single one I would have taken. You see, two weeks ago, my 15 inch began giving me trouble, (still is0, I can only run it for 30 minutes, then needs charging for 24 hours. My mini laptop, is the one I use on buses, but I receive files during this time and store securly. So each unit has different files. My external HD has most all of my files, but I store ir safe and secure, just in case?

    The Senator meeting was set up only several days ago and I didn't have much time to prepare. I only took
    about 400 pages in total, but brought all three computers in case thet needed additional dox to view.

    Now that I've had my new 17 inched laptop up and running for a week now, I am getting very organized
    for the next trip. I'm learning as I go - - thanks to Anons who give me wise advise:-

    So now, back to work - - off work early today, so I get to do this work that I really do enjoy.
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  25. Zoom Member

    I've heard it used sarcastically on other boards so often, that I thought it stood for "Quit fucking talking".
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  26. xenubarb Member

    QFT= quoted for truth.

    That's one acronym.
  27. Intelligence Member

    Updated Fair Game - Dead Agenting against David Love

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  28. Herro Member

    No hockey jokes, with that thread title? WTF?
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  29. Pique Member

    loved the credits, they are lucky indeed
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  30. Quentinanon Member

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  31. rof Member

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  32. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Man O man DM can't be happy about this!
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  33. Intelligence Member

    He's going to be a lot unhappier when the two News Articles about it are published in next two weeks.
    People are being interviewed right accross Canada AND other Countries by Investigative Reporters.


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  34. Intelligence Member

    This just sent to me a few minutes ago about one of the Reporters contacting them.
    Every hour, more is coming in about this. Investigative Reporter was at out Ottawa meeting
    and Senator will be interviewed again Friday!

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  35. yoshiyoyo Member

    And i got mine tomorrow at 12 noon cant wait i get taken out for dinner :p and a on the phone meeting with QHRC its going to be a big day.
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  36. Intelligence Member

    Me was BAD last night!!! A friend from work made me a Cheeze-Cake the day before I
    went to Ottawa.

    I was hungry when I got home, so I grabbed the cake and a fork - - BAD idea:)

    It was delicious - - ALL of the cake was delicious,..., LOL :)

    I'm eating Cottage Cheeze right now:) - 2%

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  37. Anonymous Member

    pix or gtfo
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  38. Intelligence Member

    Are U frickin serious,..., LOL - - you know I document EVEYTHING - - U want pic
    of Cottage Cheeze too??? :)

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  39. Intelligence Member

    Oooh, I guess there's a couple of bites left - - after Cottage Cheeze:)

  40. Anonymous Member

    lol, he delivers
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